Exploring My World - Revisited
15 Attack - Part Two
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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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15 Attack - Part Two

The whole city is under attack. I decided to unfreeze all six of them. I could hide it longer, but it doesn't look like going back to school is an option anymore. I stand back on the ground behind them.

"It seems like dinner will have to wait."

"Kear what is going on?"

Zinleth asked me, but I am sure everyone is asking the same question. Well at least those who can comprehend the situation. Glandriel and Korral are going to need some time to catch up.

"It seems like someone wants Suul in flames. Kaalm, can I have tend you Glandriel and Korral? The rest of you we are going up."

The adults are quick to catch up. Kaalm kneels down and starts to explain the situation. While I see him do that I set it so that Pax, Rin and Zinleth can fly. Kaalm has vertigo, so I thought it would be best for him to stay on the ground.

"The whole city…"

All three of them exclaimed in shock at the same time.

"You all will decide what you want to do next. I will teleport you to a location of your choosing. The your house and the school have also been targeted."

Show them a screen of the mansion and school.

"All the explosions detonated at the same time. This is really troublesome."

It looks like Pax has started to analyze the situation.

"Can you tell me what you have found out?"

I asked them what they have investigated so far. I knew they didn't rush in and attack people to get the answers they wanted. I said I would be hands off, never said out of touch. I only knew they were investigating.

"Kear you should know that we found out the spymaster died three months ago. When I was looking at the information on the spymaster about two months ago, I found out that he was already dead. With that information we have been trying to meet the 'spymaster' in the castle."

Rin brought up a great clue. Trying to seriously injure or kill Glandriel was the original spymaster's plan. Stepping up plans and making a big fuss was the fake spymaster. Since Rin mentioned the fake took the place of the original, I can only guess that is the 'Big Bad Boss'. Sure there could be more, but everything else leads to the fake.

"We think that this fake is the one or knows who started the fire in the Emralden forest."

Zinleth was bursting with anger after mentioning the fire.

"I am sure you want me to teleport you right next to the 'BBB', and I will as long as you know that your children will go with you. A single teleport."


"Sorry, 'Big Bad Boss'. It was the term I was using."

It was good Rin asked or it would have been confusing. Why wouldn't I teleport or instantly kill the bad guy? It isn't fun. It is that simple. This is their life. I intervened only to save my family. I could have kept my promise and only save the children and let the others die. Though I would prefer if Rin and Pax passed away naturally.

I lower all of us back down to the ground. I let Kaalm know my conditions too so he knew.

"You all talk amongst yourselves. I am going to have a chat with Glandriel and Korral."

I walked away from them and towards the two kids.

"Was Kaalm was able to explain to you the situation and who I was?"

"He told us Suul is under attack. He tried to explain who you were, but I didn't understand what he meant."

Glandriel spoke up, letting me know where Kaalm left off.

"He was saying something about Gods and a God above them."

Korral seemed to have understood it a little better.

"Think of it in terms of the academy. The teachers are the Gods of the world and the principal is the one above them. Well don't worry if you don't understand."

"I am going to be leaving you both. I am sorry, but I will no longer be staying. I came here to go to school and now that it is gone, I will go to."

"Glandriel that Rin you have on, do you remember what your mother told you to do with it?"

"My mom told me that I have to say a word at my happiest moment."

"That is correct. Here Korral, I am going to give you a similar ring. When you are at your happiest moment, say the word 'Snickerdoodle'. From this point on I will save you when are about to be killed. This goes for the both of you."

"It was short, but we had a good time didn't we?"

"Kear please don't leave!"

"Kear don't go!"

"I have to go, but I will be back another time. I think you should ask Pax and Rin the story behind apples."

I ignore their pleas for me to stay and walk away from them. I walk over to the adults as they seemed to have made a decision.

"Have you decided?"

"Amber Spring."

Zinleth answered.

"Be safe. We will meet again."

I said while smiling at them.

"Bye Kear, Thank you again!" (Pax)

"Thank you Kear!" (Rin)

"Please don't go!" (Glandriel)

"Please stay with us!" (Korral)

I waved goodbye to all of them. I looked at a nice location to send them. Amber spring has grown since I was last there. So they had cut down trees from the forest. I found the spot where I originally started and teleported them there.

I didn't unfreeze time right away. I walked over to the carriage. The old butler was going to die. I said a prayer to him and made sure he would get sent to a happy place.


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》