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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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27 Suul

I hear over the comms that Pax and Zinleth defeated the demon. The bow that can stop time is overpowered. That is for sure.

As I teleport over to Pax I lose my breath. I can't move anymore. I am exhausted.

"Pax… here…"

I am trying to slow down my breathing, but I just cannot catch my breath at all. As soon as Pax gets close to me I touch his foot and teleport him back. Zinleth comes over to my side.

"Kear are you hurt?"

Well I guess he knows I am not Okia after all. I shake my head, and give him a small smile. I just need to catch my breath. I see one of the allies around Zinleth take an arrow to the shoulder. I stand back up slowly move towards him. I touch him and the arrow turns to dust. I wave to Zinleth as I teleport away.

I head back to the main army as most of the demon forces are located there. The distraction worked, but I was out of it. I just slumped around on the battlefield healing whoever I came across. It was hard to see and hear as I just couldn't concentrate. I was about to pass out, so I got off the battlefield so I teleported to the war room. Korral and Glandriel were still there as everything was going good so far.

I landed on the floor in the room breathing hard. The officers surrounded me. Wait I wanted to go to my room not here. Why did I think coming here was a good idea? The second I realized what I did, I teleported myself to my void room. I didn't even land correctly on the couch, so I ended up falling on the floor. I passed out.


I woke up to the sound of the comms channel blaring as the parents screamed. What is going on? Amber Spring is under attack. Oh no, Korral and Glandriel.

I scream into the comms and tell them that I will head to the kids. I needed them to calm down and stop freaking out. I know they were worried about their children, but we were in a war. They needed to focus.

I get up and teleport to the war room. There is no one here, so I look on the screen to my left. It has a map and two dots with Korral and Glandriel. I teleport over to them. I should have done this from the start. I need to keep it together.

Korral and Glandriel, along with the commanding officers, are fighting off shadow wolves. As one of them jumps towards Korral, I use a water whip to grab the wolf and drag it towards me.

All of them fight well, with minimal injuries. After checking on everyone one of the officers tells the children to split up. A few officers go with Glandriel and the others move with Korral.

I spilt away from them and roam around Amber Spring, helping wherever I can. I see a few guards about ten meters away from me. They are fighting a lesser demon, just a smaller version of what Zinleth fought. Those guards are holding their own, but one got slashed along his waist. I sprint over their and touch his back. He healed and then he assisted his teammate finishing off the lesser demon. thanked me as I ran away.


I teleported back on the battlefield around Suul. I saw that there were a few people in the allied army that had fallen. It was a shame that I wasn't fast enough to save them. With them in mind I kept running around helping anyone I could.

At this time the main force was able to secure the gate to enter the city. While the other strike teams kept the gates closed, locking the demons inside Suul, the main force pushed into the city.

I heard over the comms that the forces inside Amber Spring had been fought off. It looks like it wasn't a big group, so they were easily dispatched.

If there was a group that attacked Amber Spring, did they know about our attack? It did seem like it was planned.


For the plan each strike team used teleport scrolls. They were created to allow us to teleport around Suul without having to travel there. This was the easiest solution. Suul did have a barrier that prevented dimensional travel inside for mortals.

The attack and the communication stones didn't work at this range from Suul to Amber Spring. Unless they had a more powerful magic or something, but there was no way that group would have been sent to Amber Spring on orders. Could it just have been planned and it was a mere coincidence?

I shared my thoughts with the others. I didn't have enough knowledge in this world to know what there was in terms of magic.

"There could be a demon that specializes in telepathy. If they were powerful enough, they would only have to imagine the person they wanted to talk to."

Someone said this over Korral's tech pad. It guess it could be possible. With this in mind Zinleth alerted everyone to stay on their toes and to kill any demon as fast as possible. He was afraid that they could alert others or the demon who specializes in telepath, as they moved into the city.

The battlefield in front of the gate was open. Inside the city was different. Many buildings had been destroyed and there was rubble everywhere.


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》