Exploring My World - Revisited
24 War Room - Part Two
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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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24 War Room - Part Two

"Your name is Kear?!"

Bozzel presses forward with his sword on my neck.

"Well it is a common name, that just happens to be my surname. It is really common… well at least that was what my grandfather told me. Ah… Rin, my wonderful cousin, what are you doing here?"

Well that didn't really help as Rin took out both of her swords in my defense.

"If you take one step forward, you will lose that hand."

"Have you fallen for this shapeshifter's trick?"

I see they think I am a shapeshifting demon. I guess there really was no talking to them. In the war room it was easy to see the hate everyone had for demons. Well, I have seen the pain they have caused others.

Personally I think they are great generic bad guys. This kind of thinking is what I think in games. I knew that this was all real, but only over the past year has it really sunk in my mind The pain that everyone has gone through. I can safely say that war is not fun.

"You must trust me that this isn't a shapeshifter."

"Rin how can you say that. I had a student in my class that looked like that thing is now. Your son can tell you too. They were friends with that student."

"This 'thing' also looks like our fallen brother. It is disgusting to see this 'thing'."

Jassi and Bozzel, I can guess how you feel. If I could facepalm right now I would. I should stay only as Kear in front of my family.

"Kear is a part of my family. I can vouch for Kear, please sheath your sword."

Thank you Rin. I am happy to see she is standing up for me. I send a smile her way.

"Rin, you save me when I was little. I know you lost someone to save us. I am deeply indebted to you. This person not only looks like my student, even looks like the person that died back then. Don't you think there is something wrong with this?"

Rin looks toward Jassi, and then she looks towards me. I guess I have to do it. I cannot think of another way out of this. I have already involved Rin more than I want.

I freeze time other than the three around me.

"I will explain to you both. Though I want to say something before we start. First can you put your weapons away, please?"

Rin sheaths both of her swords and Bozzel just holds the sword to his side. Well it is a start. Jassi's specialty is fire magic, so I think she won't attack me unless I provoke her.

"Follow me to the cafeteria. It will help you understand what I am going to say. Well, I hope at least."

Bozzel stayed behind me, while Rin walked next to me. It seems she has noticed I froze time. We were in the hallway, but no other people were there. Since the biggest mass of people were at the cafeteria, I thought that would be the best place to show them what happens if I stop time. Jassi just follows up the rear.


We enter the cafeteria to see a scene frozen in time. You can see at the tables people eating their food, conversations being had, laughter, and others walking about. Though they are all frozen in time, no movement or sound.

"What is this?"

Bozzel and Jassi both have shocked faces. Jassi goes over to someone she knows and calls their name. Bozzel is looking around and he starts to move the sword towards my direction again.

"Now we can start…"

Me and Rin start to take turns to explain who I am. I don't show them anymore power. I just explain that I am a God above the Gods of this world. Bozzel could understand easier than Jassi. It seemed she was atheist and I blew her mind. I say in a way, because she became depressed.

I explain for all of them, Rin included, about the Gods. They are people who gained enough power in the past to ascend to godhood. I heard in school that people thought they just existed and created the world.

I thought it would be a good idea to at least tell them the truth. That lead them to believe I created the world, they are right and wrong. I created the universe, but I just played a game that ended up creating this planet. I can leave that for my family.

Jassi was the worst out of the two. She couldn't handle what she learned. That is a fair reaction, at least I give her some space. Bozzel on the other hand asked more about me when I was a dogkin. I told him my story from my point of view.

I created an empty circular table for us and chairs to complement it. I asked the three what their favorite food was and to imagine it in their minds. After they did I created the dish they thought about. Jassi calmed down after she saw Bozzel and Rin eating their food. She was afraid of me, but I just gave her space.

We ate together and Rin told them about her experience about learning about me. She told them about snickerdoodles, so I created a plate of them so they could have one. I guess Bozzel wasn't a fan. At least Rin and Jassi enjoyed it.

Eating food, while there are other people frozen in time, is really weird. After we ate I asked them all to walk out of there. Once we were in an area where no one was I restarted time.

"Just before we split from here, can I ask you all to keep that a secret?"

Bozzel nodded out of understanding, while Jassi nodded out of fear. I could see it in her eyes with ease. So I added, "if you tell others, I won't hold it against you."

Bozzel and Jassi left while Rin stayed by my side.

"Thank you Rin for being a part of my family and helping me with that."

"Kear, you will always be a part of my family."

We both smiled at each other.

"You know Kear, it sounds like you are new to being a God."

"I don't think I ever told you Rin, I have only been a God for about two years. I used to be human you know."


We head to the table with Pax, Kaalm and Zinleth. We talked about what happened and had a fun conversation.

Afterward we headed back to the war room to go over the final bits of the plan. The attack was set to take place within a few days. We started the final preparations.


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》