Flash System in Marvel
6 Chapter 6 School I
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Flash System in Marvel
Author :Giiveupper
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6 Chapter 6 School I

Looking at the bank next to me I got ready to give it a go at robbing a bank, in fact, he had already decided to rob the bank but now he started contemplating on how to do that

he didn't have Phase yet meaning that getting into the bank would not be an easy task

Where he was at was the Atlantic Bank of New York

so the security was pretty intense at the vault which wouldn't be a problem the only problem would be how he was going to get into the Vault

in the end, he decided on something

Running into the bank I got through to the where the special place was instantly knocking out the guards

looking at the security system I was glad it was pin otherwise I really wouldn't be able to do anything about it

looking at it I instantly started typing in everything possible sequence of numbers that were possible

although the alarm did go off and people had come I was already gone by that time


it was a large amount of cash even for a Bank as big as this one, but it wasn't enough and there was no way he was going to go down to the level he was currently at again needing to rob a bank

Adding all of it to the system he went back home completely broke as he didn't trust money which was stolen from a bank

( Total: $650,000 )

I didn't know the reason the system used dollars but he didn't really care and even if he did it wouldn't make a difference as he couldn't really ask the system


( A/N )

OK, so this Next part is going to be completely Contradictory so don't mind what I said in Chapter 4 this is going to be his First Day of School as I decided it would be nice to write about his school days


In the morning I was contemplating as of what to wear for my first day of school since some people say that first impressions are everything

so I wore what I wanted to wear in my old world but never had the money to do so

Black Balenciaga's

Golden and Black Beats

Black Emporio Armani T-shirt

Black Armani jeans

Gold well-worn Gucci watch

ibagbar Water Resistant Laptop Backpack

Air Jordan Red and Black jersey

the last one was not really expensive he just liked the color of it

getting into the limo with a driver already inside I headed off, although my house wasn't that big it had a garage and 4 bedrooms so the driver could act as a butler and Driver

Getting to school I was dropped off at the gate which made me get a lot of stares and whispers drawings in the attention of nearly everyone including Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane, Flash Thompson and most interesting of all was Peter Parker himself

getting a bombardment of questions and greetings also some Thots trying to get close which made me have to rush through the crowd and was finally able to get free


The first period had started and since the teacher said that he had some deadlines he had to meet today he gave us a Free hour as long as we kept quiet

obviously, I was to sit next to the Legend himself and behind Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy

putting on my Beats I looked over at Peter and saw he was plugging in the classic Earphones, in fact, a lot of people were doing that but he's seemed a little worn out seeing that the left earplug had been stepped upon and he was rocking a similar classic phone

it had buttons and was incredibly small

Looking at him I decided to start a conversation

" Hey "

he looked at me and seemed surprised that I was actually talking to him

" Hello " he replied

it was quite a surprise that he was here considering what had happened yesterday and that it seemed like he didn't have any problems anywhere
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    《Flash System in Marvel》