Flawed Enchantress
14 Author“s check up Mass Release?
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Flawed Enchantress
Author :BaeVida
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14 Author“s check up Mass Release?


I am thinking, which of my books should I do mass release on.... The book with the number highest comments and votes, gets to have a mass release.

Thanks for your support and love do far.

Okay I'm thinking of doing this for every 10000 views I get. Its a way for me to interact and know some errors from my readers.

Please don't just pass by after reading or skip after seeing the title. Take a minute or two to read.

Hello my lovely readers, sorry I haven't updated this book yet. I still have other books to update, which you would also have a good read with. Would drop the titles here so you can check them out and give me feedback on them with a comment or review.

Here they are...

Well, they are many

1) Isabel - The Lightning Princess

2) Torn Between

3) Niella

4) Dragon Queen

5) Twins Bond

6) The Return of Lost Loves

7) Celebrity High.

8) Astrid - the Hybrid Princess

Also, would love a review, comment, ratings and voting for this novel. Comments are highly welcomed, let me know your thoughts on this book and ways in which I should improve and give you a good read.

Would try my best to update a chapter. Sorry for the delay and thanks for the patience.

Ohh and don't forget to add these books to your library and you can message me on discord if you want @BaeVida#7167

Thank you so much.

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    《Flawed Enchantress》