God Complex- Currently Rebooting
7 The Creosian Empire
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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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7 The Creosian Empire

Stepping through the door, I appeared in this giant cathedral like building that had tons of marble and decorations depicting Pyrra the sun goddess. On the ground where I was standing was a magic circle that had words and symbols that I couldn't understand. Around me was also a bunch of people who were staring at me with excitement in their eyes and also hope for some reason. After a couple more seconds of looking around and gathering my belongings I walked up to the closes person and asked them where I was currently. The person tilted their head and started speaking in a weird dialect that sounded like the person was speaking backwards of regular words that had no meaning.

'Yo, system'

[What can I do for you]

'Ok, its skill creating time. First thing first, make me a skill to understand and read every language as English. Also make a skill so that anyone that hears me will hear it in a way that they understand and can get my point across. And also the same thing for writing too.'

[So make a 'God Tongue' like skill?]

'Yeah exactly like that.'

[Ok, skill made and added to skill list]

'Thaaaanks. Ok, now what are these people saying?'

Focusing back on reality and repaying attention back to the priest I started to actually understand what he was saying.

"Sir Hero, please don't be scared. The goddess has helped us summon you from another world to help us defeat the evil demons and demon lord who are trying to overtake the world. Please our Hero, help us!"



'Am I in a freaking Manga now?'

Giving a sigh I asked the priest who was talking earlier if he was the head priest. He said that sadly the head priest died about a month ago but they were able to find his diary that talked about gods, a ritual to summon someone from another world, and also something about the summoned person helping them. Hearing all of this I couldn't help but just face palm because of the gods lousy mistake.

Moving my head slightly so as my eyes were able to be seen, I said "I guess you want to bring me to your king right? If so, lets just get a move on"

the priests looked at each other for a couple of seconds before nodding their heads and started walking down a long path that lead outside. Upon walking outside, I had to cover my eyes for a second but after my eyes adjusted I was able to see the glory that was the human kingdom. There was row upon row of human building and a fresh pale blue sky that screamed to me that it wasn't polluted. The air was the perfect temperature and it smelled fresh as if the world I was in previously was filled of pure methane. It was the perfect world and was amazing beyond belief.

Seeing that I wasn't moving, one priest came up to me and started pushing me in the direction of the castle. It wasn't that far from the Church but it took way longer then it probably should have because I was looking at every little thing on the way there. Upon actually getting to the castle there was tons of soldiers and fancy looking knights that were all on guard and looking directly at me as if I was the biggest enemy in the world. Pushing me forwards through the Entrance of the castle, two butlers came up to me and took me through a separate door they took away the gifts the gods gave me and threw them in a fire. The entire time they were doing this they were muttering something about trash from another world.

Thankfully before the items got damaged, I had my system make a infinite spacial storage and store the items as quickly as he could. Deciding to be a bit evil because of what they did to my stuff, I changed their luck stat to negative as payback and anytime they increased their luck, it would actually become worse. While I was changing their luck, they where changing my attire.

I was now wearing a fancy robe with tons of gold buttons on it that made me seem like a tin man more than a actual person. Finishing up the clothing, they attached a sword to my back and sent me back through the main hall. Upon getting back there, the guards immediately forced me to walk down through the main area and once I finally got to the king, force me to kneel and look down. Before I had anytime to say anything the King said something quickly about me being the salvation of humanity and then had a lot of people cheer at me.

This all happened within about 5 minutes and I had no time to speak at all. After that "Ceremony" I was forced back into another room that had a simple bed, table, closet, and bathroom. To be more accurate would be to describe it as a prison cell.

The guards forced me in, then closed the door to leave me where I was just to wonder about the entire thing. Sitting on the bed I sighed as this definitely wasn't how I was planning for everything to go.

'Hey system...'

[Yeah man? You doing alright? I know you were excited for your world and all but weren't expecting this were you.]

'No... I was kinda hopeful that I would have some time to actually talk face to face with the head priest or king'

[You could break out of here you know, it would be as easy as not doing anything for you]

'Then that would make me a fugitive and that would make me feel bad'


[You're a literal god, get over it man. Break out of this cell and go talk to the king.]

'Yeah... YEAH! You know what, I am the true god, I shouldn't have to put up with this. Tonight at midnight I'm going to teleport the king here and make him listen to me!'

[Why at night]


'Cause... it would be rude if I did it while he was talking to people' I thought sheepishly

And even though the system couldn't do any physical movements, you could somehow see and hear it face palm.

Spending the next couple of hours making skills and improving the system, I at some point had a stroke of genius. To ensure that I don't have the good ol' cliche of people stealing my power/ using it without me knowing, I made a skill called [Personal Power] which makes it so that if anyone but me tries to use my powers in any shape or form, I will get a notice to either accept or decline it. This ensures that I can't be controlled in any way.

