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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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13 Hate

We walked over to the dining room. I was following behind the 'adults'. We had a small conversation about why I was at school. I told them it was to learn. Afterward I plan on exploring the world after that, depending on what happens. They also mentioned some smaller things like what they had been up to and how they had been.

While their rage was quelled for now, we decided to eat dinner. I sat next to Korral and Glandriel. He was still a little injured. I made it so when he goes to bed for the night his natural healing speed will increase until, he is back to normal.

Before, during and after Pax and Kaalm had taken probably around a thousand pictures. Sure they explained it to the butler, maids and to the children.

"We all got one of these new magical devices from a family member."

I have to say I am happy to be with them, as a family. Rin and Zinleth joined in after seeing how much fun they had taking pictures. They almost forgot to even eat dinner.

"Say apples!"

That was what they said to induce a smile. It did catch on.

"I wish we had this when Korral was a little baby." Pax said with a sad face.

I decided to have different memories of the kids, have a picture taken like it was from the tech pads. I sent a notification to the 'adults' giving a thumbs up out of sight from Glandriel and Korral.

I just realized I have become an elusive family member. Shrouded in mystery I help from the shadows. I could be a superhero. I guess it is already like that, huh?


I think the 'adults' were the most exhausted out of the group. I felt bad for the butlers and maids around the estate for the next week. Pictures were being taken so often, that the personal attendant to Pax and Kaalm got furious. They neglected their duties.

Each family had their alone time to reconnect. Glandriel's mood got worse before getting better. He remembered what had happened and how it happened. He fully understood the situation. I think it was the best so he knew who to avoid and to be more careful in the future. This was never going to end, unless he was able to change everyone's mind. Discrimination was inevitable.

With parental medication, they both healed up.


Korral spent more time with me showing where she grew up and different places around the estate. We played around with our hair before playing outside. I introduced football. Don't get it confused with hand egg. Soon everyone joined in as I told them the rules.

The week went by fast.

The night before we would leave to head back to school, Zinleth pulled me aside.

"I want to thank you Kear for all you have done for our family. If anything happens to us, can I ask of you to watch our children?"

I see the others were a distraction for Zinleth to talk to me. From their looks, I could tell that what Zinleth was planning, was the same plan as everyone else. Are they going to brute force the issue?

"I will watch over them, but make sure that you go into this with a clear head."

I set it so that Pax, Kaalm, Rin, and Zinleth would have a calm mind tonight when they are sleeping. So they can wake up refreshed and clear minded. This is partly my fault too. Since I gave them all the necessary information they might need.


The next day we left to head back to school. We set up plans to meet in four months. Korral and Zinleth grabbed some accessories before leaving.

The students had a uniform given to them to wear. Though that didn't mean they had to wear them. Since it was a school full of rich people, the students could bring their own clothing. The rest was school supplies. The only thing that the school wouldn't give the kids. It was on their own for that. It was indeed strange.

We gave our goodbyes and left the house. There were more pictures being taken.


The moment we entered the school, Glandriel's mood dropped. As Korral noticed his mood, so did hers. I was thinking I could do a magic trick to help their mood. Then I remembered magic was actually existed in this world.

It was nighttime. So we went to our room to go to bed. Usually once they go to sleep I head out the room to look at the night sky. I could teleport, but if those two ever woke up, then that could be a small issue. Sure I could erase their memories or make sure then kept sleeping, but where is the fun in that. I used to be human after all. Also I enjoy the walks.

I have been doing this for the past couple months. They know that I go out at night anyways. It isn't a big deal.


Morning comes and we all head out for out class. In class I notice the clear disgust the students have for Glandriel, Korral and me. Who cares if we hang out with him or not. This right here just makes me destroy this planet. I know that will change nothing unless I prevent it from happening in the first place.

So we get started with the lesson for the day. Once we get to the cafeteria, we are avoided like the plague. It looks like it wasn't just our class, but everyone. I am sure after their failed attempt to get rid of Glandriel, that they made a fear campaign. Spreading propaganda about him to scare the masses. It did work.

"Just ignore them Glandriel. Me and Korral are here for you. If anything happens you can talk to us. We can help you."

"Glandriel if they hurt you let me know and I will hurt them back."

Korral has really come out of her shell. I remember before the final test hearing that she was a candidate for the special class. Would you call that the special bowmanship specialization class? Either way against a ten year old, Korral has them beat. She didn't even stop training at home this past week.

"Thank you both for being my friends. You don't know how much that means to me."


Later we went to our specialization classes. I never really got to know anyone during class, but a couple people did talk to me every so often. The students avoided me during our class. A two meter demarcation zone around me. The teacher was indifferent to the situation.

How I think as long as I am able to learn in this school, then I can stand it. I care for Glandriel and Korral, but I will not parent them. It is their life.


I headed towards Korral's class as it was the closest. Since it is the first day of the trimester, we don't know when our classes will get out. I could only guess that since it was the first day back it would be a light day. I pulled up two screens showing them both. I see them both working hard. No rest huh. I wonder if it is just water magic class or all magic based classes. Sure we do train our bodies, but nothing like what they are doing.

It is nice to watch them sometimes. They push themselves for a similar reason. To get stronger. They have mentioned it a couple times. I know Glandriel wants to get stronger to be able to defend himself and the ones he cares for. He has made that perfectly clear many times. Korral on the other hand I can only guess.

By the time Korral finishes, we both head over to Glandriel's class. We pick him up eat dinner and go to sleep.

This cycle repeats for the next two months.


Right now I am doing my nightly walk. It is so peaceful, it really calms my heart. At least it was. I have to say it is a new experience having a black cloth pulled over my head. Inside the bag there was some powder. When I breathed that in I got sleepy. I am a little happy that this didn't happen to the others. I will have to ask them what is going once I wake up.


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》