Flash System in Marvel
4 Chapter 4 Money 2
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Flash System in Marvel
Author :Giiveupper
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4 Chapter 4 Money 2

Walking home from school I began to think of what had happened today, although this probably wouldn't come from many people who are still students in this era


School was interesting, I officially met Peter Parker since he was in my class and I had met the beautiful Gwen Stacy and I had also witnessed a Bully get Bullied

When max was trying to bully Parker in the hallway and get his attention instead of being scared and trying to hide do you know what he did

he grabbed him by the collar and pushed him against the wall stirring up quite the crowd and getting the glances of some girls even his main love interest

although he had already seen this seen in the movie it was still quite nice to see it again and in person this time

Not only that but last night had given me confidence in my speed enough to challenge Parker, it had been incredibly easy winning it was like when I moved they couldn't see me anymore

Not to mention the fact that I had earned

$500,000 last night and I had also realized one new Fact about the system

was that I could buy speed but it was at an astronomical price so I didn't mother with it yet

Now I wanted to stir up trouble and bring the heroes in

but before that, I wanted to buy some things

[ Shopping list ]

[ New House - $3,000 = $10,000 in price ]

[ A phone - iPhone 5 ]

[ New clothes - Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger ]

[ Extra accessories - Watch ( maybe ), New Bag ]

[ Maybe Even a Chauffer ]

Well, he could run at 3 times the speed of sound so a Limo would be unnecessary is what some people would think, Well, I beg to differ, even running at Mach 1 might burn my clothes and his skin was not fit for Mach 3

( AN: I'm not gonna waste time on where or how he got them but if there are enough people who want to know then I'll make a chapter in the auxiliary volume to show you )

After buying everything I had little more than $450,000 dollars deciding not to use it I put $400,000 into the system as a starting point for the first thing I wanted to buy

( Phase - 5,000,000 )

it cost Five million just to get Phase and it would be necessary if I was ever in a picky situation and since there was no way I was going to look for a normal job to sustain the needs of this system

I had planned to rob a small bank as a starting point and although I could do it without Phase it would be significantly longer as I would have to zoom around

although I could probably get the skill without buying it, I had no idea how to

and I think Barry had learned it from "Harrison Wells" saying a bunch of words

Technically speaking He could transfer all the money that he would steal from the bank into the system without problem as there was hopefully no way they were going to track money in the system

and like that, I journeyed to my first actual Fight
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    《Flash System in Marvel》