Exploring My World - Revisited
29 Center of Suul
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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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29 Center of Suul

Through everyone's efforts, we were able to make it to the center of the city. The gates were sealed off and the rest of the army are together with Pax. We were in the main square of the city.

I knew the castle was in the distance, but I never really knew where. I didn't even pay attention to it. As we got to the center of the city, I now knew the castle was at the edge of the city. I guess I could have forgotten, but it doesn't matter.

We had a few battles along the way, so I take the time to top everyone off. Funnily enough they are cheering for me as a master healer. I am just a cheater in my mind, so that they can be happy in this situation, I can go along with it.


A loud explosion comes from the square. No, it isn't an explosion. The dust clears and the debris stops flying about. From the crater we can see a beastkin. Not just any, it is the dark god Guhnden. We had his picture so it wasn't hard to tell. Wait why would the boss be here, why not a mini boss.

"Juniqu would have never died to you mortals. I should have known that there was something wrong. What do you have that could kill him? Wait, how are you still alive?"

I can hear his voice in my head. I look about and I can see that most of the others are gripping their heads in unison. The pain of Guhnden invading my head is as painful as last time.


The others freed from the painful headache stand back up and a few are quick to get into a battle stance. I can see Pax getting his bow ready to fire a shot as I feel an immense pressure on my whole being. I am forced to the ground, but only to my knees. Well at least I know he is talking to me.

"What are you? You are the same as the body inhabited. I am intrigued, tell me weakling."

What a true bad guy. Weakling? Do people really say that? Even a dark god?

Everyone around pushed back as Pax mounts an attack on Guhnden. A strong force is currently being emanated from Guhnden, as people, buildings and debris are being blown away. It is just me and Guhnden for a kilometer. He is a fallen God after all. From his monologue before I had heard something about returning to being a God.

The ground around us rises up about ten meters in diameter. We climb high up into the sky as we get closer to the clouds. I look around, but I cannot see the edge. I take a guess that we are around ten kilometers up in the air.

"Tell me your secrets."

"At least say the magic word."

"What type of magic is it? I have never seen a mortal like you."

"You should work on your manners. Do you know that a meteorite is?"

"Indeed you are an amazing mortal."

This conversation is being held in my mind. At least it is the same feeling as last time. It is hard to tell as I am barely conscious. It is hard to hear and my sight is blurry. I cannot even tell what is up and down.

While I have gotten more used to this world over the past two years, this just is way above anything I can handle. So I decided to have some fun with my full power. I call down a meteorite to land on his head. I don't want it to destroy the pillar we are on top of, so I make sure it is small enough.

Even if my family went against him, they probably couldn't handle him. I think a God versus their creator would be the best choice.

"You will not hold out much longer. I will take everything from your mind. All the secrets it…"

Then the meteorite crashes into the side of him knocking him off of the pillar.

I made the pillar indestructible, myself able to resist his attacks and the glorified rock from space. It did make a smile appear on my face seeing that he didn't realize that attack. The meteorite was about a meter in diameter and it fell along with him.

I stood up and looked around. The sky started to turn dark and the clouds started to swirl around. The wind picked up and a storm started to appear. It looks like we entered the second phase of this boss. I should call my allies to help me. Coop is best. Going all out, this is no longer a challenge. It is fun for me. I am curious to see what the others can do.

Pax, Kaalm, Rin, and Zinleth all appear around me. I sent a message in their head letting them know that they needed to face Guhnden. I won't let them be killed, I will just teleport them to the ground. If they lose then I will end it myself.

I think that me being involved in this world, isn't right. Here and there to have fun, but this is too much. I think this is a lesson I needed to learn so I don't do the same thing.

Well I can think more on that later as an airborne Guhnden is currently hovering above us.


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》