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Game of Thrones - The Second Bastard
Author :TinyStitch
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10 Freedom? Army?

Authors Note:

We're almost in the top 200 power ranking!!!

Once we make it into the top 200, I will be changing the permanent release schedule to 14 chapters/ week. So if you want more keep sending those powerstones <3


After leaving the pit, one of the magister's attendant suggested that I would clean myself at a bathhouse and purchase, more suitable clothing. It was already evening by the time we made our way to the estate.

The ride back to the magister's estate was much more comfortable than the trip to the fighting pit. I rode one of the horses, and although I thought of making my escape, I thought about William and all my brothers. Not willing to leave them to die in the pit I followed along.

"A champion will fight in honor of his master and the pit," the one of the magister's attendant explained, "every week, people will challenge the champion for their title."

"Ahh, my apologies, I haven't introduced myself. My name is Owen Vale."

"Why do people want the title, Owen." I had seen the man before, delivering food to us. He seemed nice enough has he had small talk with us slaves. Most of the magister's attendants feel repulsed by us.

"He who would have the title would be rewarded with gold for every week he has the title." Gold… I remember hearing about a matter… "The rule of every gladiator is once you have earned a hundred times what your master had purchased you for, you would be free."

"Should I would have to make two thousand gold before I would be free. How much do I make per week?"

"It depends on the crowd, but you would typically make a hundred gold dragons per week, at least that is what would be added to your total."

"One hundred a week, so twenty weeks…" I mutter to myself. I a sudden realization I ask, "Wait. Doesn't that mean William has already paid for his freedom?"

William would has stated that he had been fighting at the pit for three years would have easily made more than enough gold to purchase his freedom. Why would he still stay and risk his life fighting in the pit?

"William is a weird man. He was able to purchase his freedom two and a half years ago, but he stays to make more money to purchase the freedom of fellow gladiators." Owen explained, "to purchasing other slaves is not as expensive as purchasing one's freedom. That is as long as their master is willing to sell."

William has been fighting for over two years with his freedom. I wonder how many gladiators he has bought until now.

"We're here, magister Aldon's personal estate," the estate was extremely luxurious will quartz and marble tiles covering the floor and finely carve statues that probably cost hundreds on gold dragons.

"Magister Aldon is waiting for you inside," Owen states as he ushers me through the front doors, or should I say gate with how big it was.

Inside the estate, the luxurious just piled on. Beautifully handmade furniture, magnificent ceiling paintings, it was an estate built for a king, well a magister who has a lot of money in this situation.

Sitting at the table with magister Aldon, was his lovely friend who never told him anything, William. I swear I am going to beat the shit out of him when he sleeps tonight.

"Ah yes, Edward come join us for a meal!" Aldon commanded.

Not wanting to make a fuss I take a chair in front of William and to the left of magister Aldon. As I sat down I eyed William who was wearing casual clothing for the first time.

Before I could say anything, William spoke first, "The title of champion comes with many challengers, win all your fights and you will be bestowed with gold, much to you and magister Aldon's pleasure."

"To our new champion!" Aldon laughed as he downed his glass of wine. He was a large fellow, with one hell of a stomach, probably from stuffing himself all the time.

"I hope to hear great things form you, Edward." Aldon left, his laughter could be hear all the way down the hall, but that wasn't on my mind.

"So, William. When were you going to tell me?" I stare down William.


"What was there to tell. That I was a free man still fighting in the pit? What does that do?"

Bantering like women doesn't do anyone much good. "Just tell me more next time so I am not riding blind," I mutter not wanting to start an argument. "So, what are you purchasing slave gladiators for?"

"I am forming a company of men."

"A sellsword company?"

"No. A company to kill the men who captured us."

"Have you?" I new he had already started forming this company for two year. That should have been more than enough time to search and kill those people.


"What do you plan to do with your company then?" our single sentence replies ended with a long period of silence. It seemed that William had only planned to kill the man who captured him and didn't plan to do anything else.

"How about you fight for me. No, we fight together to make a difference?" This was the perfect group of men to build an army with to fight in the future.

"You? You're not even a freeman yet." William laughed, "We shall talk more once your free. Get changed we're going back to the courtyard, they have a surprise for you."

With that, he left the room. Seems like I'll have a capable army soon enough. Lefts focus on staying alive for the next nineteen weeks.

"Wait surprise? What surprise!" I yell chasing the back of William.


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