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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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21 Training

I should put my roleplaying skills to the test.

"What are you?"

"Mortal you're indeed intriguing. For the price of letting me take your body I will tell you."

Bad guy monologue. I could hear his voice coming from the sky. After I heard his name, I understood who he was. Some dark fallen God. He talked about his past and what he was going to do. It came down to revenge.

I didn't pay attention, as I was more focused on my surroundings and the ungodly migraine I had. I wasn't in the dungeon anymore. It was a field surrounded in darkness. The field was littered with corpses. Flames were the only light, as the dark fog covered the area.

I stumbled around for a while. I decided to ask the dark god some questions.

"So how do I get out of here?"

I want to explore more. I really don't want to die again. Dying is painful. If this guy takes my body then the others will be in danger. Should I use my full power or accept the fact that I lost again.

"You are still alive. How much more can your mind take, I wonder?"

I created Kear. I know that the physical body is killable. Experience and the knowledge I have taught me that. When I take control of Kear it is like donning a disguise. I am still me, but I just look different. That is the same for my mind. I don't make a copy of my mind and put it in disguise, it is me. Just like the body, my mind is killable. I would just get sent back to the void room like normal.

The pain that I am going through is worse than getting shot by those arrows. I can feel it attacking my mind directly. I need to go through training. I will never survive if I only use my own strength. I need to learn. That was my last thought as I found myself in my void room. The pain ceased as I lay on the carpet.

I want to know what happened to Bozzel, Cetran, Duropl, Ewvol.

I head over to the pc and sit down in the swivel chair. I had just a basic stool before, but swivel chairs are the best. I look on the screen and I see Kear is fighting with the rest. If I wasn't there, would they have been able to fight back? I was the one who was targeted. I am weak, I know that. I just thought I could learn it all on my own.

I know now. I am at fault for bringing harm to others. I am going to teleport them back to the town at the same spot I arrived at. Once they got there, I healed up their injuries.

I think that dark god guy beat me fairly, so he can keep the body. I also don't this dark god to ruin my name. I will just change the facial features and remove the purple streak as they are my main identifiers. I also change the body to be a normal male dogkin.


I spend a couple days watching Bozzel and gang. The go around to alert everyone that they fought with that dark god guy. I guess when he took over my body, he too said the same bad guy monologue. The old rabbitkin man was then hunted out of the city. I guess he was a cultist hiding in the city. Bozzel sure knows a lot of people. Larnissa the fighter dogkin that lived across the hall knew Bozzel apparently. It was unfortunate that I wasn't able to get her name the normal way.

While Bozzel was much older, I guess he came from the same orphanage that Larnissa had. The orphanage next to that warehouse.

Weirdly enough Bozzel actually help a small ceremony for my death. He asked around town for anyone who might know me. There weren't many that met me. Bozzel, Larnissa, Ewvol, Cetran, and Duropl were the ones who visited. Larnissa actually knew I was the one that healed her, I thought she was unconscious.

Last but not least, the dark god Guhnden. Since I didn't pay attention to his name I had heard it from Ewvol. It seems that taking over my body was his way of being able to leave that dungeon. He had immense power and that lead him to making a direct tunnel to the surface.

Once he was on the surface a bunch of cultists showed up. They brought people to be sacrificed to him. That helped him raise his power. It was a disgusting sight and I was about to close the screen to watch him when he teleported. I was curious where he was so I zoomed out. He was in Suul. This is indeed interesting.


I decided to make a few other no name characters that I could use to hide my identity. I want to learn swordsmanship, and I know a great teacher. I remake Kear as a twenty year old human too. Though I won't use Kear. Just something for later.

I take one of the no name characters and teleport myself down to Amber Spring. I am playing a fifteen year old girl. I have a single sword and I am full of adventuring supplies. I made sure to remember.


I walk over to the gate of the city to enter. I was let through the gates due to the guild card that I made for this character. I came up with a random name called Okia.

Right now the city was calm and militia troops were being trained by Zinleth and Rin. I head over there to ask them to let me join. It looks like they had developed a military like hierarchy and one of the officers were talking to me.

Since they are in the need to more people I am sent to a building. In this building I am shown that is a barracks. I was told by the officer to leave my stuff next to a bed and to follow her. I went along to reach the training ground. I wasn't the only new recruit today. There were a few others. Rin was there telling them what they were in for.

"… and I am sure that at least one of you were affected by those demons."

I was left with that group and listened through Rin's speech. She started everyone on the training and we had to do laps around a field next to the barracks. I stumbled a few times as my height was a little shorter than when I was a dogkin.

Rin was yelling at me and others as we ran. Rin was a great drill instructor. It was surprising to hear all those derogatory terms being thrown at us. Tough love is needed to help push people to greater heights.

This type of training continued for a few months.


After a month in we started learning the way of the sword. Later we learned each of our specialization, for those who didn't go to school or were to young. I stuck with my usual water and healing.

Rin later talked to me about being joining the medical crew. I told her that I still wanted to learn swordsmanship. If I could accomplish that and help heal others I would. She then told me that they didn't have many healers and really needed me to join.

She told me that if I won't be able to master swordsmanship because I don't have the specialization. There was a back and forth over the next week. I caved and told her once my training over the next two months is over I would move over to the hospital and train there.


At this time I was learning different healing spells. I guess as a God, I was able to heal everything without worry about blood loss. Unless you drink a potion, you won't get any blood back. Not really that surprising, I just never knew that it existed on this world.

I took the time and effort into the winter to learn everything I could about healing magic. It was an intense training. In my down time I would keep up with my swordsmanship training. Every so often I would go back to Rin, as she told me she would train me more after I learned the previous material.

Rin taught different people too in her spare time. It wasn't just me that was getting this special training. I was able to meet the others again. As the others were high ranking officials, I wasn't able to talk to for long.


Korral was injured in her training and also just happened to be when I was on duty. With all that I learned, it was still too difficult for me to learn. I abused my power to heal her to a point where I could use what I learned on her. Pax was the only one watching me heal Korral so I pushed him away so he wouldn't see. Doctors need space to work after all.


I actually spent the next year training with the sword, healing magic and some water magic. I was so good that Rin tried to recruit me for a special squad. At this time I learned what I wanted so I decided to take this time to talk to Rin.


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》