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Game of Thrones - The Second Bastard
Author :TinyStitch
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The rain pelted down on the deck of the cargo ship. It had been the fourth day in a row that the cumbersome conditions that were common in the narrow sea had taken the ship. Even so, the rain was unable to stop the crew and their sellswords from having a good time.

Edward chuckled as he walked back to his cabin on the Humpback Whale, a fitting name for a medium size cargo ship that seemed to have a hump where the cabins were placed. I was given by its previous owner the father of the current captain, the man Edward talked with to get on the boat.

"Oh, sing sweet nightingale

Sing sweet nightingale

High above me

Oh, sing sweet nightingale

Sing sweet nightingale

High above"

You could still hear the merry crew singing along to the simple tune with repetitive lyrics. The singing had drawn him in earlier, and after a while promptly joining them in their merry sing-along. Together will the ale they drank straight out of the barrel ended in people passed out on the ground with the few with higher tolerance still going.

"Can't believe they are still going. Jorick was tapping the barrel and he still seems fine," I muttered to myself as I opened the door to my room, stumbling occasionally, due to the strong ale.

I fell face first into the bed, and while it wasn't as comfortable as the bed at the Old Tavern it was better than falling face first onto the wooden floor.

After a minute the drowsiness from the ale succumbed him.


I was welcomed with darkness when I had awoken. When I tried to move my arms and legs…

"What the hell?" I swore though it was muffled by the gag that was placed in my mouth. I could feel that both my hands and feet were tied up and that they were tied together as well.

While I could not see, I could hear the groaning that came from the men and occasional women around me.

The ale! That must be it. They poisoned bloody the ale!

Rage flooded throughout my body. If only I could get out of these binds and get a pair of swords I would slaughter them all.

The sound… of footsteps. The bastard!

"Ahh! The merchandise has finally awoken!" a man… wait THAT'S THE CAPTAIN. Shit, he was a slaver.

"All of you have been kind enough to send yourself to me to be sold as slaves at Pentos. I humbly express my gratitude for filling my pockets with gold," The sarcastic son of a whore, "we will be arriving at Pentos momentarily, I hope you find your new owners… Satisfactory."

"SHIT, SHIT, SHIT," I need to find a way out of this situation before the ship docks otherwise I will be seriously screwed. Though being tied down doesn't help my situation.

No matter what I tried all I could seem to do was flop around like a fish out of water. Bloody hell, this isn't like the movies where I can make a grand escape, this guys really know what they are doing.

I could hear the sound people, most likely coming from the docks as they transported goods.

"Where is Duke?" I thought. I had let him sit in a cargo box which could be opened on the inside when we got here because I didn't want to catch too much attention. I hope he wasn't caught if he was he would be sold like all exotic animals.

"Let's go merchandise! Its time to meet your new owners!" A man said while picking me up like a sack of flour.

I squired with all my might but to no avail, the binds were too tight. I swear if I ever get out of this I will come back and cut every last one of you.

"He is a young sellsword around the age of 18. Strong, and healthy as you can see," he stated as he wrenched my mouth open to show him my teeth I presume.

"Ten Dragons…"


"Deal," the merchant agreed.

After much negotiation, they settled on twenty Dragons. "FUCK! THAT'S PENNIES COMPARED TO WHAT THEY PAID BRONN! YOUR SAYING I AM WORTH LESS THAN THAT USELESS BRONN PIECE OF SHIT!" Now I don't even know if I should be mad that they are selling me to slavery or because I'm being sold for nothing. Still only muffled sounds came from my mouth as they put the gag back in.

"Put him in the cart with the rest, I needed to head back to Meereen to report to my superior," the merchant commanded.

After being roughly handled and throw into the cart I land on someone else. Due to not being able to speak or move I resorted to rolled off him or her and found an unoccupied place to lie. "I hope they feed us," I mutter to myself. It's a long trip from Pentos to Meereen… Wait, the fighting pit. That's where they are sending me!

Maybe I'll be able to fight for my freedom I think, trying to find any shred of hope in this unpredictable situation.


Behind a couple wooden barrels, you could spot Duke watching the whole event unfold. Within those red eyes, blood lust could be seen, but they quickly vanished with the taught of rescuing his master.

Watching the carts being pulled away, Duke quietly stalks after them…

Title: Slaver's Ship


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