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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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32 Epilogue

It has been about a month for Rin and I. I let her create her own 'room' here in the void room. Since it was no longer just me anymore I changed it around to work with that.

"Morning Roomie!"

I yell that out to Rin as she is in her garden. Yeah, her 'room', is just a cabin at the top of a large hill. It overlooks a forest, has a grand garden, and a small area around the hill for her to walk through.

In a way it is like what I did by using computers and screens. It is easier for her to adjust this way I believe.

So my void room turned into more of a mansion per say. I made an entrance hall and living room, for guests. Through some doors that only appear for us are our rooms. With ease we can let in others to our rooms. The communal areas have a kitchen, recreation room, and other amenities.

Rin also had to get used to different things about this area. She didn't have to eat or sleep, but since that creeped her out at first I changed it. I had shown her things that I had in my previous world that she might find helpful.

Over time she got used to it, as I did.

I made us a small breakfast. Tea and bread with different types of jam. It was simple enough for us. Later we were going to invite others over. It had been a month for us, but it was almost a full year on earth.

We thought it would be best to celebrate once every year at least for the family. While induvial birthdays occurred we, though we do a single celebration for everyone and everything. A grand celebration.

As Guhnden was defeated, that time did turn into a festival. Though our celebration would take place about a week earlier. Funnily enough it was the same day that I appeared on their planet. Coincidence? Not really. Rin and I talked about what day would be best and that was the one she chose.


To help with this transition I introduced her to video games. Different types based on my memory and explained what they were. By this time I developed the internet for everyone to use that had a tech pad. It was just for information of the world, much more information was entered into it than before. I let Rin keep her tech pad to keep in touch with her family and friends. This was extremely helpful for her emotional state.


Later at dinner with everyone we told each other stories.

With this war over, Zinleth became a general in the military. Pax was a king and Kaalm was his second in command. Kaalm was essentially a spy for this new kingdom. With Zinleth training and leading the troops, the country that developed from Amber Spring became something everyone enjoyed. It was indeed a time of peace in that area.

Glandriel confessed to Korral. Rin was a big player in that. I kept on telling her that they were kids, but I forgot that at fifteen years of age they would be considered adults. Well, I will have a talk with Pax. I was still used to my previous world and it just felt too weird. At least they still had two years before that.

I got too distracted.

Korral confessed back at that point as well. I heard Rin yelling when that happened as she cheered. I could hear her telling Glandriel the ways of love. At least she didn't go into further details of that.


That new kingdom became a beacon and developed along with its allies. Hundnyan became a strong supporter and ally. As Bozzel and his crew climbed the ranks of nobility after the defeat of Guhnden. They turned out to be amazing leaders within a year.

Larnissa and Jassi both met up at the war council meeting and later that developed into a relationship. Larnissa put her fighting days behind and became an instructor within Hundnyan and Jassi followed.


Suul was destroyed, but the rebuilding too place. It became a hub for all races, even some demonic ones. That would take a long time to develop.

Amber Spring became the capital of that area over Suul. That grand city, turned into one of trade, rather than a capital. It was for the best as Kaalm explained. I guess that made sense.


After our dinner Rin showed them around her abode she was living in. It took them a while to get used to that. The walked from a darkened room to a hillside overlooking a forest.

They wanted to stay so bad, but I told them they had to go back. Though I did allow a sleepover. We played board games, video games, and told stories around a bonfire. Rin's room had night/day cycle so it made it the best place.


A couple years after that I wanted to get out and have fun. I told Rin my plans and that I was leaving. It felt like she was treating me as a child going to their first day at school.

I told her that she could observe me at anytime, but she would never be able to contact me. I was going to wipe my memory and go through another world. Who or what I would be would be randomized. Flaws or powers, all of that will be random. One thing I did want the same was my name.



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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》