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Game of Thrones - The Second Bastard
Author :TinyStitch
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14 Meeting

Author's Note:

We are now officially the highest ranked Game of Thrones novel!!!

Thank you for all the support you guys have given me, I posted this extra chapter for you all \u003c3


Edward followed William to meet the rest of the leaders after telling John to go around ensuring all the new brothers of the company settled in properly.

"All the leaders are champions that had joined," William stated, "that or they dethroned a champion to take his place as leader."

"So, all the leaders are people strong enough to maintain their position?" Though it may sound like a good method of deciding leaders at the beginning and brings good competition it wasn't the best of methods if they were going to reform into an army.

Understand where my question came from, "Not the best way, I understand, but this way they were all respected when they lead a group of people. Reforming can come later once there are more people."

I nod and enter a room with a large table in the middle of…

Bang, I got blindsided by a large body. My fighting instincts were about to kick in before settling down once I notice what hit me. "DUKE! Thank the Lord you're fine," I say hugging him as he slobbered me with drool as he licked me.

I glance around the table and notice six others watch me, a few faces familiar, but the majority were strangers to me.

"William, and… I guess we should call you Captain Edward?" One of the leaders welcome.

"No need for all that just call me Edward. You guys are?"

The woman that welcomed us began to introduce everyone, "My name is Myria, the tall chunky man is Ruger, beside him is Mitchar. Darson is someone you have already met, I believe you are also acquainted with Desmor who you spoke to earlier, and finally…"

"My name is Celia. I believe we have met before." A beautiful woman with long blonde hair introduced. He eyes were a beautiful green color, which held an aura of intelligence and power. Her smile, it seemed to brighten the whole room…

Shaking my head quickly I regained my footing after being captivated by her beauty I quickly speak, "Yes, that right we spoke at the coliseum when I fought Colossus."

She returned a smile before we continued to talk about the situation. It seemed that Duke quite like her as he was sitting by her side. Something I will look into later.

"How do they plan to rid of all the masters," Mitchar spoke first. He had a deep voice matching his hulking size.

Shifting my focus away from Celia, I respond, "Daenerys and her army have sent the soldiers to act as slaves and sneak into Meereen. There they will provide the slaves with swords to round up the masters."

"Hmm… Once they overtake the masters post as governors of Meereen they will want to cement their place in by making us pledge allegiance." Myria spoke. From my guess, the two women are the brains of the company.

"Correct. While I will take care of Daenerys, I want you all to go around Meereen and gather as many gladiators as you can to join our cause," I suggest, "their owners will be rounded up so there shouldn't be any complications, this will boost our forces for our future goals."

"Agreed, we can capitalize on the situation and boost our forces. That is to say, you can deal with Daenerys." Smiled Celia.

Dazzled by her beautiful I had almost forgotten to respond, "I can do it," stupid, stupid, stupid, Edward once you meet a beautiful woman you mistook your cock as your brain. Get yourself together I scold myself. This garnered the chuckle of the women in the room.

Cough Cough

"Get some sleep, there will be a lot to do tomorrow," William stated. Thank the lord that I have William otherwise…

As I was leaving William held me back, "focus on the task at head Ed, your cock can come after."

"Don't worry I understand Will."

With a grin on his face, he added before quickly dashing out the door, "careful she doesn't cut your balls off."

"Bastard," I spat.


Morning had come, and all the masters had been rounded up. Cheers of joy could be heard through the streets of Meereen as Daenerys Stormborn walked amongst the crowd.

"Mhysa, Mhysa, Mhysa," the cheering could be heard throughout Meereen as slaves waved and threw their collars.

Daenerys could be seen watching the master being herded to crosses where they would be nailed to the mileposts like the hundred and sixty-three children where before them.

"What of the companies within Meereen?" she asked Jorah

"The majority who have stayed have pledged allegiance after witnessing the unsullied," Jorah answered with hesitation.


Still hesitating, "There is one who demanded that they speak with you… My queen."

"Speak with me? Let's go entertain them shall we." Daenerys walked off with Jorah and company following behind.


I came to the Great Pyramid where Daenerys was said to be waiting for me.


I never expect to meet her this early, family problems usually don't go too well. Also, I quite like Daenerys and Jon being together. Like they always say a plan never makes it past the first bullet… or in terms here, the first swing of a sword.

I walk into the main room to see Daenerys sitting in a sit much too large for her. Her attendant and friend Missandei stand beside her and announces, "You stand in the presence of Daenerys Stormborn of house…"

"Yes, yes I know who she is," I interrupt rudely, "let's just get right to the point shall we?"

Calming down the guards and her attendant who were enraged by my rudeness, Daenerys asks, "Are you here to pledge allegiance?"

"Funny you should ask. Let me introduce myself, my name is Edward Snow," I look and see a face of confusion, "Snow is a name for a bastard in the North of Westeros, as you friend Jorah would know."

"Yes and?" She asks with a questioning expression as looked at Jorah to see if he knew anything.

I smile, "I have another name, maybe you would connect with it better…" At this point, she was getting so annoyed by my banter that she would have called the guards to have me killed if I continued to drag it out any longer.

"My true name is Aragon Targaryen. I am your nephew."


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