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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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51 Paroppe

Paroppe quickly grabs her stuff that was at Ayanni's and packs it up. She isn't in a hurry, so she takes a shower and throws on fresh clothing. She looks at her tech pad on her wrist. She opens the messaging 'app', as Lera called it. There was Lera and Ayanni's name She messaged Lera if she could do her a favor and send her those sandwiches. She wants to let her parents try it out. While she doesn't want to talk to Jev, she wants him to try it out too.

'I hope he comes too.'

She received a message back.

[There's a container on the table with those four sandwiches you wanted.]

[Thank you Lera!]

She pulled the cloak over her shoulders and head outside, making sure to lock the door behind her. Once she was outside, she didn't feel too warm even with the cloak on. Though her thoughts were on getting back home. She went north-east. She wanted to pick up Jev before she went home. He deserved to be there and if all went well, he would come to. She didn't want to be angry at him anymore.

Once she reached the inn where he stays, she went upstairs to his room and knocked. Nothing happened. She put her ear to the door to hear the shower faintly. So she waited next to the door, until he was out.

She heard the bathroom door in the room open and close, so she knocked again.

"Who is it?"

"It's me Jev."

He ran over to the door.

"Are you okay?"

He still had a towel wrapped around him and made sure to keep it from falling off.

"Do you really think Lera's going to hurt me?"

"What do you want?"

"We found out about Lera. What happened to her and who she really is. We are going to leave and explore. I want you to come with me and I want to tell mom and dad."

"Come in and turn around while I get dressed."


"So first who is 'we' and where are you going?"

"Ayanni is going to talk with his family too. Ayanni, Lera and I, are going to different planets, universes even. I want you to come with us."


"Seriously! What do you mean 'no'?"

"No, I won't go with you."


"The reason that I won't go with you is simple, if you or Ayanni get killed, I'm going to make sure Lera pays for it."

"She won't hurt us!"

"Probably, but adventure comes with risk. No matter what, there's always risk. No matter how powerful Lera is, there is never 'one-hundred percent'."

"That's the thing, she is that powerful."

"What do you mean?"

"I told you we learned who Lera was. Kear, a being who made our world, this universe and the others. Though I don't know how many others there are, I'm sure there are lots. That's why it'll be fine."

"Get a grip Paroppe. Whatever you think you know is just a lie. Lera is just using you so she isn't lonely. Don't think I didn't notice what she really wanted! She will say and do whatever, to manipulate you." Jev looked at her wrist. "Let me guess that was a gift from her. Bribing you to be with her."

She slapped him and left. She couldn't stay there with him. Paroppe knew that Lera was lonely and seeing that diary… Kear even admitted the same. Lera needed someone and she wanted to be there for her… for her sister. Right now her brother didn't understand. He just wouldn't understand. If he understood Lera, maybe…

No, she was too angry right now. She needed to see her parents. She wanted to let them know what was going on at least. She made her way back north to her home.


As she entered the house her father was already picking her up in his arms.

"Princess! How are you?"

"I'm fine dad. Is mom home?"

"She is, is something wrong?"

"Had a fight with Jev."

"When he gets back I'll talk to him. Is he ok?"

"Yea, he's fine. He thinks that he knows everything and what's good for me."

"Oh Princess…"

"I need to talk to you and mom about something. It's important. I also have food for you both to try."

"Okay, head to the kitchen and get set up. I'll go get your mother."

"Thanks dad."

"Of course Princess."


"What do you want to talk about dear?"

"Mom, dad… I'm going to be leaving Suul."

"Where are you going?" Her mother asks.

"I'm going somewhere far away. It's going to be an adventure."

"Is this what you and Jev are having your fight about?" Paroppe's father speaks up. He isn't all too happy about it, but he understands that his Princess was going to leave sooner or later.

Her mother looks back and forth between Paroppe and her husband.

"Kind of. He doesn't want to come with me. I don't understand why he can't just accept Lera!"

"Who's Lera?" Her mother asked. She looked towards her husband. "Oh, the girl who was hurt?"

"Yea, that was Lera."

"I'm sorry honey. I forgot."

"It's ok mom."

Her father chimed in.

"How long will you be gone?"

"I don't know. It might not be too long though."

"I hope you make it back home for the Light Festival Princess."

"Please stop calling me Princess dad." Paroppe covered her face.

"Of course, Princess."

"Ugh… Anyways before I leave, in about a week, I have these sandwiches that I got from Lera. Try them, tell me what it reminds you of."

They both took a bite, chewing and savoring the taste. At the same time they both say, "A tree!"

"Right! It's amazing." They both nod. "If Jev comes home when I leave, that last sandwich is for him." She took a bite of her, enjoying the meal with her parents.


The next day she met up with Ayanni after getting his message. She was going to meet him at his house. He said they would discuss their travel plans.

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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》