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Game of Thrones - The Second Bastard
Author :TinyStitch
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18 House Blackfyre

Author's Note:

I know someone of you are concerned with how quickly Daenerys as become his "family" but that is

purely on her being the same blood. Even if you didn't know your blood relative you would still hope for the best.

On the other hand anything he did in Westeros would not have made much of a difference. If he told Ned about Littlefinger or about the Lannisters it would be of little effect. He had hoped to go to Essos and get the support of a few company's to go back to Westeros and support Ned his adoptive father and his brothers. But unfortunate events occurred that prevented him from doing so - him being caught and sold as a slave.

I hope this clears a lot of misunderstandings. Edward will always love the Starks even if he find some of them annoying. He still hopes to make it back to Westeros to support his family.

Second chapter of the day <3


Back at the headquarters of The Shield of Aegis, all the men could be seen conversing with one a

another. Their topic of discussion: the enemy they would face in Westeros. Even the leaders could be seen discussing with one another all the tasks that would be required.

"With over a thousand warriors we would require at least a dozen ships, it would be better if they were armed for naval combat as well," Myria suggested.

It seems that it would be important to prepare ourselves in case we encounter any adversaries, but there was something we had to do beforehand.

"Before we worry about the ships we require we need to better arm these warriors. Leather straps will not be able to protect them once an outbreak occurs," I step in needing to dictate the course of action.

"I concur. We should have everyone light armor at a minimum with the majority in full plate." William agreed.

He had been the one to found the company, he didn't want their deaths to be due to being poorly equipped.

"That's all easy to say, but it will cost a lot of gold to fully equip every fighter in full plate. Each full plate could easily go for twenty gold dragons. Assuming everyone is equipped with it and a weapon of their choice, it would come to over twenty thousand gold dragons." Darson argued. "I think it would be wiser to find a wealthy backer to support our cause."

This would be a problem. The financial support required to maintain an army is extremely taxing. We could fund the army by going around raiding other armies, but it would result in a lot of unnecessary deaths.

Going around looting masters would also be an option, but we would have no one to purchase goods from since no one would trust us. Also, it would take to long to fully gear everyone.

Celia who had been quiet the whole time spoke up, "We head to Myr, and get the Golden Company's support."

"The Golden Company! Why would they help us? We would be lucky if they even let us into their city!" Desmor cried.

"I will deal with getting us in and I will see to it that we are granted an audience. The only thing would be if Edward can convince their captain to help," she confidently looked at me as she spoke.

I nod at her before speaking, "We head to Myr. We leave in a week, making sure to prepare for the journey and acquire as much money and weapons as you can beforehand.

I waited till everyone had left leaving only me and Celia in the room. "How do you plan to do everything you just told them?"

She smiled before responding, "Sometimes a person's roots are more important than their cause."

"What do you mean?" I ask not understanding where she was going with this.

"The golden company was formed under the House Blackfyre and supported House Targaryen in the fight for the iron throne. After they had lost the few remaining of House Blackfyre escaped Westeros and came to Essos to start a new life."

"I've heard of House Blackfyre they were exceptionally talented in taming wild animals and such. Would make sense given that the Golden Company is well known for their elephants. But there are no more Blackfyres."

"House Blackfyre may have deteriorated but that doesn't mean they are no more. I would know as the last Blackfyre." A complicated smile formed on her face as she spoke.

What's going on? This is starting to get confusing, "The last Blackfyre? Isn't your last name Serla?"

"That was my mother's surname. Its what I use to hide my identity, just like how Edward Snow is not your real name Targaryen. My real name is Celia Blackfyre the last of my house."

Everything seemed to piece together. Why Duke is so fond of her, how we would get the Golden Company's support.

"My only question is how did you know I was a Targaryen?"

"Let me answer your question with a question. How did Daenerys know about Blak?"

I see, her and Daenerys have already met. Celia was the one that informed Daenerys of our operation.

"You seemed confident in convincing their captain to support us. Fill me in on how you plan to do so."

"That's simple. I just need you to defeat his lieutenant in combat. Harry himself is a coward, but if you defeat his lieutenant, who boasts about his skill with the sword you should be able to win the confidence."

Easy said than done. Though I might be extremely skilled with the sword, there are still a handful of people I cannot defeat. William would be one of them.

"Get me that audience and I will see to it that their confidence in us is gained."

She replies with a nod.

"One final question," I ask after stopping myself at the door, "Is everything you've done because I am a Targaryen?"

"I'm not sure yet. Good night Edward."

I left to find Duke for some comfort. I knew that even though Duke had grown fond of Celia he would forever loyal to me. I hope to could say the same about Celia.


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