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Game of Thrones - The Second Bastard
Author :TinyStitch
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5 King“s Landing

Authors Note:

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It was already noon by the time. With the sun high in the sky Edward rode through the residential area of King's Landing, he was sore, tired, hungry, and irritable. After a long and lonely month-long journey from Winterfell to King's Landing. A journey which was littered with bandit, while gave a decent amount of coin, irritated him to no ends.

"Time to find a nice hostel to stay at rest," I groaned. The task of finding a boat to Pentos could come another time.

After spotting a homely hostel called Old Tavern which was in the better area of the residential sector which had a stable I quickly dismounted and walked in.

"How are you mister, will you be staying the night or eating, or both," the hostess greeted as I walked in.

Surprisingly the interior was a lot nicer than the outside gave justice to, "I will require a meal and a nights stay, please."

"That will be 6 Stags," after collecting the coins she replied with a smile. "Meals will be prepared and delivered to your room when asked for. Mrya here will show you to your room. Your horse can go to the stable where it will be taken care of"

After taking my horse to the stable and handing her over to the stable boy I follow Mrya to the room.

The room was richly furnished for the price that was paid. Thick carpets covered the floor which is rarely seen in taverns as they are easily dirtied. A BED!!! How I have missed you so much bed. I was so happy to be able to see a bed for the first time in a while. Sleeping on the ground for a month makes you finally appreciate the luxury of having a bed.

"If you require my services I will be at the desk in the main hall," Myra said before leave, not without taking one last glance at me before slipping away.

The glance did not go unnoticed by me, I notice a hint of lust in her eyes. I've never really paid much attention to my presentation, but I know I am decently looking. While looking at my reflection I can't help but admire my features. I look like a mix between Jon and Rhaegar, while I am like Jon, being his twin, I have sleeker facial features instead of his black hair mine is white. At a height of 6'3 with well a well-built body I can understand why women would fall for me.

Time to take a stroll around King's Landing and see if I can get a ticket to Penthos.


"How much for a loaf of bread?" I ask a vendor ask I stroll

"3 pennies."

After paying, I receive the bread. It was so good as it was the first freshly baked thing I ate ever since I left Winterfell. I started thinking about the meal I would have tonight at the tavern as I walked around.

Half an hour later I had finally made my way to the harbor. After asking around to see if there were any boats leaving for Penthos I was directed to a medium sized cargo ship that would depart for Penthos the next morning which fit perfectly with my schedule.

"Sir would you be willing to take me along with you on your trip to Essos," I ask the person who seemed to be the captain of the ship, "as you can see, I am a sellsword."

"Aren't you a little young to be sellsword lad?" the man questioned but after a second thought, "Sure, we could use a few extra hands if we encounter any pirates along the way. Come here tomorrow at dusk, food will be provided."

"Thank you," a kind fellow if I do say so myself, I had thought that I would have to pay the man. How bad is the pirate situation if he is willing to take me for free?

"Don't worry lad, while there are a few pirates raiding in the narrow sea, the chances of it occurring aren't that high. Just make sure you're here on time tomorrow or we will leave without you," as if noticing my nervousness, the captain states.

As I make my way back I take note of the boats docking in the area, I notice that they all had a decent amount of sellswords accompanying them throughout their voyage. Seems like its worse than the man stated.


When I got back to the tavern it was almost dark, possibly due to taking a couple hours to visit the bathhouse. By this time the bread that I had had already emptied from my belly, and while I was clean, I was famished.

When I neared the tavern the smell of freshly baked bread and roasted meat drifted through the air assaulted my nose and made my stomach grumble.

Quickly rushing into the tavern, I ask the hostess to whip me up the biggest meal they could provide. After a wait for what seemed like an eternity a very hearty meal was placed before me. A meaty portion of what seemed to be venison. After cutting a piece and taking a bite… IT'S SEASONED!

I wanted to shed tears at how good it was. I had forgotten to pack seasoning with me on my trip to King's Landing, and while I was able to hunt for my meals, they tasted bland without any seasoning.

Then there was the rye bread with a healthy amount of butter on top which was a delicacy even at home but seeing that this was King's Landing it wouldn't be that uncommon.


Beautiful. A nice crunch and sweetness that comes out from the oats.

And finally, the soup. A nice white color that signified mushroom soup. UGGGGGGG. So warm and homey. It reminds me of the mushroom soup mom used to make me back on Earth… Thinking about the past put a tear in my eyes, but I quickly put it behind me. I don't want to burst into tears in the middle of a room packed full of people now do I.

After retiring to my room, I fall on to the comfy bed and think about what was to come and the adventures I will have. With a belly full of warm food, I quickly fall fast asleep.


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