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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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20 Dungeon

The cramped hallway was lit up with the torch I was carrying. As we got further and deeper underground, the walls and ceiling got smaller. Pretty soon we were crawling on these stone like tiles. There was no room for a torch. With no light sources, we moved at an even slower pace.

I have never been great with abyss like darkness. I love the night time to watch the moon and stars, but they give off light so I can see. This on the other hand creeps me out. We are in a dungeon and we cannot see a thing. Yes, I am scared.

I hit a wall in front of me. I check everywhere around me. There isn't any where to go. Bozzel gave me directions to a dead end?

Then I felt something touch my right leg.


"Kear what happened?"

"Something touched my leg!"

"That was me. I have been behind you this whole time. Everyone sheath your weapon."

I was scared. I admit it.

"Ah…y-yea I… sorry about that."

"Just feel around on the wall in front of you for an indentation."


I start to feel around and after a couple of minutes I found it. The small indentation was smaller than a gold coin and those were about the size of a normal human thumb. As soon as I pressed it I started to fall.


I think I am the only one screaming. We fell for a couple seconds before landing on the hard rock.


I wasn't the only one. Ewvol and Duropl were both moaning in pain. Since we were crawling, we all fell face first. I think I was the only one who got hurt the most. They more confident than me in delving a dungeon. I can only fake it. The have all that experience carried with them.

I think I cracked my ribs. This hurts a lot.

It might not be all experience. They are beastkin and might be able to survive a fall like that better than a human. I am sure it is a mix of both.


The area we are in is much more open. Looking up at the ceiling above us is about three stories tall. It was a big circular room. There are crystals lighting up the interior. At the edge in front of us, is a hallway. It is shrouded in darkness and I could feel it was unnatural. I could easily see that as I lie on the ground in pain.

I said no healing magic. I must not do that at all costs. I want to get the full experience. If I cheat then that would be stupid. I set it so that if I use healing magic I will get electrocuted.

I push pass the pain as best as I can. I stand up haggardly. I hear Duropl making a commotion.

"That old'bit lied to us. He never said anything about falling down a hole!"

The others join in and it doesn't help the situation. Bozzel is trying to calm everyone. He doesn't look happy either. Though what did Duropl say?

"Did you say that an old rabbitkin man lied to you?"

As the others were starting to get angry, Bozzel turned to me to answer.

"Yes, do you know something?"

"There was an old rabbitkin man that told me about this place."

I began to tell them about the shop owner and what he said. I had guessed it would be something like this.

"He told you that he overheard the information from us?"

Once Bozzel said that he and everyone else went into thought. I guessed they were thinking of a way to get out.

"Do you want to try to get out the way we came or press forward?"

Bozzel looked towards the others. I am guessing that he wants to make sure everyone is unanimous in their decision. We are in a predicament.

They all nodded and then Bozzel asked me the same thing. Nothing like creepy quests from strangers helping people come together. With a smile I nodded and filled my eyes with determination. I was in this for the experience. If I gave up now, that defeats the purpose. I think that helped set aside the pain I was in.


The dark aura that surrounded the entrance to the hallway was emitting from some colored crystals lining the entrance. They were a darker shade of a rainbow. The crystals that lit up the dungeon were a bright blue. It was intriguing for sure.

Ewvol pointed them out and started to give an explanation.

"I am not sure what these are, but I am sure we all can feel the evil aura emitting from them."

His face got close to the darkened rainbow crystals as he said that. Well I was thinking dark aura, but they went the evil route. I'm sure they aren't wrong.

"It seems like we can walk through safely. I think it is a barrier to prevent anything from coming out."

At soon as we heard that, they all took a few steps back. I was scared to, but this is a real dungeon. I am going ahead. I will test it for them. I am proud to be a meat shield.

I took a couple steps forward towards the entrance.

"I will see if it safe."

Bozzel came up behind me. He stopped me from going forward. He shook his head at me and went through himself. What a trustworthy guy.

He walked through and we all saw nothing happen. Ewvol was right. Bozzel said everything was fine. Everyone followed him in as did I.


We walked for about an hour. More of those darkened rainbow like crystals lined the wall lighting up out way. It would then open into what I could only see as altar. There were dark red flames that burned the candles. Behind the altar was a painting of what I can only assume as a demon. There was a straight path that was raised on the floor. The deposits on the side were skeletons and blood that littered the floor.

I clutched my head in pain. I fell to my knees as everyone looked towards me. Their mouths were moving, but I couldn't hear them.

"You will make a wonderful vessel. It is a pity you are all beastkin."

I heard that voice in my head. It hurt so much that I could feel some liquid coming out of my ears.

"Interesting I cannot see your memories. What are you?"


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》