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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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10 Growth

Glandriel talked to Rin and Zinleth for thirty minutes. He opened the door and I restarted the time to flow forward once again. Rin and Zinleth were sent back to their respective areas. I did check and apparently Zinleth was hunting someone for information on who burned the forest he used to live. Good luck to him!

"Kear thank you for letting me talk to my parents. It was so weird, it was like my parents were in a dark room together. My dad had been out the past week doing business so it was nice to talk to him."

"It is good to talk to your family when you are having trouble. This is just the first day, so there will be a difficult road ahead. Trust yourself and Korral."

"I will. Where is Korral?"

"She went to grab some dinner. Shall we go there too?"

"Yea, lets go."


"Kear's food is so good."

I have a feeling that she is a bottomless pit. Why, because the amount of 'seconds' she has gone to get. Since the cafeteria is a buffet style, she can have as much as she can eat. Rich people… well… she didn't eat anything after my lunch because we left to go back to class.

I wonder if Pax and Kaalm are feeding her. I am sure they are, but this seems like a problem. She could have one of those amazing metabolisms. I think I need to talk to her parents, at least to make sure everything is ok.


After dinner we all went back to our rooms and slept. I have bad news, Glandriel snores like Rin. This just sucks. I don't have the night sky to calm myself down now. I guess it isn't like I need to sleep or anything. Whatever.

I make the floating screens of my notes appear again and looked over the information we learned today. It is really nice learning about different things. I guess most of the information was just surface level, but cool nonetheless.


For the next week, the three of us, went to class like normal. We learned more about the kingdom, basic mathematics, and few different countries around this kingdom. During this time, there were a few problems where I didn't step in. I won't interfere unless they ask me to help.

Glandriel was cornered by a couple of the other kids one day after class while I was talking with Korral. They started to call him names. It was typical bully stuff. In the end it turned into a small scuffle and Jassi had a talk with all of them. I wonder if she can actually be of some help. She must understand what happened.

Later that day I talked with Glandriel and he said that he was fine. A blatant lie. I will give him space. As long as nothing escalated to a serious injury I won't step in.

Korral on the other hand is having similar difficulties. In her bowmanship specialization class she started people are picking on her. I think it is only teasing so far to help better her, but it could easily turn into bullying.

Today in class five girls were picking on Korral and me. I guess they think it is weird that two girls and one boy are staying in the same room. Really? They are roping me into that? Also, people see me as a girl? I never did say that I have no gender and I am a God. I will let you think whatever you want about me.

Though what I hate is you roping me into your delusional fantasy. Is that the reason you girls came up with to bully us? If it was just Korral, I would let her take this as a learning experience. Just like any other person, she needs to grow up and learn about the world.

Since you involved me I will give you some of my luck. For the rest of the day, enjoy tripping on the smallest things. Yea, I may have forgotten to mention that I have been tripping a lot recently. My foot stays in places when I want to move, and so I fall over flat. I know I like flawed characters, but have I always been so clumsy?


During that week Glandriel has been going around looking at different specialization classes. Say he picked fire magic specialization. It would take him a longer time to even cast a small flame. So he has been looking around at what he wants to do.

Swordsmanship is the one that has caught his eye. I am sure that his parents had a huge influence on him.

With a small cough, I gave dual-wielding family a blessing with a condition. It will only take effect if Glandriel takes up swordsmanship and develops into dual-wielding. Only then will it take effect and let them all know about it.

While Glandriel looked for a specialization and Korral started her training, so did I. I was curious about water magic. Sure I can heal others with ease, but water magic intrigued me. The only thing I could think of to use water as a weapon was a whip made of water. I know the human body is made of water, but that is pretty gross. I will not step into that territory.

Since were kids in the first year, we went to the first year's specialization room. Before when we checked out the bowmanship and other classes, on the first day, they showed us the group of the best of the best. That class was there for those who were at the top of their specialization and to show off to younger years. You could go to that class if you were the best.

I would be sure to avoid that and taking away someone else's position. I am here to learn, not compete to be the best.

The first thing they did was have us change into swimwear. The dimension had a giant pool and a grass field by a stream. A separate area for kids to change into swimwear. Since this was a school for rich people it had different types of swimwear that were generated by the schools' crystal. Rich people.

I wore swimming trunks and a dark shirt. There were a few girls wearing a shirt too. Most of them stuck to a two piece. The boys just went in with their swimming trunks too. I saw that some of them were freezing as they got into the pool. I just laughed in my head. Of course it is cold. The ocean or pools are always freezing. That is why in the past I would always wear a dark shirt. It helped keep me warm.

The rest of the class was teaching the kids how to swim so they wouldn't drown. I have to say, this is just weird. The 'feel the water' crap doesn't help me. I just wanted to learn what people use it for. I know that you have to start somewhere, but did they have to start here? I will suck it up I guess.


Since specialization class takes place after the generic learning courses, some of them last a couple hours to the whole night. The next day Korral was exhausted. Her arms looked like nothing more than dead weight. It seems they started training their upper body strength. I don't mind, as long as they don't skip leg day.

Glandriel told us that he planned on talking to Jassi. He was going to ask if he could get into the swordsmanship class. I was happy that he decided on what he wanted to do. It was going to be a lot harder for him though. He wouldn't have a natural affinity for swordsmanship and the other kids had just over a week head start on learning. I made sure he knew that.


"Korral how is training going?"

I asked Korral at lunch that day. Since Glandriel was going to start his later today, I wanted him to get an idea of what was going on with Korral. That was why I asked her.

"They have us run around a track and then push ups. That is all we are doing. I just want to sleep."

She flops over the table, while chewing on food. I was right she is a bottomless pit. She is so tired that she can barely move and yet she eats like it is her first meal in months.

"It is that intense?"


"Did she fall asleep?"

"Glandriel, I think she did."

"She is still chewing her food though."

Eating in her sleep. What a wondrous child.


A month later.

We have been learning more in the general studies class. I always wondered why there were few faces in the city. It seems that the humans are not on good terms with the other races. The human's greed is what was the cause. Though in class we heard that humans were attacked for no reason. Fact checking is the life blood of information and nothing can hide the truth from me.

The elves are the only race on neutral terms with the humans. Most of the elven refugees have taken refuge in Amber Spring. They brought some supplies as a trade. That was how Pax was able to offer aid on behalf of the kingdom, allowing him to gain more funds.

Once people found out that Glandriel was a half-elf things too a sharp turn for the worse. Having no specialization and being a half-elf made him a target. Not just from the student, but some teachers as well. Thankfully his swordsmanship instructor was a good man.

I set a notification to myself if Glandriel ever runs into anything serious. If he is hurt and his life is in serious danger, then I will step in.


Other than Glandriel I have noticed that Korral is growing out of her shell. She is more confident than before. I am really proud of her.

She has gotten much stronger and her speed is fast. She beats us to the cafeteria every time. Also due to that strength, it has kept the bullies at bay. She has started to become more protective of Glandriel and me. While I have had my share evil children, nothing escalated to anything more than calling me ugly. With Korral that doesn't happen anymore and has protected us from the people out to get Glandriel.


Also I have noticed that Jassi stares at me every so often. I can see hints of pain and anger when she looks at me. What did I do? I do want to know, but unless she tells, then I won't poke into her past. Though where do I know her from?


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》