Exploring My World - Revisited
35 Heryan - Part 2
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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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35 Heryan - Part 2

He decided to look around for papers. Perhaps they ran out of money or were losing money? They would need to keep records.


Kerell stopped. Do they really care? They don't seem short on money; if they were, wouldn't they sell these expensive items?

There wasn't anything he needed from their master bedroom, so he left and went looking for Heryan's room. He needed to see what her room was like. Kerell checked each floor and he wasn't able to find her room.

Actually there was one…

He ran back upstairs in the room. There wasn't much in here other than a few boxes. His first time passing it by he had thought it was a storage room. Looking through the boxes he found toys and clothing that would match something for a little girl. At this sight, Kerell guessed that after throwing their daughter out they packed her stuff. He was losing hope in the parents, but he still needs to at least check and see if they at least made an attempt to find their daughter.

Outside the window, the parents were walking towards the house. He could hear them talking about having a 'party' tonight as they unlocked the door. That led him to believe that they are absolutely garbage people. If your daughter is gone and you want to have fun at this time, you are a terrible person. Sure he doesn't know how long Heryan has been gone, but from the parents Kear had met, they would be broken after something like that.

Kerell grabbed a stuffed animal from a box and cast a Sniffer Spell. It made his nose like a wolf's, allowing him to track something/someone by their scent. He sniffed the stuffed animal allowing him to go searching for her now with better accuracy. Since he was in the house he already had cast on himself the Silent Feet Spell and as the name suggests, it makes his steps inaudible. Well for most people they would just lessen the sound, unless you really knew how to move carefully and silently, but for elves it made it much easier. Now even though Kear is using the Kerell costume and made it easy to adjust to the new costumes, she had never tried to sneak on someone. So Kear was in no way affected by the elven trait, as she hasn't really been an elf, practicing their customs and natural abilities.

Leaving out of the window in the dark alley, Kerell goes out in search of Heryan. About a few blocks away he finds two wooden crates. The openings were touching each other creating an enclosed small shelter. Between the gaps in the wood he could see some clothing. It was much too big for the girl, but they were used as blankets for her. Kerell could see her sleeping face being hit by the moonlight.

'What do I do? Leave her to sleep here and manipulate her, in a good way, in the morning to come to the shop that Waquell had already taken care of? Or should I wake her up now?'

Kerell was debating for a minute while he was looking at her. With night vision he could see her perfectly at this time. The longer he stared the more cuts, scrapes and bruises he could see on her body.

He decided that he shouldn't wait. He felt there was no time to think about it any further and silently picked her up. With the clothing/blankets and the stuffed bear in hand he carried her off to the store.


Earlier that day.

After Waquell had split from Kerell, he went to find the shop owner and the shop itself. With the investigation before arriving here, this place was two stories tall. The shop would be on the first floor. The second floor would act as a room that could be rented out. The building and the furniture in the shop was already there, so the supplies were the only thing that was still needed to open the shot for business.

Helping the shop owner move the supplies from the cart to the store, Waquell had helped set everything up.

"This place looks amazing!"

He felt that was something he needed to express. The shop was small, but cozy. There was a place for a fireplace near the countertop where the transactions could be processed and lanters. It wasn't a modern design, but it did have a few things more up to date; the lanterns were a part of that, looking like oil lit lanterns, but being electrical.

On the first floor, in the back, was separated by two rooms, one for supplies/storage and creating potions and salves while the other door was a small clinic.

The second floor shared a similar design, with it feeling cozy, outdated, but having some modern necessities. The bed could fit two adult humans on it, a bear rug, wardrobe, desk and mirror and a bathroom. One thing Kear didn't regret was giving those random individuals 'inspiration' of toilets and a sewage system.

"This place makes me remember the old days."

Ty'marr was middle aged for a wolf-kin so it was understandable that he liked old fashioned things. Waquell looked at the store owner as the both sat down after setting up the shop. There were cups for tea and snacks.

"I recently just got in this business of helping others out, but I have to say I enjoy moments like these."

"I'm happy that you did, because I always wanted to open up my own shop. These people around here could use these supplies. The people who can heal injuries and diseases these days ask for crazy prices. With these herbs I can help them for a cheap price."

"That is noble of you."

"Well I would like that to be the case. If I had a specialization of healing magic, I could heal more than small cuts. That's all I can really do. However with these herbs, if someone is sick or it is something worse I can help them and provide the medicine for them. But no matter how selfless I look, I still need money to live too."

"Well I think you will do just fine handling it. Have you hired anyone yet?"

"For now my daughter will be helping me."

