Flash System in Marvel
1 Chapter 1 Entering the Marvel Universe
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Flash System in Marvel
Author :Giiveupper
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1 Chapter 1 Entering the Marvel Universe

{ System Welcomes Host to the Marvel world }


that was all that was going through Jay's mind as he looked around the room he was in

where am I

what was that

as a series of questions started popping up in Jay's mind a flood of memories appeared as quickly

No Parents

No Money

No Family

and these were just some of the many things of which has started popping up but what really confused Jay was the fact that he had Two Sets of Memories

{ The Host has died and has been reborn in Marvel with I The marvelous Speedster System }

that had somewhat explained the situation and my memories had explained where I was

" so it seems I'm really in Marvel? " he wasn't like those retard Mc's he had read about in some fanfiction because he knew that if it was a dream then he wouldn't be conscious of that fact

There had even been a Novel where the Mc had thought it was a dream and did idiotic things thinking it was all about a dream, what most people would do about it that would laugh at such idiocy but it had only made Jay annoyed, if he had died what would have happened then, Ok, if he had died then maybe he would laugh at such a situation

{ Would host like to Open the Starter Pack )

'Yes' he thought when he had completed his inner monologue

( Received: 1 Costume of choice )

( SpeedForce )

( Mach 3 )

( Control )

Looking at my Gift did Mach 3 mean that I could move at Mach 3 or something else

if it did it meant I could move faster than Barry and hopefully Wally at the begging of their training

the Costume part was pretty obvious for me although Savitars was pretty good it wasn't the one I wanted, the one I wanted was that of a villain I have wanted in the CW for so long

" hey system for my costume I wish for Godspeeds Costume "

and just like that a bunch of clothes had appeared in front of me

just by looking at it, it made me want to go for a little sprint and I wasn't worried about control because of the last gift

And I needed to Figure out the Timeline was anyway

and just like that, I put the suit on and Dashed outside

but was a bit surprised by who I met outside
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    《Flash System in Marvel》