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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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25 Power

Over the next few days Bozzel had come over to me. He asked if I could just defeat Guhnden. While I told him it is possible, I won't kill someone just because they are evil. Whether I was here or not, sooner or later he would have been released.

"It is up to you, to use your own power to take down Guhnden and the demons. I will act as support and help where I can. I will not be on the front lines."

He took that well, at least.


I took the time to find Jassi. She had been avoiding me for the past few days. I don't blame her.

While I was looking for her I found a sharp pain in my back. It hurts so much. I feel the pain increasing as it becomes harder to move. I turned my head around, at least I found Jassi. I can see how scared she is, but also relieved.

"Jassi … why?"

I watch her face as her face turns into one of horror. She starts screaming for help. It is hard to pay attention to that as I cannot really hear anymore. The pain is excruciating. My eyes feel blurry and my head light. I don't know what is going on, I don't know who I am? What happened?


I wake up in the hospital where I worked. The pain in my side is subsiding. I remembered what happened the moment I opened my eyes. It felt really weird there at the end.

It looks like I was saved, my family is around my bed smiling and crying while they look at me. Even Glandriel and Korral are here. They told me what happened and what time it was. I guess that it had only been an hour. Everyone was going to move out in a couple of minutes.

We all hugged each other and said our goodbyes. It was a warm moment with my family. Zinleth's smile was warm too. Glandriel and Korral wanted to stay, but they had to work. They needed to keep in touch with the forces attacking Suul. I told them I would be fine as I saw them walk away waving back to me.

I get out of my bed to go find Jassi. I still want to talk to her. I know what she did, but I did destroy everything she believed in. While I think stabbing someone out of nowhere is bad, at least it was me. At least she didn't go around killing other people.

I find the jail that they had set up. There were a few deranged people yelling my way. I followed the guard guiding me to Jassi. I see her in the cell, sitting atop the makeshift bedding in there. I look at the handcuffs around her hands. They have a faint shimmer to them. The guard told me that they are to prevent her from using magic. Makes sense, I guess.

Jassi looks my way with fear clearly shown on her face. She sinks back into the corner. I asked the guard if he could leave me alone to talk with her. He acknowledges me and walks back to the entrance. I freeze time to stop all the hollering from the other criminals.

"Jassi can you answer me why you did that to me?"


She starts screaming again. I tell her I stopped time and only me and her are unfrozen.

"Would you attack others if I let you out? I understand that you don't like me and I can accept that. I want to know if you are released you wouldn't attack anyone else?"


She starts to quiet down. I repeat what I said, just in case she didn't hear me.

"Killing demons is what I want to do. All of those who abuse their power and attack others are demons. You have boundless power, so what happens if you don't control it?"

So she doesn't see me as a demon, but more of a 'demon'. Someone who can abuse their power to hurt others. In a way I prevent myself from healing myself by fear of electrocution after I fell down that hole with Bozzel. I know that isn't what she means, but something like that.

Well I had removed the condition on getting electrocuted back when I was a healer working at the hospital. I learned that one the hard way.

"I understand how you feel, but I just want to live normally. I don't want to use my power unless I have to. Sure I could talk to you with everyone here listening, but I thought it would be best to quiet it down. I know that is an abuse of my power, yet I did it out of convenience. After this battle, I am going to step away for a while and I won't involve myself in this world. Can you accept that and fight with everyone else against Guhnden?"


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》