Game of Thrones - The Second Bastard
9 Colossus and Conqueror
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Game of Thrones - The Second Bastard
Author :TinyStitch
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9 Colossus and Conqueror

"COLOSSUS! COLOSSUS! COLOSSUS!" the roars of the audience filled the pit as the giant man walked around showboating.

"I guess I'll have a new name by the end of this fight… Colossus Slayer… Not a bad ring to it," as I mutter to myself amusement a person comes to the podium and all cheering dies down.

"For the last fight, I present you with your challenger!" what followed was an orchestra of booing.

"I haven't even done anything yet and they already hate me this much," I chuckle. The bantering died down again to allow the announcer to speak.

"And his opponent. The undisputed champion of this pit. Has won over a hundred battles. COLOSSUS!" And as he expected, the cheering was louder than ever.

"Are they going to cheer like this throughout the fight? If they do the shock wave these people create might be the thing that kills me," I joke to myself.

"Let the fight BEGIN!" The cheering erupted even louder.

"You can't win against me, you puny dog. You might as well say your prayers as I send you on your way to your next life."

I barely caught the nasty retort through the cheers of the crowd. I wonder why he would even bother, we were both fighting to kill each other, anyway

Yeah, okay. I'm an idiot.

Just not a rude one.

Colossus charged me like a raging bull and struck with an overhead strike.

Swiftly sidestepping the blow as if I was the wind, I dodged, then delivered a blow to Colossus's ribs with a horizontal strike with both my swords.


His armor had blocked the majority of the strike, but the sheer strength behind my strike caused him to stagger backward and left a sizable dent in his armor.

The small crater Colossus created with his first strike show just how much strength he had.

"If I get hit by that I'm screwed." I make a mental note to ensure that I dodge ever strike, and not to attempt to parry any strikes.

By the way he continued to circle around me, I knew the previous blow hadn't done much to him. If I was going to kill him, I would have to get to his weak points without getting to close where he can use his size to beat me.

Colossus made readied himself for another charge and what seemed to be a horizontal sweep. Something that would prove difficult to dodge.

In a moment of quick thinking, I sweep up the dust and sand up and create a dust cloud which impaired both of our vision. Although the sound of blood pumping filled my ears I was able to filter out the sound of the crowd.

Thup Thup Thup

The sound of his steps as he charged me rung through my ears. "Strength isn't always a virtue," I repeat to myself with a smile.


This puny man's previous strike did a number on me, I need to finish him off before it gets too late. As I circle him I notice him deep in thought.

As I ready myself for a charge I prepare my hammer for a horizontal sweep, something he wouldn't be able to sidestep as he did earlier.

My charge was interrupted by a cloud of dust that he swept up, but that wouldn't stop me. Just because I couldn't see him doesn't mean that my strike wouldn't be able to see him.


My swung which made an audible sound as it passed through the air seemed to hit nothing. "Was he that light?" I thought to myself.

I suddenly felt a sharp pain in the back of my ankles.


At that moment, as I fell to my knees, I knew…


As the Colossus charges at me through the dust cloud, I timed a slide just as he swung.


The sound of his hammer pasting above my head sent chills through me, but I put that at the back of my mind as I had a job to finish.

Quickly standing up a few meters behind him, I posed both my swords to strike his ankles and shiver his Achilles' tendons.

With a swift stab both my swords pierced the weakly armored plating and into his flesh. Though it was protected, the plating wasn't as thick as the plating that protected his upper body.

By the way he had dropped onto his knees, I knew that he wouldn't be able to walk or get on his feet. I knew it was time to finish it.

I look up at the stands which have now become deathly quiet and look towards the masters who have become shocked.

I left my swords over my head to showboat a little and what I got in return was the wild cheer of the crowd.


Not a bad title, could be better, but I'm not complaining.

"Do you need a bit of time to say your prayers?" I mocked at the fallen gladiator.

Okay, maybe a little rude.

Dropping one of my swords I grasped the other with two hands. I lifted the longsword high above the man's head

"Fuck you, yo..." without being able to finish his sentence with a single sure swing took the man's head off. Just like how father had done to the deserter back then.

Within a few heartbeats, the victory alarm rang and was quickly drowned out by the thunderous sounds of those cheering his win, as well as those damning him to hell for making them lose their bets.

"I present to you! Our new champion! The Conqueror!"

Drunk on adrenaline and victory, I stuck my chest and glared defiantly at the crowd that stood above as I performed a little victory lap.

As I was disarmed at the gate by a few guards I made my way through the tunnel away from the cheering crowd.

"You won! My boy, you won!" the magister that purchased me said cheerfully. I guess that he made or will make a lot of money off me which was what made him so happy.

"Yesterday you were just another gladiator meant to die in the arena, now… Now you are a Champion of a Pit!" still cheerful as ever, but added, "A great honor, but something you will have to defend. We shall give you proper equipment and food to make sure you stay strong"

"What do I gain from being a champion?" I asked, it seemed like a hassle I didn't want to undertake.

"We'll discuss the details when we get back," the magister quickly ran off probably to collect the money he made.

"Guess it can't be that bad, at least I'll be treated better," I say to myself with a forced smile.


"Did your master leave you all alone?" A beautiful woman with blonde hair could be seen petting a white-furred wolf while feeding it dried meat outside the city.

"I'll make sure you meet your master again," she said with a smile, ruffling his fur. The wolf which seemed to have eyes brimmed with intelligent seemed to nod and nuzzled his head into her bosom.


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