Exploring My World - Revisited
18 Shady - Part One
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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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18 Shady - Part One

I just want their name.

"Fight me an I will tell you, but not now. I have to go. I have something important to do."

They ran away. To learn your name I have to fight you? Are they really that busy? Alright, I'll do that.

Finishing my shift, I head back. I lie on the bed staring out at the night sky. I got enough of the city for now. I think I will look for a quest in the morning.


I stayed up all night watching the calm stars and moon. I headed downstairs to the guild. I didn't hear the fighter come home last night. It must have been important. So I just left to go look for a quest at the guild. That reminds me I never asked the old rabbitkin man his name. I feel bad. I did tell him my name though.

"Good morning!"

"Good morning young one."

The same response?

"Actually I was heading out to look for an adventure. If I find something cool I can bring something back for you. I can write your name on it. Oh, I am sorry I forgot your name. My name is Kear!"

"I never gave you my name. If you want to get me something, there is something I require."

Oh my. He is totally suspicious. It will be an adventure though…

"Mister what do you need?"

He begins to tell me in a creepy low voice about this cave in the mountains to the west. The cave is only the entrance to a dungeon. Inside that dungeon is supposed to be a legendary treasure. It seems like someone took that treasure already, but there is supposed to be another section that has yet to be explored.

I can understand an old dungeon with treasure. What I want to know is how this guy knows about it and why he is telling me? Could he be a serial killer that lures out adventures to prey on them?

He tells me that he overheard this from some adventures passing by the store the other day. Those people were going to form a group to head there and explore that new section.

Don't get me wrong. This sounds incredibly suspicious. Either way it is an adventure. I really want to experience what the world has to offer.


I start to make the trek out to the area where he told me it would be. I leave the west gate of the city and start to head west. There is a curve in the road and I just need to go straight in the woods. After a week of traveling I would arrive at the base of the mountain range.

I spend the week listening to music as I montage my way through the forest. I jump over rocks in a stream; I walk along a tree trunk over a ravine; I climb a two story tall cliff face. At least that was what I imagined as I walked through the forest.

The only thing that was the most interesting was a fight against a small rabbit. It gnawed on my leg because I had tripped on a rock and had fallen down. I tried to swing my sword at it, but it was crazy agile. Well at least I hope that was the reason. I conjured up a shield of water, keeping within my limits of what I learned in the academy. School, I meant school.

I had the shield as an oval shape. It was just a smidge smaller than my torso. I had it floating around my back and sides. It made it easier to face the wild rabbit. I think the teeth on that thing grew after biting me. Anyway I sung my sword at it again. I missed once again. After that it turned into a stalemate for around five minutes.

The shield was useless by the way. It would have been much better against bigger opponent.

While the right sword was in my right hand, I formed a whip of water in my left. This was something that the water specialization teacher showed us. We never learned it as it was just a simple demonstration of where this class would lead. Since I didn't know the chant, I cheated and created it with my true power. I swung the whip at the wild rabbit, as it wrapped around the foot. Since it was stuck within my reach it ended there.

It was exhausting. I never had to fight like that, not to mention alone. It seems I underestimated this difficulty curve. It didn't deter me at all though. It was more like a minor set back.


Once I reached the base of the mountain I could see the stars hanging in the sky. Space, but whatever. I had a cave to find. It should be around this area, but it is going to take a while to find it.

On my second day looking I hear some movement from the forest where I came from. The old rabbitkin man said that there were others who were ready to explore the cave. So I hid behind a rock to get a closer look. Five brave adventures looking for treasure. I know I shouldn't, but I want to join them. I don't care for the treasure, but the adventure itself.

"Good afternoon adventurers!"

I waved towards them. I guess a random stranger showing up here only meant one thing. They did draw their weapons after all.

"Who are you?"

One of them barked at me. Well he was a dogkin like I me. Two others wolf, and one catkin.

"I heard that there was a cave here that needed to be explored. Can I join you guys? I only want the adventure, not the treasure."

I tried my best to seem the least threatening. One of the wolfkin stepped forward.

"It is hard for use to trust a stranger like yourself."

I took off my belt, backpack, cloak, and armor. I walked forward with my hands up and spun around once.

"Stop. Don't come any closer."

"I just want to explore. Since we have the same place in mind, we could do it together."

I sound way too shady.

"How would you know we are here for the cave you talked about?"

"What else would you be here for?"

"I like you. What is your name?"

"Kear, and yours?"

"Bozzel and these are my brothers."

It doesn't seem like he trusts me. I know that smile of his, it is just like Rin's!

"I am Cetran."

"You can call me Duropl."

"I am Bozzel's twin brother, Ewvol."

After Bozzel, Cetran stood forward. He was a strong looking cat. I guess they would be agile, but this one looks like a muscle head. That grey fur and big head scare me. The large axe doesn't help either. The orange colored eyes match the orange whiskers on his big head.

Duropl looks like he has some anger issues to work out. Maybe his face always looks angry. I have only known him for less than five minutes, too early to say. He is carrying daggers on his belt, vest, and legs. Oh my, why does he have so many daggers? His ears are not as floppy as mine. The dark black fur and clothing, makes me think he is the rouge of the group. Even those dark beady eyes, creepy.

Ewvol looks just like Bozzel. The white-grey fur. The dark purple eyes that shine out, highlighting their faces. While Bozzel carries a sword and shield with a metallic armor, Ewvol wears a robe. He is a wizard. It doesn't even stop there. His staff has a couple small tomes connected to chains around the staff. Even if I was blind, that is a wizard.

Fighter, barbarian, rouge and wizard. Other than a healer, they are set.


"We will allow you to venture with us into the dungeon. You will stand in front of the group and you will not get any treasure. Is this fine with you?"

"It sure is, Bozzel!"

I said that with a great big innocent smile. Meat shield is better than fighting them or not going in there first. I do notice they keep looking around. I guess they think I am a scout for bandits.

"We will rest for the day. Tomorrow we will enter the cave."

I take the time to help them set up camp. I forgot to buy a bedroll and tent. It wasn't the only thing I forgot. I never restocked my supplies. I had a backpack, but nothing inside. Pouches, but they were just empty. I gave myself, money at least. Though I forgot everything an adventurer would need. This makes me super suspicious now.


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》