Flash System in Marvel
7 chapter 7 School II
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Flash System in Marvel
Author :Giiveupper
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7 chapter 7 School II

after saying Hi he realized that he had not thought of anything to say to him so he just winged it

" How's life? "

" good, I guess " he replied a little skeptical of why I was Talking to him

" Hey wanna hang out at lunchtime? " I asked another question

Before he could answer the teacher looked at us and reconciled us

" Stop the Chatter, "he said looking at us

I looked at Peter one more time before looking for something to listen to on my Phone, being honest he didn't really enjoy the music of this time

At lunch, he went and sat next to Peter at a table and doing this caused a lot of people to come and sit at that table which was incredibly annoying since there were so many people trying to talk to him all at the same time

After school, I saw Peter and at that time I offered to give him a lift to his house but he refused, which made it seem like I was trying too hard myself



OK, look I haven't watched iron man 2 & 3 so if they had some kind of effect on new york that I don't know about please do find it your small hearts to forgive me


Getting home I started racking my brain on a way to get a stable Source of income

since Underage Gambling and Robbing banks was not one

he could steal from the Criminals but that also didn't have a steady job income

no matter how hard he thought he couldn't think of one

and becoming am an athlete was not something he was even willing to consider

while thinking about his future plans suddenly a loud vibration had come out of nowhere making his whole house shake

' Was that an Earthquake? ' I asked myself if it was then it wasn't much of a problem because even if it was

' But I don't remember anyone ever mentioning an earthquake in the movies '

deciding to just leave I went to my room and switched on my Xbox 1



OK, let's just pretend the Xbox 1 came out 1 year earlier since it is the marvel world


Although there were some games which hadn't come out yet there were still games such as Diablo, Assasins Creed III and FIFA 12

which had made me more confident that I was in the year 2012
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    《Flash System in Marvel》