Flash System in Marvel
9 Chapter 9 Well shi
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Flash System in Marvel
Author :Giiveupper
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9 Chapter 9 Well shi

nAfter seeing me Stark seemed to mumble a few words and Thor had called upon his hammer

" Do not worry I am not here to cause trouble" I said hoping to calm them down

" State your purpose!!! " Thor suddenly shouted completely ignoring my previous words

My purpose...

what was my purpose in this world?

Well if I don't know then he does not have the right to either

" You are...unqualified for that information " I started simply

After hearing my answer without a second thought he threw his hammer at me and repeated his question


dodging his hammer I quickly appeared before him

"Do not do something you will regret, I am much faster than anything you can fire at me" that was a blatant lie as if Thor's lightning was as fast as normal then there was a 3% percent chance of surviving a couple of lightning strikes from Thor

Suddenly feeling something touch my shoulder I looked at it and saw an Arrow about to pierce it and instantly grabbing then the thrusting it into the owners own leg

'I didn't want to make a scene but Hawkeye is both Useless and Irrelevant' i thought to myself

Turning around out of nowhere I saw a foot in front of my face, Grabbing it I quickly threw black widow onto the floor

' I'm completely unaware of my surroundings ' I thought realizing the mistake I made twice

by this time Bruce was looking a bit green, Cap had gotten a hold of his shield and iron man had his suit on

"STOP!" I shouted knowing this was a losing battle, since the beginning I been vibrating my Vocal cords to sound like zoom from the CW The Flash

So it didn't sound like I was incredibly desperate it sounded more like when a Child had gotten Tired of Acting like he is the friend of another child

( Congratulations you have completed a Hidden Task )

( Task: Make a Significant Difference in the Plot )

( Reward: Amenotejikara )

( Description: instantly shifts the location of oneself, others, objects, and abilities within a certain range. This range can be increased if swapped oneself with an object and can be swapped with Space )

( Range: Eyesight )

Wait, wasn't this from...

although I was flabbergasted the Avengers saw nothing as I was wearing a mask

Finally coming back to my senses I said a few final words

" Remember this "

" I am the God of Speed "

"I am... "


After that, I disappeared in a flash of yellow lightning streaks


Getting home I instantly wanted to Try my new Ability out and without wasting any time thinking about what had happened I started my Experiments
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    《Flash System in Marvel》