Waiting another two hours, midnight finally rolled up and I teleported the king to my cell. I quickly looked at his stats and stood there again in astonishment


Name- Reilan Firstfist

Level- 3/63

Race- Human

Title- King of Greed

Class- Noble Pig

Average Stats- 3


His entire status was a perfect fit for the greedy king. Finally finishing making fun of him I pulled a chair over and sat down it it

I woke up the king, and he immediately stared yelling obscenities at me, and threatened me his his role. I used my powers to shut him up and put him in a magical bind, and made it so that the king would 'throw me out' the next morning with only a bit of money so that I could actually travel around by my own accord. I also erased his memory of what happened that night and made it so he thought he caught a glimpse of my power and thought that it was so incredibly weak, that he had to kick me out to save some money instead.

The next morning, I was brought before the king, stripped of my title because as he said and I quote "a false chosen one that used something to trick us". I got a pretty good chuckle out of this and just went along with it. After being kicked out of the throne room, I was brought back to the one area they dress me and stripped of my fancy clothing, given some basic clothing, and a small bag of silver coins. Being forced out I continued to look at my surroundings and just take in the view.

After roughly a minute of walking, I noticed that I was standing in the middle of a street with people walking around me. Looking at my money once again, I started counting everything in total. There was two gold coins, 37 silver coins, and 124 copper coins.

'Yo system, can you show me what each coin would be in American currency?'

[You got it boss man]


1 gold coin = $100

1 silver coin = $1

1 copper coin = 1¢


[There is also higher tier coins but that isn't something the king was willing to give you]

'Eh, that's fine. For now I should go and look to see if this world has a adventurers guild. Get a ID and start doing some missions to raise my prestige'

And after thinking of this, I started wondering around for about half an hour before seeing a group of heavily geared people. Walking up to them I asked where the guild was and watched as they stared down at me, look at each other, and then laugh like crazy before pointing a lazy finger in the direction of the guild.

Walking away, I could hear them making fun of me behind my back but I really didn't mind. They gave me information which was still helpful even though it was probably basic information in their eyes. After a minute of walking in the direction they pointed, I found myself lot and caught in a dead end like area.

Turning around to see if there was any turns I could go through to maybe get around this dead end, I was caught face to face with the people who helped me from earlier. The one big guy walked forwards to me, leaned down, and said "You probably know the drill. With your weak body and gear, I don't think you will want to put up much of a fight."

With a sigh I took out my money bag, picked up a gold coin, and threw it at his knee with a bit of strength. The coin went right through it and landed in the ground almost instantly and caused the guy to scream in pain and fear at the sudden appearance of the coin shaped wound. He fell to his knee but in the process of doing so, took out his sword and slashed at me.

Deciding to show off a bit and have some fun, I caught the tip of his bad on the end of my pinky finger and slightly moved I down with enough force to dislodge it from his grip. This caused his complainants to fire magic at me and also get set up in a defensive position. Seeing as they went after my money, I decided to give them some karma by giving them the money but not in the way they wanted it. I took out the last gold coin and sent it through the one other guys knee. Picking up the coin that was near my feet from the first throw, I threw it hard enough at the wizard's neck, to cause damage to his vocal cords and other stuff so that he couldn't cast spells. For the final guy, I reached in to seemed like nothing and took out a invisible rouge who was hiding and preparing to attack.

For his karma, I decided to put 2 silver coins deep in her hands. While this might make me seem very insane because I came from a world where this stuff was illegal and uncommon, I actually thought about this for a while. Like 'what happens if I must kill? Or torture?', in the end I came up with the thought of, 'Oh well, I made them, I can always resurrect them if I wanted to'

Looking around at the damage I caused, I thought for a second that I might be getting to harsh with my methods but came to the conclusion that they can still work normal jobs. Just that they can't be adventures any more. So overall pretty evil and good. Nice start to a new world right?

Trying to find out more information about where the guild was, I went to the first person who I beat up and asked him a couple of questions. The first one was where the guild actually was. The second is where am I. Finally, the last question was if they had any spare money to compensate for the money I just 'spent' on them.

The information they gave me this time was actually pretty good. The guild was literally one turn away, and they use this alley to ambush new adventurers. Second, I am in the main human kingdom called The Creosian Empire. Finally, they actually did have some spare money and decided to be nice people and give it to me.

So in total, I have 18 gold, 66 silver, and 285 copper. Excluding all the money I threw and let them keep for... *cough* medical purposes. Overall, it was a pretty good deal on my part. Going around to where the guild actually was, I was met with a amazing sight.

People from many different races, classes, and status where here and mixing about. Except for the demons of course. Looking up was a giant sign that said 'Guild Hall' on it and had tons of fancy little drawings on the corners of it. Going inside you could see instantly that it was quite big and had lots of people. All of who stared at me the moment I walked in.
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》