Exploring My World - Revisited
30 The Dark God Guhnden
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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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30 The Dark God Guhnden

"I will consume you all."

That is just creepy. Does that mean, when he invades a person's mind, he eats them? That is weird.

His appearance did change so that also made that statement weirder. The easiest way to put it would be that he is like a dark knight. There is black smoke coming out the darkened armor pieces. I can also see that the smoke has like black tendrils that are alive. I could swear I have fought a boss like him in a video game before. Super cliché.

Pax and Kaalm fire their arrows without hesitation. Guhnden barley got to finish what he was saying before they started firing. Pax and Kaalm had to be within a certain range to use a copy of that bow. Together in the time field didn't affect them.

Rin and Zinleth didn't stay still, even if they were melee focused. Rin had an amazing amount of daggers up her sleeves; literally. Though the daggers couldn't reach him as the wind was strong at this height and due to Guhnden's power.

Kaalm had given his bow and quiver to Zinleth before using the copy of Pax's bow. Zinleth was an elf and he had training with his bow back in the forest, he grew up in. So the three of the were piercing through the wind and getting close to Guhnden. Rin decided to do whatever she could to defend them, and wait till he came down.

It was going to be difficult to get him to land as he was firing magic at every moment he could. A fireball her, lightning, and even turning the rain that poured down into icicles.

Rin throws one of her daggers at the lightning to redirect it as the others dodge the fireball. She grabs her two sabers and deflect the icicles from hitting any major part of the body.

I just go around healing the minor injuries they have sustained. So far the battle has lasted for about twenty seconds or so. I decided to play the NPC and tell everyone out loud that I can make Guhnden land and to give me a few moments. We should hurry up and enter the third phase of this boss fight.

Of course Guhnden heard me, as I made sure everyone did. He tries to focus on me as the others take a defensive approach to this battle. Combining the range of the bow's ability to stop time around them, they use that to protect me and fire at Guhnden. Rin take up acting as a shield for me as we try to make him land. Zinleth switches from attack and defending to keep the pressure on Guhnden.

Guhnden tries to increase the wind speed and throws boulders at us. Combining the time stop of the arrows and Rin-leth they are able to deflect those boulders.

By this time I conjure a bright golden dome around the top of this pillar trapping Guhnden in. He will not be able to use his powers in here, well his god-like powers. At this point it is an even playing field.

I 'fall' to my knees in exhaustion. I make it seem like I am too tired to go one, as a way to let them finish this battle. Those four versus a fallen dark god. While I hope they win, they are much more worse for wear than Guhnden. Cuts, scrapes and burns litter their bodies. Their stamina have definitely fallen. At least it is a four on one.

Inside the done the wind and rain are unaffected.

"What have you done to my power?"

I yell back to him with all my roleplaying power.

"We have the goddess of light on our side. With our friendship, we will defeat you and save this land!"

I feel a bit of my food enter my mouth. It was super cringe, but Guhnden believed it. I think the others might have thought I was just trying to distract Guhnden. I thought that because I saw Rin and Pax both send a smirk.

Without hesitation as Guhnden tried to speak again, Pax and Kaalm fired their arrows. Both Rin and Zinleth start to flank on the left and right of Guhnden respectively.

Since none of the arrows fired from Pax and Kaalm never hit Guhnden, the dark god was in for a surprise.

"What was that?"

He asks a lot of questions. It isn't like I blame him.

The Rin and Zinleth were able to close the gap on Guhnden from that. Unfortunately Kaalm's arrow had missed due to the wind, so they couldn't chain the arrows to keep him in place. Guhnden from that point on could be seen taking special care to avoid those arrows as he swung his black flamed sword at Rin. He blocked Zinleth's attack with his shield. He dodged the arrows fired at him with extreme caution and agility.

Rin's sabers started to melt against the black flames. Fighting in the rain and wind helped them from completely being unusable. Though that didn't help my allies. They were worn and cold, ready to collapse at a moments notice. Though from Guhnden's reaction and the way he is moving he is being pushed back. He is completely on the defensive at the moment.

One of the boulders that he created earlier ended up being destroyed as he fled backwards to give himself some time. The black flames corroded what little they could from this boulder. Though slitting it in half gave him room and cover from the arrows for a moment to get back on the defensive.

Rin pushed too far and ended up falling backwards due to the wind and the rubble around the area. With that Guhnden found an opportunity to kill Rin. He stabbed her in the chest and within a couple seconds she was engulfed in flames and turned to ash.

I didn't try to stop her death at all. I got the notification and watched it from my position. I had saved her many times, but I made the decision for this to be permanent at the moment. I made sure she ended up in my void room. I know she is there. I can see on a screen next to me that she was on the floor clutching her chest and checking her injuries. The tv in there is currently showing the battle.

Zinleth didn't go berserk at the sight of his wife dying. I could see a blank face with tears streaming down his face. By killing Rin, Guhnden left an opening for Pax and Kaalm to take advantage of. Pax's arrow hit and before the effect of him being stuck in time could end, Kaalm fired. While they moved closer to prevent the arrows from missing, Zinleth use everything he had to deal damage to Guhnden. His swords pierced through the armor. It was just smoke, and I had a screen telling me that he couldn't be killed like that.

The done gave everyone's weapons the ability to kill. So outside this dome, that would have happened. Zinleth did everything he could to cut Guhnden to piece and by the time the last arrow was fired, Guhnden was dead.

The dome flashed and sent a beam into the upper atmosphere ending the storm, clearing the sky, as the sunset was seen on the horizon. Zinleth fell to the ground and cried his eyes out, while he stared into the sunset.

Pax and Kaalm helped and held each other up. The pillar started to go back down into the ground as the battle was over.


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》