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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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9 Family

After seeing the dejected face of Glandriel, I decided to look up people who have nothing. I pull up a screen in front of me looking at the statistics for the world's population. I filter people, through the entire life of this world, those that don't have a specialization. Even my face turned sour, but only for a moment. I thought that Glandriel was going to need a friend after this. I saw the numbers, less than 0.0001% have no specialization.

As he walked back I heard a few sneers from the kids. I just paid attention to Korral and I saw that she had the bowmanship and fire magic specialization. I wonder if Pax knew or if it was all set up to luck that she has the bowmanship specialization. I know Pax has influence in this city so he could have gotten one of those crystals.

Once Glandriel comes back I try to comfort him, but he won't listen to me. I am not really sure what to do. We just met, I don't think he will listen to me. I look to Korral and she tries to cheer him up. She isn't making a difference in changing his mental state. The next thing I hear is Jassi speaking up.

"People who have no specialization are not inferior at all. If I hear anyone of you say that, we will have a problem. Now lets get into the backstory of school."

I focused on the lessons for the rest of the class. Once lunchtime came around the kids were lead by Jassi to the cafeteria. She was just doing this for the day so we knew where to go. It was a buffet styled selection of food. It was the first thing that we learned that his school was a royal academy. I prefer school. Either way it means rich people use their money to make a fancy school. The cafeteria is no joke at all. There is a lot of food here.

I might stand out for bringing home cooking, but it was the right decision. I really wanted to eat the Kotlety. I sat with Glandriel and Korral. Glandriel's mood has not changed a bit. He is horribly depressed and I think it is getting worse.

"Glandriel why don't you try this?"

I cut a piece of the Kotlety deliver it on a fork to him. I held it up to his nose to get him out of his daze. His head jerks back and then realizes that I am holding a piece of food in his face. He takes a bite dejectedly. Though after tasting it his face lights up with pure joy.

"This is good!"

"It sure is. I made it all by myself."

"You made this?"

"Indeed. Korral do you want to try it?"

"Yes please."

As Korral answered I could see some drool spilling out of her mouth. I put another piece on my fork and then put it in front of her face too. At that moment I knew I messed up. Korral eyed my food like a hawk. After thirty seconds, I decided to give the rest to her. I didn't even get a chance to try it.

"Even though I don't specialize in cooking, I was able to make that. Just because some crystal says that you don't have a specialization, doesn't mean you need to lose hope. Who cares what others say. Don't listen to them and just follow what you want to do."

"I agree with Kear. You can do anything want. Don't get down over something like that."

Glandriel gave a small smile. I wasn't sure that would work, but I am happy it did. I gave a thumbs up to Korral.


We went back to class.

While class was in session, I made sure to look up a couple things. I checked more about the school as a student. The other thing is everything that Jassi taught us was fact checked. I don't care for propaganda and things where people hide the truth. I just have the notes on the side screen with the facts. I will be able to reply with the kingdom issued truth and the real truth. The whole reason to join Glandriel and Korral is to learn about the world without cheating. Fact checking is cheating, but for a good reason.

After the lesson finished we could go back to our dormitories or take a look at the specialization classes. We decided to sign up for a room for all of us together.

The dormitories weren't' a physical place. There were a few doors in an area like different gates at a train station. When you sign up for a room with your friends, you each get a connected card. When you put the card up to the door it would bring you into a dimensional room.

The rooms were not too big, but they did have amazing amenities. Something similar to a modern bathroom I had back on earth. It was a little too gross, so I may have sent a suggestion to certain people. Each room is sized to fit three people since three sit at a desk. It is just the beds an open space and a bathroom with a door. The only privacy you can get in these rooms, is the bathroom. Oh, did I mention the bath in there?

There is a magical crystal that operates these rooms. The crystal that is apart of the dormitories is connected to a bigger crystal in a safe location in the school. It acts as an administrator and protector. Granting rights to those who belong, and preventing invaders from doing damage.

Each specialization class has their own room in its own dimension. It is just like my void room.


