Flash System in Marvel
3 Chapter 3 Money
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Flash System in Marvel
Author :Giiveupper
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3 Chapter 3 Money

Drop him off the building, let him die, cause a commotion

it wasn't like I hadn't killed before and I wasn't planning on being a good guy but if life permitted then maybe I would save one or two people

I would like to drop him and so I did and left directly after that hoping that Peter had left and he had

I had school tomorrow and in order for me to graduate I would have to attend it

well that wasn't really the reason I was going to school I just wanted to meet some people here and there

I also needed to practice my fighting so that was also a thing but I don't think they have a training school for people who could move faster than 2,000 Miles per hour

Even if they did I'm pretty sure I would have no near the right amount of money

That brought him to the topic of money, something of which he had none of

even the house he was living in right now was being rented with the money his parents left

The best Legal way he could earn money was by Gambling at a Local Casino


He could rob a bank

but then people would be quite curious where the money had come from

the only problem with gambling was that I would need to go Las Vegas or something because I knew that the Casinos in New York weren't that big

and I didn't want to Gamble


if he was right then the distance from New York to Las Vegas was 2,233 Miles

by Air travel meaning that if he could fly then he would make it there in less then 5 seconds

but the problem with that is that

1. I couldn't Fly

2. even if I could I didn't know the directions

at times like these, it would be quite useful to have Google but nevermind Google I didn't even have a Phone

thinking about it clearly, there was, in fact, another way to earn money and that was to Rob a Bank

yes I know this had already been a variable but what if I just came up with an excuse to where I got the money

or just rob the bank in a nearby city and keep it there most of it in a fake bank account

But for this he would need to start in New York

He could take a cab or bus but I was pretty sure I didn't have the money to pay for a 37 hour Drive

and just like that I made my way to my house to change for my first night in New York
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    《Flash System in Marvel》