Exploring My World - Revisited
60 Helping Hands - Part 3
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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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60 Helping Hands - Part 3

"So what brought you to Hapho?" Rozaa was talking with Lera again today.

Lera had made sure to message both of her friends and even told them before they had left that morning that she would be over here. The awkward part was that Rozaa had invited Lera in just as Thrann was leaving for school. At that time he didn't know that she had been in contact with his mother. While Lera was still shy, she didn't realize this predicament that Thrann was feeling. After all he treated her as a friend, their age, but she was now friends with his mother?

"Just travelling… We heard about Nerd-Con so that just happened to be where we started."

"Oh I heard my son was talking about that. He does play a bunch of games and even 'role-plays' with his friends." It sounded like a part of her didn't understand the appeal of it, but she did appreciate the effort he put in it. At least that was the impression that Lera got.

"Hapho is a great city. My wife and I moved here almost ten years ago now. Have you been to…"

Their talks were mainly normal things. Nothing of interest, but Lera did spend the whole morning talking to her. Interacting and outgoing. It was strange, but she did put the effort into developing a friendship, albeit a short one, with Rozaa. That was something that Lera didn't want to bring up, but she had to. Rozaa deserved to know that she was going to be leaving in about a week and a half.

"Actually I won't be here next month. We're going to be leaving in less that two weeks." Rozaa had been planning on having a few of her friends come over next month. The day would have all of them go out and have a fun time getting away from their lives.

"Oh, I see…"

"We can keep in touch, but I might be able to make it back." Depending on what happened she could easily make it back to join. Of course, 'maybe'…


"I wasn't here last time, but this is that friend of yours?" Yini spoked to Paroppe and Ayanni. They were going to be fighting each other as Yini watched.

"Yea, this is Ayanni." Paroppe gestured with her hands at Ayanni.

"Nice to meet you Yini." Ayanni held out his hand.

"Good." She shook his hand before pointing at the top of Ayanni's head. "Gonna be wearing that hat while you fight? I don't care what kind of crazy hair cut you got."

Ayanni looked at Paroppe. He was still on the fence about being an elf in an all human world. At first he didn't care. Being an elf was a part of who he was. Then as he was at Nerd-Con, well that changed. There were so many people dressing up, that when he saw the street of people, humans, well that feeling turned into apprehension. Singling himself out didn't feel right. So those hats he had found, they just happened to look cool, feel good, that he didn't have to worry about that problem.

Since it was just the three of them, and one person on the other side of the building near the entrance cleaning up, he took off his hat. He saw surprise in Yini's eyes, but she quickly changed her face, telling them both to get in the arena.

That made Ayanni feel good and getting some exercise in before heading to the library was the best feeling. A quiet place to learn, books and the internet to answer his questions, honestly this world was just too amazing for him. He was going to miss it.


"Why don't we start with your family?"

"There's Paroppe and Ayanni who I'm staying with right now. Jev is Paroppe's brother, but he stayed back." Lera just explained who they were to her and since she didn't know what else to say there was small silence before Hemmy spoke up.

"You said that you had met them about two months ago and they aren't family by blood?" Lera nodded. "Did they happen to know who you were before that or was that the first time you met?"

"Um… well I wasn't really all me or the previous me before that time, so maybe two weeks, at most, I think. I don't really remember."

"What do you mean 'I wasn't really all me', what did you mean by that?"

"As Paroppe had explained it, like I was emotionless and just did what I was told. Then I changed into someone who was all about emotion. Very happy like a child. Though they said that I must have had my previous memories at that time, due to some questions I had answered. I don't remember any of that, because that was before I 'woke up' to who I am now." Lera put emphasis on 'woke up' to help her explanation.

"I'm trying to understand. Let me know if I'm wrong. Some time a while ago, you did… the past version of yourself, Kear, as you said, hurt someone else. Due to that, it was traumatic for you and you 'changed' into someone who had no emotions, then 'changed' again to a personality of a child. Does that sound right?"

"More or less."

"Do you feel those different versions of you now?"

"No, I'm just… uh… me right now."

"So it sounds like what 'Kear' did in the past was traumatic enough that she couldn't handle it. Her mind did what it could to keep itself together, and those other versions of yourself, was just a coping mechanism to keep yourself together."

That did make sense to Lera. "That's right…"

"How do you feel about Kear?"

"Feel… I don't know… I guess I do... I know she was me and I wanted answers. I found most of them, still trying to find the rest, but I'm happy with who I am now." Lera smiled as did Hemmy.

"That's good." Hemmy paused then asked another question. "On the form you took before we met, you wrote on there that you are trying to control yourself. What did you mean by that?"

"I don't want to lose control of myself again. Kear lost herself and I had to pick up the pieces. I don't want that to happen again." She almost mentioned her powers too, but that might not be for the best.

"Why don't we try some breathing exercises?"


"Ayanni… What's up with Paroppe?" Urenol asked him.

