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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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5 Training

"Ok, I think I understand it enough now. Humans are classified as the weakest but have great potential. Elves have great magic, dexterity, and speed, but are horrible at strength stuff. Demons are one of the best overall because they're both strong and can use magic, but aren't nimble or quick. Finally the dwarves are amazing with strength and some slight magic, but that's all they can do right" I asked hesitantly

It's been about two weeks since I've met all the gods and moved into my new "house". It's more like a 100 mansions mashed together but that's not the point. I've been having the gods teach me more about this world and all the races and stuff. The primary races are the ones I just mentioned but there are also a lot of other races.

Each god also explained their powers, significance, and what normal people view them as. Surprisingly, there is also some minor gods that have appeared throughout time whenever there was a lot of something. Sadly as the gods explained, they won't know who I am so they will try to kill me, which is impossible as the system has mentioned that I literally can not die and if I do somehow die, I will just reappear.

"Hey, Eric" said Neri, giving me light taps on the cheek, "pay attention and stop just staring off into the distance. You've got one more week till you can go visit the normal world"

While waving my hand at hers I asked, "When can I start magic? I've pretty much got all the basic info down"

Staring me into the eyes, Neri said, "Yes, the most basic of basic information." Looking around really quickly then giving a sigh she said, "Fine, but I'm only going to teach you control"

Raising my arms in the air I yelled, "Yes" and then fell backwards out of my chair

"Ouch" I mumbled while still on the floor

"Well you deserve that, now let's get going to the sparring area. I'll teach you some sword fighting as well cause you can't use just magic. Now come on!" And with a quick turn, Neri started walking away

After a minute of walking I got bored so, 'system'


'Can we add some skills to me before going to the world?'

[Yeah, that can be done. Just tell me what skill you want and what level you want it to be]

During these two weeks, the system also got a lot of updates. Instead of me just seeing writing in my head of it asking what I want, it can actually talk inside my head now. It's slowly becoming more and more like a system. I also gave it the personality of a good friend because no body wants a mean system.

'Can you give me... God's Ascended Arts?'

[I'm sorry to say but that skill doesn't exist]

'Aww man, guess I'll get some regular swo-'

[However, I am happy to inform the you can actually create any skill you want at any level]

'Hell yeah! Give me that skill.'

[Congratulations, God's Ascended Arts was made and added to skills]

'Show me my status now please'


Name- Eric Vernal

Class- N/A

Title- N/A

Stats- Infinite in all stats


God's Ascended Arts


'I still think my status is still to simple'

[If I try to display all your stats, you would take forever as your stats are literally infinite you know]

'Yeah yeah, can you also make the skill Ascended Appraisal? Max level of course.'

[Understood, skill created and added. Also, Neri has been slapping you for the last minute, it is recommended that you pay attention to her]

Actually focusing on reality for a second, I see Neri constantly slapping me with a bored expression while constantly saying my name

"You can stop now" I say as I take a step back

Putting her hands to her side she said, "you should stop just staring into the void. It's getting annoying"

Putting my hands up in defeat, I said "Yeah yeah" absently

"Ok, now I will be teaching you the basics of sword arts and then I'll teach you some basic elemental magic. Though I won't be as good as the god of elements, I know the basics." She said while throwing me a sword

Getting into a ready stance she said, "I'll teach you by fighting you" And with a battle hungry smile, ran up to me with her sword out and slashed at me

Catching the blade I instantly parried her attack with the side of my blade, stepped slightly to her left, and punched her in the gut with my left hand. This caused her to fall forwards, drop her sword, and hold her gut in pain as I did it so quickly that she didn't have time to react and prepare herself for actually getting hurt

'Hey system...'


'Please show me the description of my Gods Ascended Arts'



God's Ascended Arts- No matter the move in a fight you will always come out on top. Your skills are peerless and you are forever better then any weapon master will ever be. You can not lose. No matter what.


'Did I create a cheat skill by accident?'

[By this worlds standards, definitely. You are pretty much unable to be defeated in melee combat except if someone uses magic or ranged attacks]



'I want to make more'


'Shush, I also want to make a skill called Ascended Magic Control and Ascended Elemental Magic'

[Skills Ascended Magic Control and Ascended Elemental Magic created and added to skills]

'And can I create classes as well?'

[You can create whatever you want with your powers, I'm just here to help]

'Then I want a class just called everything, you can probably figure out what it means'

[Understood, class created and selected. Also, Neri is calling your name again]

"Ericccc, how could youuuuu" she said while crying on the floor ;-;

With a sigh I quickly had the system make A Ascended Healing skill and healed her back up

"sorry sorry sorry. Didn't know the skill I made would be that potent" I said apologetically

However to her this was astounding

"You... You made a skill?!? That should be impossible, only the world system can do that, and even then to make a unique skill you have to make it that special!" She yelled

"Have... have you forgotten that I've literally made everything? I asked in confusion

Staring me into the eyes for a second then sighing and looked at the floor and said, "I feel bad for all the mortals who are going to meet you" before starting to explain the basics of magic
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》