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Game of Thrones - The Second Bastard
Author :TinyStitch
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16 Resistance

Author's Note:

Its a new week. Hope all you readers are having a great time. Our first week was great, we made it to the top 150s. I'M SO HAPPY!!!! Please keep supporting me with your shiny powerstones \u003c3

Enjoy the chapter \u003c3


One my way back to the headquarters I spot Celia walking back with a few gladiators escorting her.

"Celia!" I quickly run to catch up to her, "How was the recruitment?"

I ruffle with Duke's fur. No matter how much I loved dragons, Duke would always have a place in my heart.

"The recruitment process has gone well on my end. I'm not sure how the others did, but it shouldn't have been too difficult with the reputation that they all have." Her smile was so breathtaking that I couldn't help but stare at her smile. Luckily, Duke nuzzled my leg which got me out of my trance.

"Let's head inside, shall we?"

Bang Bang Bang

"In bronze, we bleed, and with our brothers and sisters, we protect," I spoke as I knocked on the main gate. It was customary to say the phrase out loud before coming inside.

The whole courtyard was packed with a lot of new faces.

"Seems like it went better than I had thought," I commented as I make my way to the command room with Celia.

As we walked by, Celia garnered the gaze of almost every man and woman.


Being beautiful can be a sin.


The tension in the room seemed to be dancing on a knife's edge. I couldn't see Mitchar in the room.

"Where's Mitchar?" The room suddenly became quiet. It seemed that the situation had escalated a bit.

Ruger was the first to explain the situation after a brief moment of silence, "Mitchar and I found a lot of resistance when we were recruiting free gladiators. It seems that one of the champions had decided to take it upon himself to develop his own company."

His face was grim as he continued, "Mitchar was ambushed by that champion. I believed that he will be demanding some kind of ransom for him."

Scratch that, it escalated a lot, "How many gladiators do they have approximately?"

"Not more than a hundred, probably less. He followed Master Jell, who was a new upstart master. So, he couldn't have had that many gladiators yet."

"How about the rest of you? how many gladiators have you recruit?"

Having a good sense of my own forces and the oppositions are crucial in ensuring that we have little casualties as possible.

"I was able to recruit one hundred and seventy from the northern sector," Darson answered.

"One hundred twenty in the southern sector," added Desmor

"The eastern sector was mostly filled with regular slaves, so I was only able to recruit eight gladiators, but I also have gained the favor of another two hundred regular slaves. With time and training, they will become competent warriors, as well," Myria proudly announced.

Ruger spoke with his head hung low, "Mitchar and I were only able to gather three dozen gladiators before withdrawing from the central sector."

"Don't worry we will get your brother back, Ruger. Those that go against the Shield should be ready to taste the sword." I stated the fact, "Celia, how about you?"

A smile blossomed on her face as if she had won some kind of wager, "In the western sector, I was able to gather three hundred brothers and sisters." Staring at Myria, she grinned, "Pay up, even with the slaves you have gathered, you don't match the amount I recruited."

"Hmph! You will get your sword later!" Myria stated, not daring to look at Celia's grinning face.

It seemed that they really did have a wager amongst themselves. Not that it mattered since competition would only push them to perform better.

With the new recruits, we have thousand warriors ready to fight and another three hundred that are still being trained. Even though, it is not the biggest army but it was still a force to be reckoned with. Gladiators are known to be stronger than any soldier, even the unsullied wouldn't hold a candle to them.

This was proven because it was common knowledge that gladiators would be to win against multiple unsullied in the pit.

"Reorganize the company each leader will handle and train one hundred and sixty men. With around forty of them being trainees." I look over at Ruger, "I will take care of Mitchar's men till he returns. Tomorrow we will head towards the central sector to deal with this nuisance."


As everyone was leaving, I noticed that Duke had once again left with Celia. Its time to get to the bottom of this.

I walk past Darson and Myria splitting the gladiators and trainees into groups. I walked all the way to Celia's private quarters but reined myself when I reached the door.

Scratching my head, I thought of all the pickup lines I had learnt in my previous life, "How's the weather. Umm, you look as beautiful as… as…"

Chuckles could be heard from within the room causing my face to turn beet red. The door open to reveal Celia dressed in a beautiful red and black captain's cloak with an open high-cut slit on the right leg. With the outfit she looked lethal, yet had a hint of elegance, similar to a rose with their thorns. I hoped that if someone was to kill me, I would want them to look like her.

"Umm… how was your day?" Stupid Edward! HOW WAS YOUR DAY?? THAT'S THE BEST YOU CAN COME UP WITH??

"Hmm, it was good," she answered cheekily at me.

"You look beautiful, by the way." There you go, Edward, use your words.

She smiled, "Thank you. It was something that my family left behind before they passed."

"The reason thag I came was to ask how you meet Duke. We had parted months earlier after I got captured by slavers."

"I saw him lingering outside Meereen when I had returned from an assignment. He looked beautiful with his snow-white coat, so I tried helping him by giving him food." She petted Duke as we spoke.

I smile, usually no one would be willing to get close to a direwolf as they are known to rip your throats, "I think he has taken to quite a liking to you."

"You really think so?"

I guess women are especially vulnerable to fluffy animals.

"Let him stay by your side, he will be able to protect you when I can't." I smile. Wait, what did I just say, protect her?

Celia chuckled, "Protect me, you say. I'll hold you to those words."

Scratching the back of my head, "Well… we have much to do tomorrow so I will leave you to your own. Be good and protect Celia for me, Duke," I said as I scratch Duke's neck.

I left the house, closing the door behind me. Well, that could have gone worse. I had a bright smile on my face as I went to meet up with those assigned to me.


"Boys will be boys, right, Duke?" Celia said softly, scratching Duke's back.

Duke responded by nuzzling Celia's arm.

"Well, he isn't half bad…"


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