The guys were at the skate park hanging out. The weekend had just started since it was Friday, so Ayanni had met them there.

"What do you mean?"

"Like you said she wasn't family, just a childhood friend. Is that all there is between the two of you?"


Ayanni cared for Paroppe. He did want a deeper relationship, but with how things were right now, he wasn't sure. They were spending time apart. It was different and he wasn't really used to it. Sure, he had been busy, but thinking about it… He wasn't really sure what to say.

"What are you two waiting for, hurry up!" Carxs yelled at the two of them.

They were just standing off to the side instead of joining in. Ayanni didn't want to talk about that stuff. At least not with Urenol who he just met. If he did even want to start dating Paroppe, well he needed to talk to her about that.


Paroppe and Lera had met up later Friday night, before Ayanni would be home.

"Want to go see a movie?" Paroppe was practically jumping at the idea.


"Something wrong?" A part of Paroppe wanted to get Lera out of the house. She was doing great so far, so if she kept pushing her, Lera might become more outgoing.

"I'm fine… just there will be a lot of people right?"

"Don't worry, I'll be there to keep everyone away from my little sister!"

She watched as Lera laughed at that and grabbed her hand as she had nodded.

There was a new movie coming out. She only saw the previews on the tv, but the fighting scenes looked so cool. She really enjoyed watching them and now she wanted to watch the real thing.


Game night came. The adventurers were joined by two new teammates. They interrogated the bandit boss and found out it was the king's advisor who had hired them.

"We must take him down!" Carxs and Paroppe had shouted.

"I agree, but we must take precaution. If the king was away from what his advisor did or ordered him to do it, then we must make sure." Ophebo spoke up to give his opinion. Both Urenol and Ayanni had agreed with him.

The party managed to sneak into the castle, but a few guards had popped up and they had to fight them. Reaching the throne room, they realized too late that the reason that it was so easy and few guards was because it was a trap!

"Pathetic! You mortals will never stop me!" Thrann acted that part there. "That's where we will end tonight's session guys." He said in his normal voice.

"Oh man!" Everyone was enthralled in the story and their characters. Everything was coming together for the regular group and the newcomers were getting a wonderful story that made sense even if they had joined in later.

"This game is so fun!" Ayanni and Paroppe cheered. They turned towards each other and smiled. Lera watched them and smiled too and at the rest of the group.


"Ugh… the news says it's going to rain next weekend." Paroppe was flipping through channels that night. She landed on the news channel and was not happy that their last day was going to be rainy.

"Paroppe, make sure to buy any souvenirs tomorrow. Don't put it off until the last moment." She looked at her tech pad. It had her money and it was a very low number. She looked at Ayanni pleading for some money. "Don't look at me like that. I'm running low too."

"Seriously! I guess when we get back we are going to have to get a job." Paroppe turned towards Lera. "I know you can give us a lot of money, but earning it is much more fun."

Lera just smiled. She did agree with that statement.


It was Monday and since it was the start of the week, he planned to get anything he was going to bring back. He had a small list. One of them was going to be a generator. It wouldn't be much, but since he found out copper here costs a lot, he could take some of the designs back and have his parents ask other people to make them.

He had saved a lot of blueprints, didn't understand why they were blue, but he could share them with the counsel once he gave his presentation. From this worlds' point of view, the universe was created after the big bang. Over a great amount of time, the planet formed and orbited a star. Gravity and space, physics, was his main focus. He learned that this universe operates under laws that have been proven. He wants to do the same with his world. Find out the answers he could and since his world had magic, well there would be many new advances that could be made with the knowledge he has.


Paroppe's money went into bits and bobs. Matching shirts for her parents. Each had half a red heart on a black shirt so when they stood next to each other it would be whole again. She another shirt for Jev with a giant fist on it. She liked it and she thought he would too.

'Mom and dad don't know I'm in another world… Ah well I'm sure telling them won't be too bad.'

She grabbed a bobblehead of Miraintle, the character she cosplayed as. It would be cool to have that for herself.

'Should I get a gift for Ayanni?'

He seemed to like those beanies, so she went looking for something along those lines. She went searching for something that screamed him. She spent five minutes looking, another twenty trying on some clothes for herself, and then another five for Ayanni. She found a shirt with a giant book being gripped by hands and the words said 'I want more!', so she bought that one for him.


Lera spent Monday making cupcakes. There wasn't much she wanted to do. Once they were made, she brought a few over for Rozaa's family to enjoy. Then until the others were done with their day, she read a fictional sci-fi story that took place in space. War with different races. Planets and spaceships. It was enjoyable.


Just like that, the last week passes. Ayanni, Paroppe and Lera spend time with their friends and then at night the kids spend time watching the more episodes of Sparkling Gate. They eat up the last bits of food they had bought. Sharing wonderful times with everyone.

They were respectful of the kids who had homework.

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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》