Game of Thrones - The Second Bastard
15 Dragons - Viserion
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Game of Thrones - The Second Bastard
Author :TinyStitch
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15 Dragons - Viserion

Author's Note:

This chapter will be the first chapter that is properly edited. As time progresses I will go back and edit the previous chapters, but I plan to get all my chapters edited from now on. The person who edited this chapter is noctiferu. She is a great writer so check out some of her content!

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Within the Great Pyramid, a group of men and women could be seen standing in shock. Throughout their journey, they had believed that Daenerys was the last Targaryen. At the center of the room was the source of the shock, Edward, who was truly entertained by the group's shocked expression.

"My nephew." Daenerys was the first to break the silence, "No, not possible."

"I know it's hard to take in, find out you are not the last Targaryen, but you must believe me." I had to think of a way to prove my lineage.

"If you are my nephew, who is your father?" Daenerys questioned, her eyes widened as she questioned me about my origins.

"My father was Rhaegar Targaryen, and my mother was Lyanna Stark. Unlike what you thought, Rhaegar and Lyanna truly love each other and had me and my twin brother." I answered. This should have at least proved that I had ample knowledge of House Targaryen. "Don't worry I am not vying for the throne, at least I am not. Since I am not the oldest I am not the heir to the Iron Throne."

"Prove it," her eyes cold and bloodthirsty.

Honestly, I don't blame her. If someone came and said that I was no longer the only person left in my house I would want their head if they lied.

"I can prove it to you with your assistance." My plan required her assistance, without it I wouldn't be able to prove myself.

The best way to prove I was a Targaryen was a test of blood. Targaryens who should be immune to fire could be drowned in fire and come out unharmed. The problem was that I wasn't a pure born Targaryen. I don't know if I have fire immunity, Jon also never tested the theory in the original story. Thinking about the slave brand on my chest I doubted that I did.

The best way was to ride the dragons. I know Jon was able to ride Rheagal, so I should also be able to ride one of them.

"What assistance do you require?" Daenerys questioned. It seemed that she wanted to see this to the end. If I was truly her nephew she wouldn't kill me. Probably.

"Your dragons," I asked for. The group was all bewildered by my request, they wondered what I wanted to show with her dragons.

"What do you require my dragons for? To ride them?" she laughed.

"Yes, I always wanted to ride a dragon," I truthfully answer with a smile.

This shocked Daenerys and her group. If Daenerys agreed to my request, then there would be no way to run away from it. I would be sure to die if I wasn't a Targaryen. It was the simplest and most dangerous method to prove my lineage.

"My queen, I don't think it is wise to allow any stranger to attempt to ride one of your dragons. They aren't horses that any should be allowed to attempt to ride." Jorah gave his opinion.

"No worries, unlike horses, his life is forfeit if he fails," she said while standing up. Excitement flashed through her eyes as she agree with the test. "Lets go."


I relocated outside Meereen with Daenerys in and her company of supporters. All of a sudden -


The sound caused me to freeze in my spot. Although I had been mentally ready, the actual sound shocked me to my core.

This did not go unnoticed by Daenerys and her group which caused of ripples of laughter amongst the group.

"If the sound of them scare you that much, you won't last the ride." Daenerys mocked.

Once the dragons landed I was able to get a good look at them. Trust me, the books and show don't give them any justice. If you saw them in real life you would drop your weapons and run as far away as possible.

"You ready?" Daenerys asked trying to see if I would pull out at the last second.

I slowly walked towards Viserion who had golden scales covering his body. He looked magnificent, towering over ten meters when standing up straight. He seemed to have an aura of nobility, something that suited a beast of his kind.

Slowly moving my hand toward him I could feel his warm breath on my hand. No matter how confident I was in my plan it was still a terrifying experience. Once I placed my hand on his snout though… It was as if there was a connection and I could understand him.

To much of Daenerys' surprise, Viserion didn't eat me alive. What I did next nearly caused her to have a heart attack. I quickly climb onto the back of Viserion. A dragon's back really was designed to be ridden. There were spikes in places where were perfect to use as handles. The dragon leather provided a comfortable seat and with your legs hanging on each side you were able to not fall off.

"You ready to go for a ride?" I smirk at Daenerys. Before she could even respond I lightly kick the neck of Viserion and he lifts off. Flying seemed almost natural to me, it was almost as if it flowed through my veins.

Behind me, I could see Daenerys mounting Drogon and quickly kicking off to follow behind me with Rhaegal following as well.

I have to say, flying on a dragon is the best experience anyone can ever have. With the wind blowing in your face and the scenery that nothing else can replicate comes together to form the perfect experience.

By the time we returned to Meereen, I had forgotten that Daenerys had been following me the whole time.

"Sorry about that. I got carried away," I apologize.

I felt bad for treating her the way I did. Although I was the one who suggested this idea, I had completely disregarded her once I got on Viserion.

After she dismounted Drogon, I noticed that she had a complicated look on her face.

"Let's go back into Meereen. We have much to discuss."

I noticed that it was already getting quite late "I will have to postpone that appointment for a later date. I need to first meet up with the rest of my company."

Daenerys bit her lip as she debating not whether to agree to my request. Her internal struggle persisted until, in the end, she relented.

"Fine, come to the Great Pyramid tomorrow then."

"I shall see you then Dany," I responded as I mounted one of the horses awaiting our return. I swear riding a horse will never be the same after riding a dragon, the thrill will always be lacking in comparison.

Time to see how the company did with their recruitment.


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