Game of Thrones - The Second Bastard
13 The Shield of Aegis
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Game of Thrones - The Second Bastard
Author :TinyStitch
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13 The Shield of Aegis

Authors Notes:

A lot of you were wondering why the timeline was different than the original story. Although the original story didn't have a accurate measurement of time, this novel doesn't match up. I made the death of Jon Arryn the King's Hand come one year later causing all of the events in Westeros to be postponed for a year.

On the other hand All the event in Essos is moving along all the same. This in itself does not effect the story line up until this date. It only effects when Daenerys comes to Westeros, which would be a years early in the original story.

I did this to allow Edward to have a much greater impact on the storyline, then in comparison to if he had be left in the Pit for another year before leaving the system.

I hope that clears up a lot of confusion and I hope you enjoy the second chapter for the day \u003c3


We first headed to the courtyard to gather up the rest of the gladiators and tell them that they were free. I hoped that they would just the company once they got their freedom, but I knew that some of them would go their own way.

By the time we arrived the sun was setting. We had hurry; the revolt would start soon. We entered the courtyard with the key one of the guards gave us before they left. I am surprised that they haven't busted their way out with the lack of guards, but that makes it easier for us.

"Brothers come around!" I called as they all stopped what they were doing. They seemed to see me and William as their leaders since we could beat them and treated them well.

"The Meereen we know of will change tonight. We are no longer slaves of the past, but free men starting today!"

Cheers rang throughout the courtyard as everyone was ecstatic to gain their freedom.

"As you have heard William has a band of brothers in Meereen. I am here before you to ask if there is any among you who are willing to join us. I know some of you have plans of your own, and I will not hold it against you but wish you good fortune if you leave…"

"We will fight for you!" someone spoke.

"We're your brothers. Brothers stay together!" another announced.

Most of these guys had no family to go back to, and us brothers were the only ones they had left. I was happy that they were willing to join the company as an additional hundred strong gladiators who be a significant boost to the company's forces.

We quickly gathered as much gear for all of us from the small armory Aldon had set up before. While it wasn't must, mostly beat up armor and worn-out weapons, it was better than nothing.

We quickly made our way to the courtyard where William's company was.

Trust me when you have over a hundred gladiators behind you, people make way for you and you get to places much faster.

Bang Bang Bang

"In bronze, we bleed, and with our brothers and sisters, we protect," William spoke after knocking on the main gate.

The gate opened, and a familiar face appeared. "Darson?" I was in shock. Darson was a gladiator that had come to our courtyard one time looking for William. I remembered him because he was once a champion but stepped down months earlier.

"William. Edward," he nodded at both of us, "Let's talk inside and bring our fellow brothers in with you."

As we walked into the courtyard Darson talked about the company, "Welcome to the Shield of Aegis, we're a company primarily of gladiators, but have started training other slaves how to fight a year ago."

"How many men do you have?" I ask.

"Two hundred, not including the gladiators we brought from Aldon." It was William who responded. Quite the number for a company, but I wasn't surprised, gladiators could be bought for cheap and William and the other champions have been building this company for years.

"Gather everyone, we have something to discuss," I say letting Darson go.

"Now that I am a free man, are you willing to follow me?" I ask William with a smirk, the past few months had been enough for our friendship to blossom.

"You know I'll follow you, John too." John nodded in agreement, "but you will have to get the rest of the company to follow you too. Gladiators have their own sense of pride you know."

"Then let's go convince them," I say with a smile


In the main courtyard, over three hundred men and women gathered waiting for something to happen.

"My name is Edward, one of the champions of Meereen. By morning the masters will all be gone, and all the slaves will be free. As one of the largest company's in Meereen they will want to subdue us and force us to join them." I eye every single one of them. All of them strong warriors who have gone through a lot to make it to where they were. "Instead I want to ask you to join me and follow me West to Westeros where we will fight for the people there."

"Why should we follow you, William is the one who brought us here we follow him!" an older gladiator spoke up.

"You fight for the people! The Shield of Aegis was built to fight for justice and to protect those who we care about!" I roar at the man who spoke. After he sat back down, "Most of you don't have family, and if you do they are here with you right now."

"All of you should know that family is the most important part of our life. In Westeros lay an enemy that threatens the existence of our families. I ask of you to follow me to fight for our families." Silence echoed the courtyard as no one spoke.

"I for one will follow Edward," William was the first to break the silence, "the past few months he has proven that he thinks about more than just himself. He is truly a brother at heart, and if a brother is asking for help with or without a reward I would help to the best of my abilities."

"With our brothers and sisters we protect, and with our brothers and sister, we shall bleed!" Darson chanted with his fist over his chest were his slave brand was.

What followed was, "WITH OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS WE PROTECT, AND WITH OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS WE SHALL BLEED!" roars echoed the previous silent courtyard as all the brothers and sisters had their fist over their chests. Even those that had just come from Aldon's courtyard could be seen standing with their fists on the chests

Happiness flooded me as they accepted me as their leader. Although it required William's support with time they would be willing to follow me even without William by my side.

"Rest for the night no one gets in and no one leaves," I commanded which was responded with a nodded from Darson, "tomorrow when they come demanding for our pledge I will deal with them. That is all"

As everyone left to their own William came up and asked, "How do you plan on dealing with the group outside the gate?" I gave him a look as if to say I'll deal with it, "fine, but before you do anything meet with the leaders of the company."

I agreed and followed William. Meeting the rest of the leaders was essential before any actions were done.


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