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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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2 Questions

Upon hearing the last question I stopped and thought for a second. If I really had to, could I?

"I... Guess?" I said as I couldn't really answer unless it was going to happen

The person then looked up and thought for a second as well before saying, "That makes sense. You don't really know if you will be able to do something until you actually have to or try to."

I just nodded after hearing this cause it just made sense.

"Well then Eric," The person said, "As I promised, I will answer some of your questions. However as we are running out of time, I will only be able to do two."

"Ok then, can you please explain earlier about how you are a bit of me and a god or whatever you said?"

"Well" She said then stopped for a second, "To explain that, I'll have to change all that you know about humanity"

"Billions of years ago when humanity was first starting to evolve from a fish to land animal, they started absorbing something called world energy. This energy was something magnificent and would change everything around it, causing everything to become something better. It integrated with humans and made them evolve at a astounding pace that you would only think possible in a book. Humans used this power over years to create what you would describe as magic. A amazing source of power that allowed humanity to become the apex of everything as it was what made them special. However, this also led to their downfall."

Quickly interjecting Eric asked, "How was it our downfall? Humanity is till here and at the top of the food chain right?"

"Well... Not that exact type of downfall." she said with a faint smile, "It would be best to put it that humanity got to greedy and started taking up so much world energy that it just went *POOF* and disappeared. Usually, world energy will regenerate overtime by duplicating kinda like a blood cell, but when all of it is used up, there is no way for it to come back."

"And what does this have to do with you being a part of me and you being a god as well? If it all vanished then none of this should matter right?" I asked after thinking for a hot minute

"Well after that source of energy disappeared, a new one came to be. Its what you would call your soul and what you are currently are as you've died. Your soul is a infinite source of world energy and you just can't use this power as your physical body makes it impossible. I myself am I bit of your soul given form with information from god about how to do some things" The person responded

At the end of her explaining how and why, my eyes light up. "So wait, does that mean I can cast magic now?! When can I start???"

With a slight chuckle the person said "You can do so after I send you off to do whatever you want as a god. Back to the main question now. I think I explained enough about humanity so I shall now explain more about me. I am a part of your soul and information for the original god as I mentioned earlier. but what I didn't mention was that humans souls are so powerful and emotional that you have enough energy to become a physical god that if the original god didn't do anything, this universe would just blow up from the souls of dead people. The god also made a way to send the power out of this dimension so that it doesn't blow up. To make sure that people wouldn't abuse this power however, he decided to use the last of his power to make a bit of your soul split off and talk to the recently deceased person as I am doing right now."



"Way to complex just to describe that you're a part of my soul you know with a mission from god you know? You could've said that in maybe a sentence or two." I sighed

"Shush. Now that you made me argue with you, you lose your last question." said the angel in a slightly evil like tone. "I guess we'll start with making you a god now. Is there anything you would you like me to give you to help you as a god? The standard procedure would be for me to send you off to a new dimension that is completely void but I think you will need some assistance and I since I took away your last question, I have a bit of time to give you a small gift. I won't be able to personally come along but I will be reintegrating with your soul so I can leave you with the knowledge you want or something else to help if you can think of one."

After hearing this I had a instant sparkle look in my eyes because I knew exactly what I wanted, "I WANT A SYSTEM!" I yelled to her

After all, I've been reading a lot of novels recently that had a system in it and I think if I had one as a god, I would have a lot more fun.

Face palming at my response and excitement, the angel responded, "I should've guessed. Lets get this over with then." She said with a snap of her fingers. Suddenly disappearing into a orb of light, she shot into my head and made a HUD appear.










'Huh?' I thought to myself, 'Did the system cra-' "AAAAAAAAAA" I started screaming before blacking out from all of the pain.
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》