"A family…" Waquell looks off in the distance when Ty'marr mentioned 'family'. It didn't take more than a couple seconds before continuing, "a family run business is wonderful."

"You too?"

"Well in a way, but it didn't last long." The nostalgia and sorrow filled tone used stopped Ty'marr from asking more about it. "Anyway, that room upstairs, do you have someone else ready to move in?"

"I hadn't really advertised that yet since my main focus was on the shop and clinic. Since you helped me get my business off the ground, you can stay there if you want."

"Thank you, I will take you up on that offer. I plan on staying for a little while, a week at most, to make sure everything goes well on your end. After all you are an investment of mine."

"Investment… taking only 2% profits. That won't be much, considering others, including the banks ask for 10% as a minimum, 8% if I was lucky."

"Like you, I enjoy helping others."

"How noble of you."

"I still need to make money too."

They both start laughing. They talked a bit more about some random stuff and Ty'marr's daughter. It was nice to see that he cared for his child. It was getting late so they started to pack up.


It was late at night as their talks wrapped up. 'Herbs \u0026 Healing' would open up tomorrow since everything was ready. Just as Ty'marr was going to head out, there was a knock at the door. Waquell knew who it was and had a little anxiety knowing that Kerell was here with Heryan. However he couldn't say he knew who and why that Kerell was here as 'Waquell' shouldn't know, but Kear obviously did.

"Who could that be?"

"I told my guard to meet me here later so we could head to an inn. I guess we won't need to head over there now."

Ty'marr opened the door to see the elf and a little girl in his arms. Kerell was in character, but Kear was about to drop both of these characters and acting stuff. Heryan was sleeping and there wasn't too much urgency as she wasn't in danger, but Kear was a little scared.

This was a part of the reason why Kear had doubts. She is all powerful, she can do anything, but acting with limitations makes everything she does feel wrong. Having essentially a God more powerful than the Gods that watch over this world must seem scary, weird, reassuring, and any number of emotions. People would freak out. Kear was surprised that her family accepted her and happy she was able to be with them. Not everyone could be like that and she didn't want to advertise it.

Wearing these costumes was the best she could think of as a way to interact with others. Creating these characters took a while and it was rewarding. Playing as them brought back some wonderful memories, but there was doubt. Having literal control over another being's life felt exhausting. Should she save this child perfectly and instantly or continue this charade letting the child live like normal while being in pain a little longer?

'Well… it isn't like they were expecting me so I just have to keep going and accept this.'

"She is sleeping, but she is hurt." As a soft spoken elf and in character, Kear keeps the charade going.

"What happ… ok, follow me."


Ty'marr brought her over to the clinic and cleaned the dirt around the cuts and then healed them with the healing magic. Since it wasn't strong enough to heal more than a small cut, the rest of the bigger wounds he used the medicine. He wrapped bigger scrapes and cuts in bandages after putting a salve on them to keep them from getting infected. Since all her clothes were dirty she was wrapped in clean bed sheets.

"She is still dirty and will need a bath. That girl had woken up and I told her where she was, but she was out of it. Along with the cuts, she had a fever so it was probably all a blur to her. I gave her something to lessen the fever, to prevent infection and to let her sleep."

He moved in front of Kerell.

"What happened to her?" He asked Kerell with some not so hidden anger.

"Don't know." Since he did have an idea, that made it sound like a lie.

"Since you don't know, then I should call over a patrol. I will explain to them how this girl got injured." This wolf-kin was getting angry, but Waquell and Kerell both noticed that he was angry at Kerell.

Waquell decided to speak up, "is that really necessary?"

Hearing Waquell speak up caused him to take a step back. He was looking at them both and seemed to realize something. "He… is your guard?"

Kerell nods and Waquell affirms his question.

"I'm sorry. I thought you were the one who did that to her or at least took part in doing that."

Kerell spoke up as he thought it would be best for him to. "How is she?"

"She will be fine. I apologize… uh…"


"Kerell, I'm sorry about that."

Waquell askes, "when we moved those clinic beds in here, they weren't the best. Could we move her to the bed upstairs?"

"Yea, she won't be waking up tonight with what I gave her. She was worn out, so she needs to rest."

"I'll pay you tomorrow for the room and we," pointing between himself and Kerell, "will watch over her tonight."

"Don't worry about it. I have to get home to Uy'lamear. I'll be back early in the morning. Just give her water and keep her fever down."

"Thank you and we will take care of her. Go home to your daughter and thank you for helping this girl out."

"It is what I'm opening this shop up for. Good night and take good care of her."

Kerell and Waquell nod at him and carry her upstairs and lay her on the bed. They take turns watching the stars from the window and watching over her.

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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》