Exploring My World - Revisited
45 Unknown - Part 2
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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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45 Unknown - Part 2

She watched as Jev went over to get the girl. Paroppe was still helping her control her breathing. Ayanni stood off to the side, like he was holding his breath. Though he didn't need to do anything right now.

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay Lera. Do you know that girl?"

"I think I do. The moment I looked at her there were so many emotions flooding me. I know I feel guilty and scared. Like that statue, similar, but different. I don't know why. I don't understand these feelings that I have because I can't remember… I'm sorry."

"Deep breaths, like me."

Jev came back with the two girls. The one with green eyes looked her over and the other one started asking questions.

"She's in pain. You should have said something. We both work at a small clinic nearby, help her up and follow us. Heryan, can you…"

She was sweating, legs giving out and her head was pounding. It was Heryan. Heryan was angry at her, screamed at her, and hated her. She lost consciousness.


"Lera, can you hear me?"

"Sis, she's unconscious."

"Carry her, we are almost there." The wolf-kin girl yelled at the group of three.

"Ayanni can you take her legs?"

"Got her."

Paroppe was by Lera's side, while she was carried by Jev and Ayanni. She was worried for Lera, but this was common by now. So she looked at the two girls to address them.

"Who are you?"

The wolf-kin girl spoke. "I'm Uy'lamear and she's my sister Heryan."

"Paroppe." She pointed towards herself and the rest of the gang. "My brother Jev, Ayanni and Lera. Do you know what's wrong with her?"

"No I don't. Did she receive any head injuries lately?"

Paroppe looked at the other two, they shook their heads, so she responded. "No."

"Anything unusual recently?"

"There's a lot, but last night she had a headache. This morning too, but she said she wanted to get out."

"Anything else?"

Paroppe turned towards her brother. She wasn't sure what else she should say, let alone could say. What was there to explain Lera in the first place. He shook his head, so she took that as to stay quiet about it.


"Good morning. My name is Ty'marr. You already met my daughters." Everyone introduced themselves, but before they could ask Ty'marr spoke up. "Based on what you told me and what I saw, it was just a migraine. A bad one at that. I gave her something to help her out. She should be awake in a couple minutes, so you can go talk to Lera then. Heryan and Uy'lamear should be cleaning up, then you can go in to see your friend."

"Thank you Ty'marr."

"No problem Paroppe. Your friend will be fine. She just needs some rest now."

Jev looked at Ayanni. He was about to burst, so to help him out he pulled him off to the side.

"Focus. You got this alright."

"Who are these people? How does she know them? She recognized Heryan. Should we ask her about it?"


"But Heryan didn't recognize Lera, so what could their relationship be like? Is Heryan just a look-a-like to who she thought she saw? No, that can't be. She got worse at the mention of her name. So…"

"Ayanni please breathe. Focus on me right now."

Ayanni's eyes were shifting through his memories. He needed to find an answer to his questions, but then he heard Jev calling out to him. His eyes found Jev and stayed there. He breathed in and out, to calm himself down. He was a little light headed, but overall fine.

"Thank you."

"Just follow me."


She woke up. There were three people standing above her. Her memories provided the answer to her next question. Who they were, why she got here, but not where she was.

"Where am I?"

"Herbs and Healing, a small clinic."

She looked up at Jev. From his answer, they had come here after she lost consciousness. She looked inwards, to feel the pain from her head. It was gone, but nothing was any more clear than before. This place was familiar. As soon as she heard the name, she knew it. Why?

"How are you feeling?"

She turned towards Paroppe. She cared for her, like the others, but she couldn't understand why. She needed answers.

"My head doesn't hurt anymore. How long has it been since…"

"Half an hour."

"Thank you all for helping me."

"Don't worry about it." Paroppe showed a big smile.

"Well since you're rich and all you could pay us." Jev gave a small chuckle. The others joined in shortly after. They had told her that she had a lot of money, so she felt fine with giving them money. For whatever reason, she felt that money held no real value for her.

"I will once I get a chance."

"I was just joking."

"I understood that, but I want to."


They stayed for a bit longer, consulted Ty'marr about what she needed to do and what medicine to take. They paid a whole gold for a few silver worth of treatment. Ty'marr told them to come back again if they ever needed help.

Before they left she had asked to talk to Heryan alone. He said it was fine and Heryan accepted.

"I'm sorry if this sounds weird, but I don't have a great memory right now. I was wondering if we have ever met before?"

"It's okay, but no I haven't met you before. Not before today at least."

"Oh... Thank you again. Could you thank your sister and father again for me?"

"Sure. If you need anything again, just come back and we can help you out."


Bought and then installed the air conditioner in Ayanni's home. She sat down on the chair in the kitchen with the others.

"This is amazing!" Everyone, even Ayanni who has been silent for most of the time since she lost her memories. Her headache was better and she could take the time to think.

The people were trustworthy, she felt that much. There was a really small amount of her that felt guilty. Like she was hurting them. Why? Why did she feel like that? She didn't know.

What about her name? Lera? Kear? They sounded right, but why did they both sound like they were her name. They also sounded alike. Did she pick out both those names? Was either one her real one? She wanted to ask.

"Um… I'm sorry to interrupt, but I had a question."

"Go ahead Lera?"

Even though Paroppe answered, everyone looked towards her. She turned away from their gazes, but still asked. "You call me Lera and you said you heard my name was also Kear? What name came first?"

