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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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6 Magic

"Magic is everywhere around us and in us. To use this magic you have to will the magic around you and inside of you to perform your will. This is usually done by a chant to help move it around. I'll teach you the chant for a small flame" she said

"Ok, now pay attention, {To the god of elements I offer you this prayer, [Flame]}." And after saying this chant, made a small flame appear

The idea of a chant didn't sound that cool to me so I asked the system to make a skill that allowed me to not have to but apparently my [Ascended Magic Control] is something that already helps with it. So using my two magic skills I created a small flame which within a second burned everything in the area and made Neri scream to turn it off. Apparently, I can make a small flame burn with the heat of the entire sun if I don't limit it.

Quickly rushing over to heal Neri , she look up with anger in her eyes and just said "fuck you" before falling back to the floor. Knowing I fucked up big time, I decided to look around at the destruction I caused

'Welp, I almost accidentally killed a god'

[That is something you don't hear everyday]

Seeing as I had nothing else to do I sat down and decided to cast appraisal on Neri to see the stats of a god


Name- Neri Bloodstein

Level- 10,000/10,000

Race- Lesser God

Class- War God

Title- Origin of War

Hp- 1,000,000/1,000,000

Mana- 249,995/250,000


Vitality- 100,000

Strength- 100,000

Dexterity- 50,000

Agility- 50,000






Berserk- Max Level

Origin Sword Arts- Max Level

Advanced Elemental Magic- Level 3/10

Bless- Max Level

Cooking- Level 5/10

Racial Skill- Lesser Creation and God Tongue


'Jesus, those are some high stats compared to a regular person. And why is there a five out of five for skills?'

[Because to make it so that nobody is too over powered, you can only hold a certain amount of skills. However to also help, there is a way to change skills to better skills and to combine them]

'Huh, neat... Is she still not awake yet? I'll leave her to sleep as to not be rude. System, create a skill called Universal Message'

[Done and done]

"Message Elemental God. Can you come to the training area in my house? Neri is unconscious and I need a magic teacher"

About 10 minutes later, Elemental god came galloping over with a very worried expression on his face. After explaining the deal of how I may or may not have nearly killed a god, he started laughing like crazy before realization set in that I nearly killed a god on accident.

"So, you said that you need a magic teacher? I'm willing to help but only if you don't do that to me" Elemental God said while pointing at Neri

"Hey, I think I learned what I did wrong in my magic. Just let me try again to see if I actually did." and before Elemental god had any time to gallop away I cast another spell to make a small flame. This time it happened exactly like I wanted it to and was like a candle flame.

"There we go." I said happily, "The problem was that I was envisioning the sun when I made the smaller flame. Made it be as hot as the sun. Haha woops."

Giving Neri a glare that said "What have you done", Elemental god started explaining to me the basics of other magic as it appeared that I have figured out how to use the basics of elemental magic. To do the other ones, all one has to do is usually change the chant to make it fit, but in my case, just imagine something else.

Deciding that saying Elemental god non stop was getting annoying, I also gave him a name. I named him Earth as a symbol of my old world and how his form is kinda a representation of all the elements on a planet. Giving him a name I also decided to give him some new magic to perfectly represent his name.

'System, make a skill and give it to Earth called Worldly Meditation. Make this skill slowly imbues more life and power into the world by making the world release more mana to the surroundings. Also, give the world a nearly infinite source of mana but only let it release the same about it is releasing now'

[Finally giving someone else a skill I see. Good job not making it overpowered.]

'Least I can do for him actually training me and not running away from my powerlessness'

[By the end of the week, you'll have traumatized all the gods you know]


[No, definitely. 100% chance. Literally impossible not to]





After training a bit more, I finally figured out how to act more like a regular person. I didn't learn to much about geographical features and historical stuff so that I can have fun exploring all of it when I get down their. Also during the last week, I had System shrink down the status because how how annoyingly long the status was for each person. For Example


Name- Neri Bloodstein

Level- 10,000/10,000

Race- Lesser God

Class- War God

Title- Origin of War

Average Stats- 46,375


As a god, I don't really need to see the values of the stats because to me they are literally worth nothing. Using these basic six things, I will be able to figure stuff out and what not. As this was also my last day of the three weeks, the other gods and I were having a little party. Its been great spending time with them and getting to know them as a family but I really wanted to explore the world, have fun, and be lazy.

At the end of the party, all of them even gave me some gifts... Excluding Tenlai, he was taking a nap the whole time. Anyways, Neri got me a sword that she said was hand made. Hovail made me a bow and told me that I can show it to elves to gain their favor. Earth, brought over a mini figure of Verathal. Apparently, one of his skills was crafting and he used it to make the mini Verathal. Pyrra brought over a apple and said that it was something to give to a mortal that peaked my interest. Finally, the last god, the god of Choice came over. As she didn't have a name, I gave her a name a little while back and just named her Choice. She said it was very basic but she would gladly take it. Her gift was a little bell that you could ring that would summon all the gods, no matter what. This was a group gift and they decided to save it for last as it was Choice's choice.

After the party, they all (except Tenlai) brought me over to a small door that had a circle on it. They said that through this door was the way to the main human kingdom where I would meet the head priest who knew about my existence. As he was the only one who knew of me, I was still at risk of being used by other people so I had to be careful. Giving my thanks and giving them all a small parting gift of a picture of all of us (including Tenlai!), I went through the door and went to the human kingdom.
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》