Exploring My World - Revisited
19 Shady - Part Two
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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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19 Shady - Part Two

I had only one magical item on me, [Cloak of Homeostasis]. I don't have a bag that can hold more items than its own size. Without that I will not be able to fake the items that I am missing to fit in. I didn't plan ahead at all.

When I disarmed myself, they could tell I had nothing. If there was no weight in the backpack, they would be able to see it by how it fell down.

They don't trust me at all. Since I have no supplies that will make them even more suspicious of me. How could I survive in this forest with no supplies? I could cheat, but where is the fun in that. With a facepalm and my non-existent acting skills I divert the attention away from my supplies.

"Hey I should show you all what I can do."

I start to put on a show. I stand on a rock and start to swing my sword and use water magic to make a shield around me. I jump up, down and around the rock. I made a big skeptical. I got chuckles and laughs, but Bozzel is a tough cookie.

"What are you doing messing around. Set up your tent for the night."

"About that, I don't have a tent. I enjoy sleeping under the sky."

"We will be taking turns to keep watch. You can do the same if you want."

"I can help you keep watch."

"I will take the first watch with you."

"Sounds great to me."

While talking to Bozzel, I make sure to shine my bright innocent smile. I get that they don't trust me. Stranger danger is a real thing. I will do what I can to stay with them and explore. That is what I want most. If they do fight me due to low trust, then I will run away. If they turn out to be evil, then I am more willing to use my full power on them. They actually seem like good people though.


"We won't feed you. You will have to get your own food!"

Duropl is quite temperamental. A troublesome individual. I will sway your heart, you can bet on it. You of all people will trust me. I promise I will make you all trust me before you kill me due to lack of trust.

I guess they won't kill me, but being a meat shield without backup isn't fun. We might find traps or monsters in the dungeon. I want them to be able to look out for me and I feel that I want to look out for them too.

"I am just going into the forest to look for something to eat then. I don't have anymore food."

If I tell them I don't need to eat because I am a God. I need to eat food in front of them. Bonding over a meal is a great way to build trust. It was the same way with Pax and Rin during our month long travels. Well I guess I started out much higher with their affection towards me.

I walk into the forest to look for some berries. At least I could pass it off as I ate something to the others. Since I passed a few bushes on my way, they weren't too hard to find. I found some black berries, green berries, and blueberries. The green berries should have a banana flavor. I tried them with Pax and Rin before. Well the black ones were about a 50% chance of being a paralyzing neurotoxin. No pain, no gain right? If it was it would last for around half a day at most.

After collecting them, I walked back to camp. I stored them in my pouches.

"I grabbed some berries if anyone wants some."

"No thanks. Eat your food and we will eat our own."

Bozzel is the leader. I understand that. I just wish others would talk to me.

"Where is Duropl?"

I was curious to see that he wasn't around. I need to sway his heart towards my side. I think he was a hidden raid boss that I will need to conquer.

"He went to gather firewood."

Right. I don't have anything to even start a fire with. No fire at night and normal people would get cold. Since I have my [Cloak of Homeostasis], I can stay warm at night. It is getting colder as autumn progresses.


Duropl comes back with some firewood. He whispers to Bozzel and we start the fire. They take out their food and start to cook. I just take out my pouch of berries and start to eat.

"Are you sure none of you want any berries? I just picked them."

They don't acknowledge me. I start eating them. I mixed them together as it didn't matter. I didn't need to eat at all. Bozzel and Duropl both gave me weird looks. I didn't take long till I realized my luck was bad. I think I should have seen this coming.

Bozzel and Duropl started to laugh. The others didn't realized it yet, until I fell over from the little rock I was sitting on.

"Pup, who are you? You didn't even realize that those berries would paralyze you."

After that Ewvol and Cetran burst out laughing.

"I have never seen anyone eat those before."

"Are you stupid?"

Cetran and Duropl both commented on my current condition. From my position it was hard to see Ewvol, but I think I saw pity in his eyes.

"Kear, just how have you survived in this world. When you held your sword earlier, it looked like you never used a sword in your life. The water magic you used was so slow it wouldn't even help."

Bozzel laid it out perfectly. He was right. I haven't had training or experience living like this. Then he continued.

"We are just going to check your items. I want to make sure my brothers are safe. I hope you can understand."

They start to take off all my different items. They look like they are looking for something. I wonder what they expect to find?

"There's nothing!"

"No communication stone?"

"Nothing at all, other than water and berries."

Bozzel had asked about a communication stone. I wonder why he would ask? Then Bozzel rights my body into a sitting position next to the rock. The most I can do is move my eyes.

"Kear I should apologize. We thought that you might be a spy. Trying to lure us and take us out, after traversing the dungeon. We thought that you might be faking that innocent look you had, maybe even had a way to communicate with your friends. Then you ate those berries. Anyone from Hundnyan, would recognize them. Even a normal person with common sense. Let alone a spy."

"I sent Duropl after you to the forest to watch you. He said that you picked those berries. I thought you might use them against us. I overestimated you Kear. No offence."

"Don't worry we won't hurt you. We will keep watch until the effects wear off."

Thanks Bozzel for not being a bad guy.


The night went by. They took turns over the night to keep watch. I cannot say if they trust me enough, but I feel my mistake had a positive effect. I just watched the moon to calm myself down.

As morning came I was able to move enough to walk. It was like when I first entered this body though. I stumbled and fell down, but didn't feel dizzy. An hour extra and I was able to move enough in a dungeon.

They lead me to the entrance of the cave. I feel so silly. I had already looked at this spot when looking for it previously. I facepalmed twice. Once for this and the other for eating those berries.

I lead the charge as they followed me. Bozzel was right behind me giving me directions through the cave. Further in and thirty minutes later, the stone floor changed into stone like tiles. It was my first real dungeon. I get to have my first adventure.


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》