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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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1 Beginning

My name is Eric Vernal, and I currently have no clue where the fuck I am. Right now I'm sitting in a chair and this... person? No, more like a angel because of how they're radiating warmth and happiness.

"Uhh, excuse me Ma'am but, where am I, who are you, and how did I get here?" I asked after a couple of seconds of staring.

"Well Mr. Vernal," said the person, "You've died and compared to what you normally think happens when you die, you actually get a change at being a god."

'I... what is wrong with this person? How could I have died and not even remembered it?'

I though for a second,

"Cooool then... Can I go home now? I don't know who set you up to this but I have work tomorrow and some school projects that I need to do." I said and almost immediately started to get up from my seat.

"Now, now Eric, I am not joking and if it will help convince you, I can even help you remember what happened." Said the angel while lifting her hand up slightly and flicking her wrist down, somehow forcing me back into my seat and somehow kick starting my memory.

What I remembered was that I just finished getting ready for work in the morning and after getting into my car, I started heading to work and on the way there, found out my breaks didn't work and crashed into someone on the high way while screaming fuck the entire time. The second after this happened, I started screaming in pain as it hurt like hell remembering everything and having it forcefully remembered

After taking a minute to try and calm down I finally spoke again

"Ok, I believe you now." I said through gritted teeth, " was all that pain needed though?"

Happy that I finally believed her, she started talking.

"Well, now that you believe me we can finally start with the questions to help see if you are worthy to become a god."

"Before that," I asked as quickly as I could, "What are you? A god, angel, a being even higher than that? If I died then you must be something but I can't really tell."

With a cheeky smile, she responded by saying "Well to be accurate, it would be best to describe me as both a god and you per say."

I stared her in the eyes after hearing her say that and when she said nothing else, I had to ask, "That's it? I mean, that was just very confusing and I think that what you just said needs to be explained. You're both a god and me? I don't mean to be rude but what the hell does that even mean!?!"

After my slightly violent out burst, the god, angel, power thing, or whatever the hell she truly is just frowned. It wasn't in anger but the very slight frown was even worse then that as if you've disappointed someone who had great expectations in you.

"I'll be willing to answer all your questions but I want us to first complete some questions to determine if your are applicable to be a actual god or not. Now let's start with the first question. Who are you?"

Giving a sigh, I straighten up and start answering, "My name is Eric Veral, I'm curren... formerly, a junior in high school who was working at subway. My aspirations in life were to be able to code and create games."

"Good, now that we've got that covered" She said before taking a weird turn with her question, "Have you've ever killed someone?"

Her voice sounded the same as every other time she spoke but for some reason it felt like whatever I answered will determine my life... or well, after life.

"No Ma'am, I don't think I have" I said hoping that it was the correct answer.

"That's good then," she said while putting her hands together her hands and somehow making a glass of ice water appear. "Now that you answered half of all the questions, let's take a short break so that you can set yourself straight and be prepared for the last two questions."

I just stared at her for a bit before looking at the water and asking for some food if she had it. She just shook her head no and said that she only had water. Lifting up the glass of water, I took a quick sip, I found out that it was very... calming? There is no real way to really describe it except that my problems and turmoils turned as cool and calm as the water I was drinking. After a minute of calmly drinking, the angel did a fake cough to get my attention.

"Ah yes, sorry about that. I got caught up in the... water." I said while raising my glass up slightly to show that I was drinking it, "Shall we start working on those last two questions then?"

Happy that I was ready, the angel responded by saying "It's fine, some things can become very attention grabbing for no reason. Now for the last two questions; If you had the power of creation, what would you do with it? Now remember, this is one of the most important questions, please speak wisely and I will be able to tell if you're lying." she said with a happy smile that you could for some reason, tell had a bit of evil in.

'What would I do if I had everything I wanted?' I pondered. 'In reality, you would never be able to actually have whatever you want but now that I can?'

"If I had the power of creation... I would use it to make life adventure for myself. Although I know that i could probably create world peace or what not, I want to have a adventure that I could never have previously in my life. That is what I would do with the power of creation." I said

"Congratulations then, you've passed that question. The first thing you must know as a god is that you will be immortal so you must live your life as best as you can and try to find excitement whenever you can. Now, let's get on with the last and final question. Do you think you will be able to kill someone or do something horrible to someone if you really had to?" She asked.
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》