Exploring My World - Revisited
78 Skawaad Cluster
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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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78 Skawaad Cluster

Lera used her powers to teleport all those involved in this. She didn't need to know why or how the others were involved, only that her power could do it for her and make sure it was the right people.

All of them were now in a room. Big enough to hold the massive amount of individuals. Those people connected to Drahyun are greater in number than she thought. After removing access to their SPINES and binding their varying bodies, she and her family left the room.

She had undid what she had done to Drahyun as well. In return, Jev and Paroppe beat him to near death. That was something Lera made sure of. He was alive, but in pain. Lera felt no relief or thrill, just disgust at the man as he was beat without being able to defend himself. She didn't blame her family for what they did, and felt it was justified for having him try to kill them.

As both Paroppe and Jev stated afterward, that was a one time deal. If they ever have to fight someone in the future, they want it to be an actual 'fight'. Beating someone who couldn't fight back left a sour taste in everyone's mouth.

She also saved the humans in the airlock placing them with the public. Lera was aware that questions that couldn't be answered would be asked. Even the SPINES can record, so that would become a conundrum for the authorities.

Then when she used her powers to find out if everything was safe, she found that there were others on the escort ships and they were prepared to fire on the ship. She quickly took care of them too.

It was looking like Drahyun had planned to manipulate the various powers to attack each other with the deaths of everyone on board this ship. Actually once Lera found that out, she and her family had spent a few days looking into it. Ayanni was using his powers of 'wanting all information' to help figure out this puzzle.

In the end, this whole even was stopped before it could happen and they saved the day.


Time was still. So they had time to celebrate in a memorable way. She teleported them all out in space. Created a floor to stand on and gravity around them. Chairs and a table, with lots of special food, and a cake to top it all off.

It did take a moment for the others to realize what had happened and even longer to stop looking at the view.

The Skawaad cluster was huge. Caught in the time vortex where it was in some loop. Planets and stars exploding and then six months later reforming within the limited area. Nothing can enter or exit the cluster, making it a safe attraction. It was the whole point to this vacation and recent events, as stated by Byyuan, shouldn't prevent them from having fun.

"Happy birthday Jev!" Lera said. "I'm sorry it was so late." Everyone followed soon after and said happy birthday to Jev as well.

"It's fine, we can put this behind us now and…" He turned around towards the Skawaad Cluster. "… It was worth the wait." Then he turned back towards everyone as he made a speech. "I know I've been a jerk, not to just Lera, but to everyone here. Thank you for sticking by me even though I was being difficult."


Joyful laughter filled the area they were in. Lera's powers made this moment the best for everyone. A great view, family and friends, delicious food.



Once everything was settled, Lera teleported them back to her Void Home where everyone picked up their stuff for the travel back. The first teleported to Hapho, just outside Byyuan's house. It was around noon here and with time not moving, it was going to stay that way until Lera undid it.

"They're going to make trouble. Probably wondering why I'm home three days early from my trip." Byyuan said as he held a bag in his hands. It was like the bag Paroppe and Ayanni had, but it fit in this world and Byyuan had picked it out. Of course he was the only one who could grab things out of that space and the bag still worked like a normal one, so he would be safe if his parents looked in it.

"It'll be fine Byyuan." Ayanni said after shaking Byyuan's hand. Jev followed suit, while Lera and Paroppe hugged him and said their goodbye's.


As soon as they teleported into Ayanni's home, the world started to move again as time flowed in all universes.

"It's good to be back. Always strange not being able to hear anything when it's like that." Paroppe commented as she gathered dust on to her pointer finger.

Lera was about to apologize, but felt it ultimately unnecessary.

"It's nice to be back and all, but I wouldn't mind spending more time in space." Ayanni said.

"Well after that 'vacation'," Jev stressed the word with a smirk, "We're going to have a lot of work to do." Then just as he was about to step outside, he grabbed out of his bag the mask he wore and put it on.

"You're right. Wait up!" Ayanni turned back.

"Coming along Lera?" Paroppe was wiping the dust on her pants as she walked outside.


Later that night, Lera and Paroppe were sleeping in Paroppe's room in her house.

"I'm going to tell Jev and Ayanni about what happened."


"Remember when I went away and you saved me?"

"I do."

"I'm going to tell them about that. So if they ask you, you can tell your side if you want."

"Alright Paroppe." Lera took a deep breath. "Thank you for being there for me. I really appreciate it."

Paroppe chuckled. "It's only fair as the big sister that I help my little sister."

They both shared smiles, before heading to sleep.


Everyone now had a bag and tech pad. Each bag worked only for the individual and held whatever they needed. The tech pad had some new stuff added to it. Also Lera removed the SPINES from everyone.

There was an app for teleporting now. Byyuan could teleport to Ayanni and the opposite was true. Byyuan had said that he didn't think anyone would abuse it, but it should at least alert or do something to prevent someone from teleporting to the other in the shower. Lera just made it so if someone was in a private situation, it would prevent someone from teleporting to them. Simple.

Along with that, they could feely teleport between Suul, Hapho and Lera's Void Home.

Then if someone were to be fatally injured, herself included, time would stop and everyone would teleport to the injured person. Also the person would be instantly healed.

Also at any time, for any type of injury, there was a button they could press or someone else could to, to heal them up.

Actually that last one, Byyuan said he would never be using it for himself.

"If I make a mistake, I deserve what is coming to me. Also it would be hard to explain how a cut magically disappears."

Then Jev and Byyuan had made rooms for themselves in Lera's Void Home. But compared to Ayanni and Paroppe, Jev's rooms are much more reasonable. Jev had an area designated to a punching bag and weights, with a bathroom that had a shower with a simple bed.

Byyuan did something strange. There was a small house with a bed and bathroom, but a door leading up to a hill. A tree sat on top of it, where Byyuan could just lie down and look around the surroundings.

Of course there was an app that would toggle their ability to make their rooms. In Byyuan's case, it was more of a pocket dimension.


The next morning after they arrived, Lera ate breakfast with Paroppe, Jev and Ayanni, who had stayed the night in a guest room. The three were going to go around the town and visit Ayanni's parents. Lera on the other hand had an idea. She wanted to visit the hill with the tree on top outside the city.

Even though Byyuan had made his hill shorter, it still reminded Lera of that hill, so she was going to teleport out there. Paroppe offered to go with her, but she wanted to be alone for a while. Also she knew how much Paroppe wanted to go with Ayanni.


At the hill, Lera looked at Suul. It had been almost a month since she had been here. For a year she had come to the tree on most nights after work.


She was planning on quitting her job. It didn't really give her what she needed. Back then it was about just doing something. She wanted a job. Something simple she could get used to.

Lera had, but now she wanted to actually do something that mattered. While she didn't know what that would be yet, she was starting to think what she was good at.

If she was going to learn with her own ability, not her powers, it had to be realistic. Something she could do in various different worlds. Thinking about it, she was a good cook, so she could do that.

"I don't know."

A breeze picked up and Lera watched as the branches swayed above her and the leaves flew off them. She put her hand in front of her face to block out the sun and watch the leaves drift away.

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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》