Exploring My World - Revisited
34 Heryan - Part 1
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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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34 Heryan - Part 1

Kear has a small bag appear. It is hooked over her shoulder and puts the camera in the bag. Once the camera is dropped inside, she closes it and the bag disappears.

She looks around the lab while thinking in her head.

'I know nothing really works in this lab. It is all more or less fake and unused, but it fits with the idea of my costumes.'

She looks back at her costumes as she walks out of the lab and back into the dark grey room. The change is a little hard on her eyes, but ends quickly as she is used to it by now.

'It would be cool to make a demon character. I know they have feelings too and can feel lost. While some are humanoid, at least I made it automatic getting used to the feel of the costume. Having a tail at first was weird, but since I made my mind accept it by force it feels natural. So I could easily be a demon or non humanoid.'

Kear chuckles to herself softly.

'That actually seems a little weird to me. Maybe after a while I will give a try.'

Kear taps her tech pad that is hooked on her wrist.

'I'm ready. So who is the first one?'

[Heryan - Her family threw her out on the streets. She was alone, until she found a friend. A small cat. Living in the alley ways of the city she fends for herself and her new friend. She was later attacked and the cat defended her, but died. Now she is alone again and feels she lost everything.]

There was a picture next to the description.

It was a small human girl, about the age of seven. She had bruises and scrapes across her body and clothing, covered in dirt. Her clothing is just patches and patches of different clothing doings its best to keep her warm. It's hard to tell her original hair color from the dirt. Her green eye color is the only color that stands out.

'So this little girl… did her parents throw her out on purpose or was that how she saw it? Could reuniting them be what she needs or perhaps all she needs is a purpose after being thrown out?'

Kear looks away from her tech pad. Her head fills itself with doubt.

'This sounds simple, but I'm sure it is more complicated than that. What if I am overthinking it though? Am I really prepared to do this?'

She shakes her head.

'Regardless if this is hard or I make a mistake, I want to help others. I want to have that sense of accomplishment and make a difference.'

She sits down on a stool at the counter top. She creates a pen and paper out of nowhere and starts to write down her notes while mumbling to herself.

'So I need to give her a place to at least live, but she cannot become dependent on me. Lonely… hmm… Is she like me then? Coincidence? No, that doesn't matter. Then like me she needs something to do. Let's try to give her the option to do what she wants. Yea, I can work towards that.'


Heruff works as a part of the police force within the Suulian Empire, in the capitol of Suul. Today he is working at the northern gate. Nothing too strange has happened today and he is thankful for that. Working in the mornings is great for him because he doesn't have to deal with individuals during night shift. Things always get weird and he would rather have to deal with some thief, murderer, paperwork than work at night.

Well that was until rich folk started driving these 'cars' around. He knows that there have been a lot of developments in the past couple hundred years and made the Suulian empire grow. Not just in size, but in magical and technological advancement as well. There have been some weird things to come about, but he has gotten used to living with them. However, cars just seem too unnatural. A horse is a companion and reliable. Those cars either break down at the gate, on the road, or just blow up. If the cars only worked at night, then he could live with them; they're invading his morning shift and making it weird.

So since a car had just gone past the gate, he was in a foul mood. When the next person came strolling up and that made his day. Well cared for horses. So he believed that the individuals must be good people. Even if that lizard-kin looks like he is rich, he just might be a good person.

"Good morning to you sir! Can I get your name and your reason for coming to the Suul?

He had a job to do, but once he was done he could make some small talk. He is someone who takes his job seriously.

"My name is Waquell and I came here for business."

For Heruff, he could see the coachman clearly; seeing the shining suit he wore and the gems that were sparkling on his rapier filled him with a bit of envy. The cart was covered with a tarp. There were created underneath that were marked with what they carried. Most were labeled with different herbs he had heard off. Since this was a large amount of supplies he would have to do an inspection.

He led the coachman over to the side so an inspection could be done. As horses followed him looked back at them with care in his eyes. He had Liorea as his stead and best friend. So he knew how to care for a horse. Though as he led them over to the area, he was startled as he noticed an elf.

