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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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17 Name

I arrived at the beastkin kingdom. I teleported myself on the outskirts where no one was watching. My fluffy ears felt weird to me. I felt them flopping around as I moved around. With my age increase, also made me taller. I have been so used to that short body, that I couldn't find my equilibrium.

I didn't change my anatomy, yet I was crawling on all fours. Standing up made me dizzy, it was such a sharp change. I ended up passing out on the ground. I came to a couple seconds later.

I found a stick and used it as a third leg. I walked forward towards the gate of the city. Compared to Suul it was a little lacking. Though it was much grander than Amber Spring.

I walked past the guards. They looked like wolfkind. Muscular and about two meters tall, at least.

I wanted to explore the world as an adventurer, as long as I wasn't killed. I would like to stay in this city for a month to get to know it. I will focus on water magic for ranged attacks. I don't plan on being a healer this time around. My sword and water magic.

I am going to take a few days to get used to my height and explore around trying different foods. I think it will be relaxing to meet new people.


For the rest of the day, I slowly explored the northern part of the town. I had to take breaks every so often, as I would feel dizzy. The food made more than made up for it. Interestingly enough most of the food was dry. Not sure if that is a regional thing or a stereotype. This place is about a months journey south of Amber Spring, by horse.

Hundnyan is the of this city. Whoever named this city has no imagination at all.


I sneezed. It must be because my nose is better? No, it is just cosmetic. Could I be getting cold? The autumn is starting.


I continued looking for an inn. I found a store with a sign saying rooms for rent. It was a small mom and pop shop. Antiques cluttered throughout the first floor. I looked around a little. I didn't have too much money so I should at least see how much room for the month is.

There was an old rabbitkin man at the counter. He wore a monocle over his left eye. He hat a black top hat over the grey fur on his head. I could see the sparkle in his sharp green eyes. He had an aura of mystery around him.

"Good afternoon. My name is Kear."

"Same to you young one."

"Do you still have a room to rent?"

"I have one available. How long do you plan to stay?"

"A month."

"I will keep the room clean. I won't serve you food. You will have to take care of yourself."

"I understand. How much will it be?"

"One gold and five silver."

I paid him the money and then went upstairs. The room price was cheap. Cheaper than I expected. I have three gold, one silver and seventeen copper pieces left. I had gone on a food binge. I had five gold at the start, for my starting cash.


After the old man showed me to my room. There was another door across from mine.

"What is through that door there?"

I asked the rabbitkin man.

"That room belongs to another renter."

He showed me my room. It was small and cozy. Single bed, table and chair. Nothing great, but what I paid for. There was a single window in the room so I could watch the night sky.


Around one in the morning I hear something coming up stairs. It must be the other renter as the shop owner gave me a spare key. Outside my door I hear a hard thud on the wooden floor. Did that person drop something? If they did it was large.

I go to my door and open it slightly. It is a body! The person staying here is a killer. I grab my sword and ready myself to attack the other renter. I pull the door quickly and look around the small hallway. No one is there. Did he leave the body outside his room? I rush and breakdown the door, and look inside. No one is there. I check under the door that I destroyed to see nothing but the floor. The killer must had run away as he heard me. I check the body on the ground.

The ears and nose are similar to mine. Carmel brown fur cover this dogkin 's body. Dried blood covered the clothing. This dogkin was beat to near death. This dogkin was barely breathing. I thought they were dead. Then I noticed the key on the floor in their hand. They were the renter?

I fix the door back to its original state. I only used my God powers on that door. I felt so sorry for it. It was wrongly accused of housing a killer.

I cleaned this person's body with water magic . Took out the bandaging small medical kit. I wrapped the cuts with the fresh cloth. After putting the dogkin under the bed sheets, I cleaned up. I went around the shop using water magic to clean the blood stains. Since I wasn't sure if the dust and cobwebs were an aesthetic choice, I just cleaned the blood.

After that I went back to watch the night sky. I basked in the moonlight.


Morning came, I heard a scream coming from the room across the hall. I opened my door and knocked on the door across the hall.

"Is everything alright?"


I hear a lough thud followed by…


It sounds like the dogkin fell off the bed. At least their mood is alright.

Since this dogkin was attacked last night, I should try to help. At least see if I can help. I saw those bruises and cuts. They all weren't from the same night. Oh wait, they could be an adventurer. I want to go on an adventure. I should stop by the guild to check any quests.

"Is everything alright?"

I repeated my question. I heard different noises coming from the room. I think the dogkin was getting ready.

The dogkin swung open the door. I was in the way.

"I thank you for caring stranger, but I have to go."

The dogkin pushed me aside and ran out of the building.

I realized I will have to learn beastkin's ages. I think it is easy to see old age like that old man, but how old was that dogkin. I is time for a viewing of different beastkin ages, narrated by Jorgen Captivman. It would be weird if I ran around asking people their ages. What is that old rabbitkin was a teenager? I really need to learn this. I'll take a watch while I head to the guild.


While watching, I found out that dogkin, across the hall, would be somewhere around twenty.

I walked in the guild getting a few glances and growls sent my way. I looked over at the posters and found one that I can do by myself. It was to help transport supplies from one end of the Hundnyan to the other. Simple indeed and it will let me see more of the city.


Following the map given by the guild, I find the warehouse. It is indeed huge and it looks like I will be hauling bags of grain to a store across town. I grab a cart and start putting bags in it. After a while I started to pull the cart to my destination. I know I am all powerful, but may have taken too many bags at once. This cart was heavy to pull.

The only good thing was that on my break I got to play with the kids. There was an orphanage near the warehouse. That was the reason I saw kids working at that warehouse.


It took me the whole day to get the job done. I got my reward and headed back to the story. I was exhausted. I was happy to see the different buildings and beastkin roaming the street. While I worked I had music playing to help montage my effort.

I pulled the bed over to the window and looked outside as the moon calmed my mind.


I woke up the next morning heading out the guild. I passed by the speedy dogkin, on my way out. Even more bruised than last time. The caramel fur has a dark red tint to it.

I decided to save my money to buy a souvenir. For myself and my family.

Once I arrived at the guild I found a guard job at the local arena. It was a place to reign champion over others with your fists. I have to say that I did want to take part. I might.

Once I got there, they gave me guard-like accessories. Helmet, shoulder cloak, and dark red leather armor. At a quick glance I thought it was blood. Purposeful design choice or accidental.

When I put on my helmet, my purple streak over my eye got stuck in some of the metal. It was a difficult challenge to get it just right. By this time I was only stumbling once an hour as well. I was thrilled with my effort and learning capabilities.


Guard duty was a bit bland. It was no where the arena, so I couldn't watch. It was near what I could only assume as the locker rooms for the fighters. Over halfway through my shift, I stopped a small scuffle. Other than that it was boring.

Near the end of my shift I noticed the dogkin that rents from that store. I was surprised that they were here. Well… now that I think about it, it isn't that surprising. So after their fight I went over and greeted them.


"What do you want?"

"I wanted to get your name."

"My name?"


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》