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Game of Thrones - The Second Bastard
Author :TinyStitch
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1 Reincarnation

In the capital of Hel.

Within a grand courtroom, stood a hooded black-robed figure. Although the person's age and gender are unclear, with his hooded casting a shadow over his face, it, for a lack of words, seemed to be focused on an excessively large book.

Beside the figure sat two figures, equally as mysterious. What was out of place was a glowing seeming translucent image of a human stand before the figures as if he was being judged and sentenced.

"What do they plan to do with me?" Edward Sneaked a glance around the room.

The courtroom was plain and simple, like any he had seen on YouTube when watching cases while studying to be a lawyer.

"It's a lot different than I imaged it to be. Well, at least Hel isn't here herself if she was…" Edward's vision focused in on a statue of a male wielding a sword. His sword which seemed to be moving even though it was a statue was unlike anything swordsmanship he had ever witnessed on earth. In the blink of an eye, Edward became indulged with studying the sword art that the statue seemed to reflect. The sword and the man seem to move as one, as quickly as a raging winter storm to a calm spring breeze.

"Hmm" the black hooded figure raised it's head and glanced at him, glancing at the statue in surprise "his potential for wielding the sword transcends any before. The only one who came close was that Japanese fellow a few centuries ago…"

"Edward!" the black hooded figure roared. Although his voice was loud, it was impossible to judge its gender.

Edward who was deeply pondering the sword art of the mystical statue had his concentration shattered. It was only then that he remembered that he was dead and standing in front of what seemed to be the person or thing, that would judge his life.

"I was reading about your life"

Edward was stunned.

His life?

All past experiences flooded his mind in that instant. His early life as an orphan at the orphanage with him helping the sisters cook. His parents died in a horrible car accident when he was four, and with no close relatives, he had nowhere else to go but the orphanage.

He was adopted 2 years later by a pair of lawyers who truly loved him. They sent him to school, and later found out that he was extremely gifted… at fighting. His parents sent him to a local dojo where they taught Krav Maga and the art of swordsmanship. He was exceptional at both and attained the highest level for both even winning a few championships for both.

His parents couldn't be happier for him, but this joy didn't last forever.

Ten years after picking him up at the orphanage while doing a monthly health checkup signs of a genetic illness started to show. The idea of his death coming was terrifying and tormented him for months.

Fortunately, he had his parent's love.

They stayed with him for the hardest part of his life. Although he was going to die he wanted to be able to make other people's lives better just as his parents did for him back when he was six.

He traveled the world with his parents funding him and created a foundation that helps orphans find homes and shelter them and support those who have lost ones or are ill. He had originally expected to only impact a few people, but unexpectedly, his commitment had led to something much more incredible.

A few years later the organization had expanded worldwide with over 80 headquarters over 40 countries.

After helping all those people, he passed away while coming back to see his parents.

"Twenty 4 years of age. Dead," the hooded figure stated. "Your life was quite successful even after knowing you would die within a few years. You helped change a lot of people's lives."

"Thank you, sir? Umm, what should I call you?"

"We are nothing, while something." Replied the hooded figure, "I am one of Hel's judge and for you I deem you, worthy to be reincarnated in a mythical realm."

"Mythical Realm?" Edward pondered quietly.

"Only those who have achieved deeds of great karma are considered for the mythical realms. Even then it is up to the judge to decide whether they are sent or not, and which realm they get sent to, stated the judge. "The place I will be sending you to will be the land of Westeros. I look forward to your great achievements. Remember those movements from the statue they may aid you in the future."


Isn't that the continent in Game of Thrones?

Edward's heart was filled with excitement. Who will give birth to me? When will I be born? I hope I am no Cersei's child.

While still contemplating the hooded judge snapped its bony fingers and Edward disappeared.


What happened just now? I wanted to ask the judge some questions about my next life.

Unfortunately, he did not have the luxury of thinking about any of it, because his head hurt.


Edward cursed, he sensed that his head was in serious pain as if a suction cup was placed on his head and someone was using it to pull him out of a hole.

His neck hurt, and his body was suffering tremendous pressure.


What the hell! He had suddenly felt a kick at the of his head that made everything hurt even more. At that moment he just wanted the pain to go away.

Suddenly, everything felt comfortable, and then he felt extremely cold.


"Ouch" but all that came out was a cry which allowed a mouthful of fresh air to enter his lungs. This might be the first 'breath' of air that Edward had taken since his premature death.

I guess I am considered officially reborn.


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