"Is there something wrong?"

The lizard-kin asked him with concern. There wasn't anything wrong, he just didn't notice that elf until now.

"Nothin' wrong."

"Well I know my guard can sometimes be hard to see, but he's a good guy."

That made sense. As he walked away to get another guard while the lizard-kin and elf got settled in the waiting area, he made sure to grab two apples for the horses.

A minute later he came with another guard and performed their inspection. Nothing was wrong and everything passed just fine. It would get busier later so he could spend some time now. He went over to the horses and fed them each an apple. That put a wonderful smile on his face. He stayed there for a few minutes caring for the horses.

As he was walking away he noticed the elf. Sure the elf could be hard to find in a forest, but in this big city he will stand out. The expression made by the elf seemed complicated. He noticed the elf brooding off to the side, but there was a small grin on his face. Well that isn't any of his business, unless he makes it his.

Since he fed the horses, he was in a great mood and the next passersby would be thankful for that. Once he gets back home he plans on giving Liorea a good clean. It was a special day, even if it wasn't too different from the usual!


Kear had entered the city as Waquell and Kerell. With these costumes she could perform a one person play. That play will be her interacting and helping others. If her costumes conversed with each other, she would be essentially talking to herself. They both are her. They are not separate, they are one; but they can act independently.

Her plan to help Heryan needs the help of these two costumes.

Waquell, the lizard-kin, had contacted a business owner about helping him out. Waquell would provide the funds, supplies for the startup and the connections to continue the shop. This was necessary for the plan to work. The shop was located near a school and a park.

The Suulian Empire was big and the capitol was no different. There were different districts in Suul, each similar and different. Even though the districts are a part of the city, each one is like its own city due to how big they are. The one closest to Heryan was the northern district. That's where the shop owner was located and where those two were heading.

While Waquell worked with Ty'marr, the shop owner, Kerell would track down Heryan and protect her from afar. Staying in the shadows as best as he can. Kerell is aware that he isn't meant for urban environments, but he exceeds in staying out of sight if he wants.

Once Waquell sets up shop, they will try to move Heryan to the shop. Get her cleaned up and try to help her in a safer environment. Sure there are problems that can arise, but those can wait for now. They need to get started.


Kerell is sticking to the alley ways, the dark corners of the district, to find Heryan. Passing a few beggars, a couple not-so-friendly individuals, searching different hiding holes. Kerell kept searching, ignoring all the looks and names getting called his way.

Different races lived well and together in the Suulian Empire, especially within the capitol, but not everyone was so accepting.

Since he knew what Heryan looked like, he was able to know what to look for. The hard part was until he found her tracks he would have a hard time locating her. He would occasionally pass by people asking if they saw her; they would ask for money for the information, scoff at him, or simply not know.

The search wasn't going well, so in the meantime he was going to observe the parents. Later that night he planned to head back out and search for her. Since Kerell assumed she was moving around, he would wait for night time as she would need to sleep and if she wasn't moving he had a higher chance to find her. Night vision would be essential.

Following the directions, they had gotten from the private investigators, Kerell arrived in front of the house. The building had a wonderful dark alley next to it and with different trash containers providing excellent cover. He climbed to one of the windows on the second floor after looking and listening to see if anyone was home. Thankfully there wasn't any.

It didn't take long for him to get inside. Based on the home the family must live a middle class life, possibly above average. There was a made of silver with beautiful flowers and a few paintings strewn about the home that gave it a fresh feel, even if the light from the outside was abysmal. The couch and chairs were alright and served their purpose along with the kitchen; not great, but better than most. Houses had electricity now as the years passed, but unnecessary with elven eyes.

Kerell looked for the bedrooms. The master bedroom was extravagant compared to the rest of the home. Lush decorations and a bed to die for. Jewelry, pocket watches, clothing and shoes tucked away in their respective places. They must have spent a lot of money on this room alone. Everything looks new and well made.

So what went wrong? Why did they throw their own daughter out of the house?

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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》