Flash System in Marvel
2 Chapter 2 First Meeting
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Flash System in Marvel
Author :Giiveupper
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2 Chapter 2 First Meeting

( POV Switch [ Third Person = First person ] )

When I got outside I had realized that it was already night time and just as I was about to go back inside I heard a shout

" Who are you!!! "

After hearing that I looked into an alleyway to the right of me only to see a bunch of what seems to be gangsters looking at the one and only Spiderman

as their fight began I decided to watch the one-sided battle

" looks like I'm a bit late, " I thought to myself

When the Battle finally Came to an end Spiderman looked back at me and asked

" Who are you? "

Did he know I was here from the beginning or did he just realize that

" You don't need to know right now " was my reply

I had already thought of the name I was going to Plagiarize but it didn't feel like the place and time to say it

" why are you here? " he asked a followup question

" For them, " I said pointing to gangsters on the floor

I didn't really need them I just wanted to do a little experiment

" Well, unfortunately, you can't have them, " he said getting ready for a fight

" that is not for you to decide " I retorted

As I began running golden streaks of lightning started coming out of me, guess the color was determined by the suit

running around the now still figure of Peter Parker, I stopped after grabbing one of the men

" we'll meet again, I'm sure of it, " I said running up the building and back down again to get all the men

to him, it must've seemed like a streak of lightning going up and down a building

" WAIT!!! " He screamed after getting out of his shock then continuing to swing up the building

when he got there I was just sitting there thinking of how to transport all of them

if I went somewhere near then he would see because I would be going back and forth

if I went somewhere far then he could probably take one or two of them with him before I got back


I could fight him

I could probably overpower him with speed alone since we were both new to this game, but, I didn't take the risk of fighting him just to see that he had plot armor

so I took one of them and disappeared


Stopping after passing a few buildings I thought of what I had just done

the reason I even tried to take all of them was to see how much the timeline would change with my arrival, so thinking it through the only way to find out was to wait and see and I also wanted to see f the pictures of him would be released to the public because if I remember correctly then the reason Peter was fighting was for pictures of Spiderman and must've been caught by the camera as well

Now the Problem came to this guy I didn't know what to do with hin
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    《Flash System in Marvel》