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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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8 Nothing

After meeting Pax and Kaalm, I have been learning sign language. I know the world I created doesn't have that, but I still thought it was good to learn. Sure I could instantly learn it, but that was no fun. Along with it I have been learning the written language from the world below. At least the one that I started to learn with Rin and Pax.

In the meantime on my breaks I would play that fighting game. I beat the adventure mode with one of the characters. It took me a couple of tries, but I eventually got it. After that I would start cooking and trying out different recipes. I made a wonderful jambalaya with shrimp. It had the perfect spiciness.

I wasn't too sure if I should or not, but I kept tabs on Rin and Pax. Rin and her husband were raising Glandriel. Pax and Kaalm were doing the same. It seems they adopted a daughter, Korral. Rin and Pax were living in different places, but they would meet up every so often. Glandriel and Korral were the same age and they started to get along during those meetups.

A couple years later, the forest of elves where Rin lived was burned down. It seems that they had to flee from that area. They survived and became refugees. Rin's family moved into that first town where I started out and are currently living there. That village was more of a small settlement now. Bigger buildings, bustling activity, and a wonderful community.

The town grew even more with the influence that Pax and Kaalm had. Pax's family lived in the city, that had that huge castle. It seems the new guild leader and Pax have a good relationship. So they sent out some adventurers to help keep the peace and help around that small settlement.

Speaking of which, that small settlement has a name now. Amber Spring is the name. That big city where Pax's family lives is called Suul.


It has only been a month for me since I have started learning sign language and the written language of the kingdom that I went to. It seems that Glandriel and Korral's tenth birthdays are coming up. They are both going to the same school in Suul in a day. I decided I would join them at school. I want to get back into it. It will give me a chance to learn about the world without cheating.

I won't change too much about Kear. Everything will be the same, other than the age. I am about to become a ten year old. It will be weird to walk at a smaller height. I will take off the weapons and armor. I will stick to more common clothing of the world.

I made preparations, making sure that they knew a new student would arrive. I willed it and made sure that Glandriel and Korral will all be in the same class as me. I decided to make a little lunch to take with me. I made some Kotlety with mashed potatoes and a side salad. I'll freeze it in time until it is time to eat.

Time to go to school.


I teleport into the city. Made sure that whatever items I would need for school were put in my carry bag. I started to walk towards the school.

It was a big three story, stone building. The area of the building was like a mini castle. There was a courtyard out front and a big field in the back of the school. The school lasts for five years. During that time you will be able to learn what you desire in the classes. In the first year they teach the kids basic knowledge and allow them to develop their specializations.

I decided to stick with water and healing magic. I am excited to see what Glandriel and Korral have. Everyone is born with their specializations. I know it sounds dumb. That essentially what you are good at is decided at birth. I get it that is sounds dumb, but I let this all up to randomization.

During the first day of school, they will have a fancy magic ball that will tell them what their specialization(s) are.

What I used as my two were water and healing magic. Others might specialize in different fields of magic. While other people might specialize in swordsmanship, bowmanship, or horse riding. In video game terms, you could say that you get a bonus to learning that subject and are able to develop a mastery over it. You can learn other things, but you would never reach the level of mastery that others could get.

It's dumb, but I don't plan on changing it.


I follow the kids that are the same age as me. There are a few different classes, but since I know what class I am in I head towards that. The reason I know its location, because I have a map that I made. It takes me a while to get to the classroom. The place is huge and I am walking.

Once I got there, I waited for the other students to arrive. Everyone in this class is new to the school, so it will take some time. Even the teachers were out there helping the children find their classes.

The room I am would look like a university classroom. Spaced rows that elevate up a step. The teacher's desk is in the front, between the students desk and the blackboard. It could fit about forty five comfortably with three at a desk. I found a seat in the back middle. It was in perfectly elevated spot to see everything around me.

I waited for the kids to funnel in. I may have set the wheels of fate in motion making sure us three sit at the same desk. The other kids sat a different places. The ignored me finding their own friends and sitting at different desks. Glandriel and Korral both entered at the same time. The saw the two seat open in either side of me and decided to sit up by me. It does seem weird that I would influence them, but it was only to sit next to me. It was an abuse of power for sure.

"Hello my name is Glandriel and this is Korral. Can we sit here?"

"Of course, please sit. My name is Kear it is nice to meet you both.

Glandriel had blond hair and dark brown eyes, just like Rin. It seems that his ears are a little pointed. When he was born, his ears were still round. His skin was a little lighter than Rin's, from his father perhaps? I do take notice that he is wearing the ring I gave to Rin.

Korral had dark brown hair and purple-blue eyes. She had black hair with hints of purple amongst it. She was slightly shorter than Glandriel and her face was just like a mouse with the dark beady eyes were very cute.

As I sit between them, the teacher comes into the room clapping to get everyone's attention.

"Welcome students. My name is Jassi and I will be your teacher for the general knowledge. We will start the class by having everyone learn their specializations. Everyone form a line so we can get started."

Jassi seems like a nice woman. She is in her late twenties, has a beautiful figure and a hardened face. I wonder what she has been through to be like that. She has long brown hair that acts like a cape over the back of the teacher's uniform. As she looks in my direction I can see those striking pale green eyes.

She looks familiar.

I walked down with the rest of the class. The three of us were at the end of the line. I was in front of Glandriel and Korral was dead last. I think she is timid.

While we waited for our turn, we decided to talk to each other.

"Kear where did you grow up?" Glandriel asked me.

"It was a cabin in the mountains. I have only been to Suul once before."

"I grew up in Amber Spring, it isn't too far from here."

"I grew up in the city with my dads."

Glandriel did most of the talking as Korral didn't speak too much after that. I chimed in with a bogus story every so often. After a while of talking, it was our turn.

I touched me hand to the ball and two different symbols popped up crystal. I recognized them as the ones for water and healing magic. Once I got mine done, Glandriel went next. He put his hand on there. It seemed like there was a problem because nothing was popping up. Just in case I broke it, I made sure that crystal was working. With my mind I fixed the crystal. Still though nothing popped up, that was when I and everyone else watching realized. There was nothing that Glandriel specialized in.


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》