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Game of Thrones - The Second Bastard
Author :TinyStitch
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17 Operation

Author's Note:

I know a lot of you are wondering why he doesn't care that his adaptive family are going to die. At the end of the day him staying in Westeros doesn't effect much. He has no army, he has no loyalty since he is just a bastard. Coming to Essos allows him to create a name for himself and get a company of his own which would be much for useful in the fight that is to come. Plus he can get some cool toys that the masters have. Not going to say anything \u003c3

We are now ranked in the top 100! Keep up the support I have a surprise for all you readers coming soon \u003c3

Hope you enjoy the chapter!


The sun stoned brightly over Meereen warming its citizens after a cold night. In the courtyard over a thousand men and women equipped with swords and spears stood. In front of them stood a man with two long swords strapped to his waist. Behind him stood seven others, all willing to fight to the death for one another.

"Today we head to get back one of our brothers!" I announce.

I scanning those that stood before me to must elation. They were all stone-cold warrior that were more than capable of killing any that stood before them.

"Champion Blak has taken Mitchar, one of our brethren, captive."

It was the first most of these people have heard of this event. Bloodlust weighted heavily in the air. It seems that Mitchar was quite liked amongst the company

"As the brothers and sisters of The Shield of Aegis, we never leave one of our own behind!" I state hyping them up.

"For Aegis!" I yelled

"FOR AEGIS!" they all roared back in unison.


We had set it up where those assigned to me and Mitchar would come from the west, Celia and Myria from the north, Ruger and Darson from the south, and William and Desmor from the east.

We planned to collapse on the central sector while leaving no possible exits. As long as no other group interfered with the operation it would be a success.

"John are they are in position?" I had appointed John as my second in command since I trusted him the most out of those assigned to me.

"We are waiting for the signal."

I nod expressing my satisfaction. Nothing was going to delay the operation which would start at noon.

When the sun reached its peak, which signified noon, the operation had officially begun.

"Brothers be merciful to those that surrender. Those that don't… Kill!" I yell.

Over a hundred men and I started marching through the streets of Meereen heading to its center. Any who saw us would move aside not wanting to any trouble. It was only until we got closer to the estate that Blak's was using, that we saw some opposition.

"Brothers and sisters. For Aegis!"


I really hope we don't lose any men dealing with this issue, we were already short on men to start with.

A few smart ones dropped their weapons after seeing how many of us there were. They probably assumed we only had a few hundred and weren't willing to risk the lives of some many for one leader.

Bu the rest decided to charge at us.

Slash, Bang, Clash

Battles began throughout the street much to our favor. We heavily outnumbered their forces by almost six to one.

Once these skirmishes ended we quickly tied up those that surrendered and checked for any injured warriors.

Only a few cuts here and there.

When we arrived at the estate I saw Darson stationed there already waiting for the rest of us to arrive before moving in. I hope the rest of them are doing well.


By the time everyone had arrived a few hours had already passed, and some of the gladiators were getting restless. Especially those who were close to Mitchar.

It seemed that Myria and Celia happened upon some problems with the unsullied roaming the street. I didn't seem that anyone was injured on their side, most likely one of them mediated with them.

Everyone was in position, it was time from the final part of the operations.

"Move out!"

We had prepared a battering ram for the purpose of bashing down the main gate. It was my group that was assigned to invade the estate, while the rest would be there for support if it was needed, and to ensure that no one could escape.

With two of the strongest men carrying the battering ram, we strolled up to the main gate.


With one sure swing, the gate was easily knocked it open, we quickly swarmed around them making our way into the estate to see that someone had already beat us to the punch.

"Hello again nephew. A little late don't you think." Daenerys was standing there with a group of unsullied at her side with Blak and Mitchar tied up on the ground.

"Danereys what are you here for?"

"Well a certain relative had agreed to meet with me today, but he never came. So I took it upon myself to find out why. I guess you're here for these two." Glancing back at Mitchar and Blak.

What is she up to… "I'm only here for the one on the left, you can do what you see fit with the one on the right."

"Alright, untie him please."

One of the unsullied, I assume Grey Worm, untied Mitchar and helped him up. "Mitchar lead the rest of the company outside. Tell them that everything is fine and to wait for me at the headquarters."

With a nod, he ushered everyone out of the estate.

"John, you too. Make sure that all the wounded are attended to."

Once everyone had dispersed only Daenerys, her some of her unsullied, Blak and I remain.

"What do you want Dany?" I know Daenerys wouldn't have come if she didn't want anything.

"I want you to help me take the Iron Throne."

I knew that was what she wanted, but I had hoped that I was something else. "You know that I can't help you with that. The throne is something I don't want to get in touch with. The only thing it has brought is bloodshed."


"You won't fight against me though, will you nephew," putting emphasize on the fact that I was her nephew.

"It depends where you place your values," I responded before briskly walking to the gate which we had knocked open.

There is to many events that are occurring at once. I have to make sure that I am able to prepare for the winter that is coming and help Jon fight the white walkers.

"I'll come over before I leave Dany." I quickly slipped past the door before she could respond.

At the end of the day, she was family. She and Jon are the only two I got left. I have to make sure that nothing happens to her.

Maybe one day we will all be able to sit at a table together as a family.


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