Flash System in Marvel
8 Chapter 8 Meeting
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Flash System in Marvel
Author :Giiveupper
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8 Chapter 8 Meeting

Getting back the next day I had suddenly felt the air becoming more humid and looking up I saw something I had been dreading not to happen

It was the Helicarrier was slowly but visibly moving down onto the city which meant that a sudden accident had randomly happened or 'The Avengers' had already started it made sense though the thing I thought was an earthquake was probably when Thor's hammer and captain Americas shield clash

but was it also that large in the movie?

anyway it didn't matter I had to give up on the thought of getting the ability to Phase through things before the War began

Being realistic it wouldn't be impossible to Stop the entire thing from happening and it would be interesting to see how the Storyline would continue if this war had not happened

it's not like he was planning on staying out of this war

He had Always liked the attention and it didn't matter if he had Phase or not he was going to fight in this War

it would help him increase his strength and combat ability it would also get him noticed if he wasn't already

Since the Helicarrier had already stopped going down it meant that the entire team must have already gathered together

Since he was 100% sure that none of them moved his speed he had the thought of going to have a spar with them

as it would be fun and it would Truly test my limits as the fights he had had up to this point did not push him in any way

He had only had two fights and both of them had been completely one-sided

but in the end, he decided against since it would not be very good if there were any sort of injuries on both sides of the party

so, in the end, he decided to make a mental note that after the war he would make sure to at least challenge one of them

Although he was not to get into any sort of fight he wanted to make sure that they at least knew of my existence


going back home took off my clothes and put on the suit

after putting on the suit I ran to stars tower and then again ran up it

getting on the Helipad the alarm finally went off and I completely ignored it going into the building then looking for the place of which had laughing

going into the room I finally met 'EARTH'S

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    《Flash System in Marvel》