After checking our room we went around exploring the different places. Korral had decided on bowmanship as her starting specialization. All three of us followed Korral to watch the bowmanship class to check it out.

There were students from other years practicing firing different bows. There were a few first year students like us here too. We watched the practice. Since it was the first day of the year, the teacher was just showing off the specialization with students that could do the flashiest things.

I had a lot of fun watching with Korral. I noticed that Glandriel felt left out. So I decided to back away from Korral and talk to him.

"Glandriel I know you are down about not have a specialization. I know I don't know how you feel, but just listen to this. You might not be the best at anything, but that doesn't mean you cannot try. You can pick any specialization you want. You won't master it, but you can at least give something a try to see if you like it. Is there something that you want to do?"

"I… am not sure."

"Take your time to think about it. I know that it is almost impossible to contact 'our' parents, but I do have a way if you wanted to your parents about this."

"You do?"

"I think you might find it helpful. Just remember only you can decide what you want to do. It doesn't mean that you cannot ask for help thought. The object that lets you talk to others is a one time deal."

"I don't want to take something of yours and waste it."

"I said the item was a one time use. I never said I only had one. Though they are expensive so they are for emergencies. I would say that is one."

I give him a sly smile to try to lift his spirits. I let him think about it. I turned to tell Korral too if she wanted to contact her parents too.


Night time came and Glandriel took me up on my offer.

"Who do you want to talk to?"

"I can only talk to one person?"

"Well you can talk to more, but the less the better."

"Can I talk to my mom and dad?"

"Sure, just give me a moment to get it ready. You will have to picture them both standing next to each other to get it to work. I am guessing you want to talk to the alone so can you step into the bathroom."


Throw him a small golden sphere, the size of a ping-pong ball. Once he enters the bathroom Now that I think about it, if time stops then so would light. No light, no sight. I guess thanks to that omnipotence it doesn't matter huh.

I teleport to Rin and her husband. They are not next to each other so I will have to pick them up one at a time. I go to Rin first as she can help explain if the need arises. I unfreeze Rin like last time.

"Hello Rin!"

"Ah Kear it is late. What are you doing here?"

She looks like she just got out of the bath.

"Your son would like to talk to you and your husband. Glandriel doesn't know about me."

"Is he ok? Did something happen?"

"He is fine, but something happened and he is not in a good place. I told him that I have a magic item that lets him talk to his parents. So I plan on bringing you and your husband to a place to talk to him. I just met him in school. Could you please not mention me."


"I have never met your husband, so can you explain everything to him for me?"

"Of course."

I teleport her and her husband to my void room. I have never met him, but I just use my mind to make 'Rin's husband' teleport to my void room. I met them both there. I made a comfy couch for them both to sit on. I had some tea poured for them on a table that I just made. The multicolored room sparkled from the pc monitor.

"Kear what is this place?"

"I forgot, Rin this is my home." I look towards the man and introduce myself. "My name is Kear, nice to meet you."

"I am Zinleth of the Emralden elves. I have heard of you from Rin."

Zinleth had his hair pulled back with long silver hair. Large pointy ears. He was huge and he stood a couple centimeters shorter than the one hundred and seventy centimeters tall Rin. He had two swords at his hip. The dual-wielding couple.

"Rin if you could tell him what is going on I will be right back. Once you both are ready to step into that door. It will be a small room, and there will be a screen in there. Just stand in front of it and wait till you see him. Once you are done talking you will be transported back to where you were. No time will have passed."

I create a random door and a small room behind it with a flat screen tv. I realize them touching the computer would be dangerous for the universe so I make sure to tell them not to touch it. Of course, I turned off the monitors. I like the dark interior with the rainbow light. So I keep that going.

"Don't touch anything else. Don't worry if you do, I can fix anything."

"We won't. Thank you Kear."


I could have handled that in many different ways, but I did want to show Rin my void room. I hope Korral decides to call her parents so I can show Pax.

Since time is frozen, I will just make sure that the bathroom is the only thing that is unfrozen. The second it is unfrozen I feel the connection was made to my void room. I could listen in, but that would be a huge violation of privacy. I sit on my bed waiting for it to be over.


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》