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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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11 Home

Three months later, we are nearing the first trimester. Since the school is year round, this is to help split the year up. There will be a test in our general studies test and specializations. After this we will all head back to our homes for a week before we return. I think it is a way to give the kids that are homesick something to look forward to.

With my backstory of living in the mountains and 'no family', Korral and Glandriel decided to let me join them. Korral's home is in Suul. Glandriel's family will be heading there to stay the week as well. This was preplanned before they left for they even went to school.


Glandriel has been doing better. Since he has ignored the bullies, they started to back off.

The finals for Glandriel's specialization seems to be just a sword fighting tournament. I guess that will be the same for every swordsmanship test. Bland, but whatever.

Korral's test is much simpler as a first test. She has ten arrows and she needs to hit the target ten meters away. I don't mean it will be easy to hit the target, I just mean that the tournament is much more difficult to get a higher score.

Korral actually pushed herself really hard these past few months. That is how she became much scarier than most. Sure it was only four months since school started, but her effort is showing.

All I have to do for my test is manipulate a ball of water through an obstacle course. Fastest time and without hitting an obstacle will get me a high score. I plan on struggling near the end. I want a passing score, not the best.


While I was in the middle of my test I got a notification. Glandriel's life was in danger. As soon as the notification popped up, I paused time and teleported to him. I saw he was on the ground facing up, with his wooden sword blocking an attack from another student. It was easy to see the hate in his eyes. I could see that the wooden sword had air magic around it increasing its sharpness.

There was a student next to the teacher. It seems that kid was acting as a decoy. The teachers body was facing towards the arena, but his eyes just turned to look at the boy. It looks like he was saying something to the kid.

I saw another kid in the crowd holding an item. The magical item was connected to the air current around the wooden blade. At least three conspirators. That can't be the case. How and where did that kid get that item from. Those are questions that will need answers.

This is a problem. The cracks in the wooden sword Glandriel is holding shows that it will break. With the sharpness of a metallic sword, that will leave Glandriel with a serious injury or worse.

I could destroy the attackers' sword. If I did that then Glandriel, might have a target on his back increased. If this attack fails, I am sure they will try again. I want Glandriel to learn and grow as a person. He has to be able to rely on himself. So how do I let him learn and protect him at the same time?

I think I have an idea. Though I am not sure how it will work. At least I can let the teacher get involved, with a show.

I am going to have the magical item that kid is holding detonate. Not enough to injure him too much, but loud enough to give the teacher a reason to investigate. Then the sword will detonate too. It will injure, but will not kill in anyway Glandriel or the attacker. It will push them away from each other.

The next thing I do is generate a list of everyone involved in this plan. I don't know any of the people on this list, and there are more than I expected. There are ten people involved. I won't get involved in the matter other than making sure Glandriel stays alive. I will give this list to Rin. She can decide what she wants to do with it.

I teleported back to where I was in the test. I made sure I was in the same position with my body and let time flow forward once again.


After my test I met up with Korral and we went over to meet Glandriel. We learned that he was injured with a few other students and they were sent to the infirmary. Korral was really worried about Glandriel. Once she saw that he was fine, she let out a sigh of relief, but a few tears flowed down her face.

"I am so glad you are ok. What happened to you?"

"I don't know. I was in the middle of my fight and then I was here."

I guess he lost consciousness so he doesn't remember. I will make sure the memories come back to him over the week. I did look around at some of the other kids. I coughed and the attacker started screaming in pain. What a coincidence?!


Since Glandriel's injuries were superficial, he was able to leave quicker than the rest. Sure the healers helped them, but I may have made it a little difficult for the healers.

Glandriel walked between me and Korral and his arms were hooked around us. He could walk, but he felt a little dizzy. We helped him walk and led him to Korral's house.


The home wasn't a house. It was a mansion. A big one at that. It was like a smaller version of the school. Though in front of the mansion was a huge fountain in the center of the road. Wait… is that statue, in the center of the fountain, supposed to be me? Hold up. I am going to have a serious talk with Pax and Kaalm. If Rin had a hand in this too, I will talk to her as well. I clear my throat as we pass the fountain. A large crack formed on it.

We walk up to the door a butler comes out to open the doors for us. Standard old dude butler, with a white hair and a mustache. So cliché.

"Welcome home Lady Korral and Sir Glandriel."

I could see from his gaze that he was worried about Glandriel. Once we enter I see Pax, Kaalm, Rin, and Zinleth coming down the huge staircase of this foyer area. The large chandelier above us, illuminates the entire room here. I can see the different hallways and doors leading to the separate areas and rooms respectively.

I stepped behind Glandriel and Korral, so that they couldn't see me trying to silence their parents. I put my finger up to my lip, trying to 'shh' their parents. I know they noticed Glandriel, but even though they are getting older, the parents did spot me.

"Glandriel are you ok? What happened to you?"

"Ah…mom you are hurting me."

I started to snicker when I saw that. I was trying to ease Rin's heart as she hugged her son.

Korral ran over to her dads and hugged them.

It was a warm family meeting. Rin and Zinleth were both holding on to Glandriel asking is he was ok and what happened. Pax and Kaalm were asking how she was doing and what had happened to Glandriel.

When Rin's eyes met with mine I gave a serious look quickly so that we could talk later.


After they done with the quick reunion, Korral introduced me.

"Everyone this here is Kear. She is our friend we met at school. Can she stay with us?"

I wave.

"Kear has been a wonderful friend. Can she stay here with us Uncle Pax?"

A coordinated effort. Though seeing that fountain out in the yard, I don't think it will be a problem. Yea, we will need to talk about that.

"Kear… is it? Yes… we would love for you to uh stay here."

Pax we need to work on your acting skills. Has it been too long since you have been in your prime? Rin and Kaalm are about to burst out laughing. Zinleth has a great poker face. I wonder if he is laughing on the inside. Did I see that right? Zinleth is that a smirk I see? I see you are cracking up too. I hear Kaalm interject to move things along.

"Let move into a more relaxing space. Follow me everyone."

Good work Kaalm.


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》