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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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28 Streets

As people passed through the gate I stood in place high fiving each soldier. It allowed me to heal them and refresh their stamina. Doing this allowed us to push our schedule up and move into the city faster. There was one soldier who tried to kill me. I should say that he was a shapeshifter. As he high fived me, the cut on his side didn't heal. I turned myself into a checkpoint.

Pax was nearby to help take down the shapeshifter along the other soldiers. I planned this along with him to check each of the soldiers. Pax then yelled at the other soldiers.

"You must high five Okia. If you don't we will assume that you are a shapeshifter."

As he said that the other shapeshifters didn't have a way out anymore. They took up their weapons and magic to fight their way out. It didn't take long before they were all snuffed out. I settled everything at the main gate before heading back to Amber Spring.

Korral and a few of the officers were in the war room. This time I walked in there with my badge. I removed the blood on me so they would be able to see my face. Pax had told them I was coming and what I was going to do.

I tapped everyone's shoulder doing the same thing to the officers in the room. They knew this was going to happen as Pax already told them. I cleared the officers in the room.

By this time most everyone knew who Okia was. They could see me running around the battlefield. They saw a few glimpses at first from the different tech pads. Earlier I heard that they were wondering who I was, as I was able to teleport. It quieted down as the others explained I was their cousin. That is teamwork!

I needed a break so I sat in the chair. I had passed out due to over exhaustion. So being here was the best thing for me.


We were only at mid day now and things were progressing fast.

Pax's group was slowly moving into the city pushing past rubble clearing the roads. The found some abandoned carts along the way to help clear the roads. The loaded up supplies creating a base at the gate. They planned on letting everyone take turns eating provisions, but since I made the decision to help out, they didn't need to take a break.

They did a head count though as they fortified the gate. It looks like we only lost around two hundred allied troops. We expected to lose more than half to get into the city. It was a dire situation and that was why they were willing to risk everything. Guhnden and his cult of demons, were a massive threat to everyone.

After an hour of fortifying, I was rested enough to head back into battle. I waved to Korral and teleported next to Pax. I moved along with him down the road that went straight towards the castle. Different squads separated along horizontal line parallel with use as we moved and cleared a path towards our destination.

There were a few skirmishes along the way. I had gotten shot by a dark arrow in my right thigh. It was pure magic so I couldn't remove it. It started to corrode my armor and soon my skin. I jumped to the side as someone shot a fireball into the upper floor of the building where that arrow came from. I called for help.

One of the combat medics came over my way and poured an alchemical solution over the affected area. It merely stopped the corrosion, but not the damage. She started to heal the affected area so I could start walking again.

"Thank you for helping us."

I was surprised to hear that from this rabbitkin. I had been running around healing and listening to the comms, that I forgot the people that I had healed. I could see her clothes covered in blood and a hole in armor covering her stomach. She was someone that I healed. Their healing magic was nowhere near as powerful as mine, so I could tell from the fact she didn't have wound or scar.

I just nodded and thanked her for healing me.


Rin called over the comms as she saw that demons were around the gate where she was located. Her strike team went after them as they tried to get out of the city. A couple of her members were injured so I came over to help out. Two of the medics were already busy so I worked on the others and then made my way over to them.

After the injured were taken care of I moved around the entire strike team high fiving them. Then I moved to Zinleth's and Kaalm's strike team and followed up with them. As soon as I could, I moved back towards the battlefield. I ran and jumped over rubble fulfilling my hardcore parkour healer thing I have going.


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》