"I got this one Paroppe. My dear sister here gave you that wonderful name. Though that was before she found out your previous name Kear."

"What are you doing Jev?"

Jev just chuckled. He had a grin the entire time he talked, but now it was a bit more serious with a small smile. "Do you have any other questions?"

"How did we meet?"

"That one is a bit more complicated." Jev turned to his sister, to let her answer.

"Well we were 'helping' a kid, his name was Ziv…"

Her headache was back, but less pronounced than before. The feeling of guilt was back. She also felt something from before, but she didn't recognize it until now or it was much stronger, she hated herself. It hurt her to see his face, Ziv's face in her mind. That's right, that was Ziv. That boy…

"Ziv he wasn't from here. Where was he from?... I'm sorry I interrupted you."

"It's fine, but when we talked to the waiter, he said that you came from Rhalmunden."

"That's a lie."

"That was just what he said."

"No, I mean that Rhalmunden was a lie. I don't remember it all, but I know I was nervous so I answered the waiter that I… we were from Rhalmunden."

'I lied about where I was from? Why would I do that?'

Silence filled the table, before she asked for Paroppe to continue.

"We were trying to help Ziv, before he disappeared. You teleported him back to his home."

"Where was… Teleported? What do you mean?"

"Teleportation, moving from one place to another without moving?"

"Like magic?"

Everyone glared at her. She didn't understand. She thought back to the air conditioner, last night and at the store they talked about it being magical. She thought that it just worked really well. Magic? Wait, that's right. Magic was real.

"Yes magic. All of us can cast a little magic, but your magic is better."

"What do you mean Paroppe?"

"Like it's stronger, potent and your mana reserves are extremely high."

"Magic, but it's not real magic… I teleported Ziv, as you said, but for some reason I know it wasn't magic."

"What do you mean?"

Before she could respond back towards Paroppe, Ayanni spoke up.

"The day before yesterday, we went camping. On my night watch you were there with me. I asked you questions about your magic. Just yes and no questions. From what I could understand, you knew why your magic was powerful, why it was special. So you're saying that your magic isn't real?"

"I know it mimics magic, but I don't know the reason why. I just still can't see the answer." She tried to think back. Piecing together what she had.

She had magic. There are people she gets these feelings from. Positive and negative emotions. Oh, she is human. When that came to mind, she felt her ears. They were normal or what normal human ears were. She looked at Ayanni, but went back into her mind a moment later. There were many places she called home, but none of them felt like home.

"Do you know where my home is?" All three of them shook their heads. "Do you know how magic works?"

"What are you going to do?" Jev asked, and like the others, he was concerned.

"You said I could teleport. So what if I teleported home?"

"I don't know if that is a good idea. We were taught that people, not like you I guess, that teleportation is dangerous because you need to make sure you bring every bit of your body with or you will be torn apart. Though we have seen you use it without… much of a problem."

"I'm sure it's dangerous, but I need to know who I was. My home has to have something that can fill these gaps in."

"Take it from me. When you try to look for answers to the questions you have, you can end up getting hurt. It's bad, but not as bad as hurting those around you, even your friends. So take it slow."

She didn't really understand, but the others gave him warm hearted smiles. The tension in the room lightened up.


Over the next two days a few things happened. To thank everyone for their help, she went to the bank with Paroppe to get money for everyone. She also suggests that they purchase furniture. She said it was no big deal and paid for everything. Of course they denied her, but then they came around after sleeping on the floor the next day.

The bedroom gained an extra, albeit smaller bed, for someone to sleep on. A couch and two soft padded chairs were bought for the living room. A few carpets for around the house and one in the bathroom.

They made sure that Ayanni was the one to pick everything out since it was his house. It brightened everything up, instead of the brown wood. It was nice and they had a party to celebrate.

She felt out of place, but it was nice to cheer with everyone else. She found that she didn't like alcohol at all, even the wine that the others were drinking. The food tasted great, but she made sure to explain that she didn't need to eat.

"But what do you mean by that Lera?"

Paroppe looked at her worried. Jev and Ayanni were trying to pay attention, but they could barely keep their eyes open from the alcohol in their bodies.

"I don't know exactly, but I don't need to eat to live."

"So you're saying that if you don't eat any food for a month you will still be fine?"

"I think so, at least the feeling I have is that would be correct."

"So do you only need water to live? Are you a fish?"

"I don't think I need water either. Nothing really. I cant taste and experience these things, but I don't need them to live."

"Then how do you… Actually I haven't seen you go to the bathroom."

"To like… yea I don't need to do that either. I haven't felt the need to relieve myself at all."

"That's weird and convenient. I wish I could eat every single bit of food in the world and not gain any weight."


The next day, the boys woke up with a hangover. Paroppe had a small headache, but nothing too bad. As they got ready, 'she' sat on the chair in the living room.

She figured she could call herself Lera. After all, Lera was the name given to her by Paroppe. She felt that it would be nice to keep it. She didn't mind it and the others call her that in the end anyways.

So Lera had been experimenting with magic on the downlow. Trying to find out why her magic only mimics the magic of this world and what that really means. She tried to feel the magic within herself, but nothing happened. Maybe there wasn't any magic in her body or she just didn't understand how to feel it in the first place.

There wasn't much time to even experiment in the first place over the past two days alone that is. Since the others were busy she had time to herself to figure out what she could.

At least she could call herself something.

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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》