Exploring My World - Revisited
23 War Room - Part One
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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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23 War Room - Part One

I allowed time to move forward. I decided to stay as Kear from now on. I have been focused on my studies for so long, that I am finally ready to go out and adventure. Though before I do, I want to help protect my family.

I followed Rin to the war room. They have been fighting this battle for about two years now. The people of Amber Spring have been fighting with guerrilla style tactics. The demon army that had taken over Suul has been building up their army. That was after they tried to send Brigade after brigade towards Amber Spring. Their armies were sent to other settlements, though most have been destroyed.

Amber Spring is the closest settlement, that hasn't been destroyed, to serve as a base against the Guhnden. As they now know he is behind it and not another enemy hiding in the world. In a way, I'm sure it is a relief.

I had learned some of that over the last year. It wasn't as in depth as I saw in the war room. It looks like they had allied with different towns and kingdoms, like Hundnyan.

My reason to turn down Rin today, wasn't the only reason I revealed myself as Kear. Different allied armies have been arriving and are being staged here to retake Suul. Today there was going to be a meeting to plan the attack on Suul.

There are a few different people I recognize here. My family, not the kids; The teacher I had at the academy, Jassi; The guild master from Suul, the guy that took over for Jenavor; Tasar, again without a shirt; Bozzel.

While those were the ones I recognized there were more that I didn't. This was a big event and there were many different people here. Everyone was staring at me. I can understand, as for most people I was new. Jassi still had the same look in her eyes, mixed with suspicion. Bozzel was the same, but even worse. It makes sense as Jassi saw me as a ten year old and now a twenty year old, while Bozzel had to fight the Guhnden that took over my body.

Tasar and the Suul guild master both recognized me. The way things are going , I think it would have been best to stay hidden as Okia. At least be Kear in front of my family.

This room had enough seats around the war table for everyone. I followed Rin and sat next to her and Zinleth. It took another thirty minutes for more individuals to arrive. During that time I got caught up with my family. I told them I was Okia and I was training during that time. Rin chimed in to remind me to talk about Guhnden. We were talking quietly together, so others wouldn't be able to over hear. If they did hear me explain how I died twice I am sure we would have seen some reaction.

As I watched the other parties funnel in I noticed how it was set up. The main leaders were sitting at the table as the underlings stood at their sides. I thought I should stand at their side so I don't stand out. The others have already noticed me, so I guess not.


At this time the meeting started. Pax stood up and started the meeting off.

"Good morning everyone. Everyone has already introduced themselves. The paper that is being handed to you now is the schedule for the day. This is going to be a long meeting today, I hope you all are prepared. "

Pax takes a moment to let everyone look it over before continuing.

"Right now would be a good time to start with the total forces…"

We found out that the total amount of fighters were around five thousand. The current amount of people living in Amber Spring is under two thousand. Amber Spring is bringing the most amount of people to the table. The survivors of Suul and Amber Spring will make up most of the army that will attack the southern gate of Suul.

The others will form separate attack forces to attack the different gates of the city as a distraction, and if they make it in the city then they are to lock down the gates. Pax will lead the main force and Rin, Zinleth and Kaalm will lead each strike force of the other gates. This is due to the fact the have the tech pads I gave them. So they can send pictures as well as communicate.

There are communication stones like the tech pads, but they need time and magical power to function. That is what makes the tech pads I gave them exceptionally powerful.

Glandriel and Korral will be apart of this war too. Since they have tech pads too, they will convey the small militia that is in the town if reinforcements are needed.


I feel responsible for this happening. Whether I am or not, I feel that way. I played video games and watched movies. I have never been a part of a war and never had military training or been in a conflict.


As we take a break everyone splits up to attend to and talk amongst themselves. I find myself waiting out in the hallway. My family decided to freshen up and then we would head over to have lunch together.

As I waited I found Bozzel and Jassi coming my way. Bozzel had his sword out in his hand.

"Who are you?"

"My name…?"

If I tell him my name, it is not going to go well. I had to use Kear's name as a beastkin. This isn't good, I will just make up a new name.

"…Veno. What is your name?"

I thought it might be best to ask him back. Though the sword that is still in my face tells me that I better not push my luck. I can handle this with my own strength.

"We haven't seen you here before? Where did you come from?"

I noticed Jassi within the group. This might be more difficult than I hoped.

"I have been living here for a while. I just reconnected with my family."

Bad choice of words.

"Who's your family?"

This time Jassi entered the conversation.

"I guess you could say that I am a long lost cousin of Rin and Pax."

"Kear what is going on?"

Oh crap. A different name wasn't the best choice. Rin I should tell you that you have poor timing.


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》